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Soul Biz Activator Strategic Coaching™


coaching, mentoring and support for business!

Work with me to grow your business and build a purposeful & prosperous life now!

Your partner in accelerating YOUR business!

Creating success with your dream business is like becoming a successful dancer over 40! 

"Your first time on stage is the scariest thing you've ever faced.  But when you're done.. all you want is more!"


Angel Thacker,

Angel Thacker International (coaching) Founder, Afro-Belly Boogie & New Age Guild. Principal, Two Lions Group LLC 

SF Bay Area Belly Dancer & Fitness Entrepreneur

I became a dancer late in life .. first out of necessity then because I loved it!  I started dancing as part of my fitness journey when I launched my brand Afro-Belly Boogie.  A fitness program that helped me regain my health and launched more than 150 individuals into their personal journies as fitness professionals.  My passion for fitness evolved into a passion for dance.  I can still remember my first professional performance.  I was scared, unsettled, and (after seeing all the young beautiful dancers around me) I felt completely unprepared.  How could I possibly think that I could be competitive in this field?

Let's be honest.  How often do we feel that way every day in business?  Especially in our own business.  The feelings are almost all the same:

fear of failure

feelings of inadequacy

unsure of our skills

not sure if we can remember what to do

lack of confidence in our presentation

lack of education or knowledge

This is how we feel that first step out to the unknown.  However, like my journey in the dance, I became more comfortable, confident and my skills strengthened with every performance.

Accelerating your business is about accelerating your life through igniting what you're passionate about and launching your business UP on the momentum of that passion!

Find your brand, define your message, build your marketing machine, connect to your ideal client base, and build your community.

Are you tired?

Tired of...

Doing a great job "grinding" for someone else's success...

while you work to the point of exhaustion...

Did that fulfill you?

Getting the promotion you worked for to get a small increase in recognition of your contribution...

Did that fulfill you?

Working your full time (or near full time) job while dabbling in your heart's passion...

Did that fulfill you?

Working in your heart's passion earning pennies for the hours you work...

Did that fulfill you?

Your life is for you to make fulfilling for you!


What did I do with my business?


I took my love for dance and passion for helping others move freely and have fun and created an internationally recognized fitness brand.

I evolved my intuitive business from a face-to-face brick and mortar business to a financially efficient, revenue-driven online business.

I created a highly recognized podcast featuring internally renowned practitioners and personalities

I founded a community website that has helped practitioners launch and build passive income.

I have been able to build a thriving business with 6+ figures and growing.  

I want to help you do what I did!


How did I do it?

I created my world by focusing on creating everyday manifestation magic using everyday joy.


When I got out of my way and allowed my passions to lead as an asset rather than a tool I began to truly build and grow a business I loved. I was able to release the blocks that had me believing that, as a soul entrepreneur the work I did had to be hard and filled with some sacrifice to be successful.

By letting my deep connection to my Soul Purpose drive my focus and trust that I was able to build a thriving business with ease and joy I was able to truly accelerate!  I would love to help you to build the same story for your business and the same joyous satisfaction in your life.

Being a Soul Entrepreneur does not mean that you are destined to struggle with technology or creating a satisfying income that supports your lifestyle.
You can do the work that connects your joyous passion and build a joyous and prosperous business at the same time.

I want to help you to create this reality!

Who is my ideal client?

My ideal client is anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level of earning potential.  The potential that will help them live the life they desire while connecting with clients that fulfill their passion.  


Are you a...

Spiritual practitioner

Spiritual life coach


Massage Therapist

Personal Trainer or Coach





Multi-Level Marketing Distributer

Skin Care Professional

Hair or Body Care Professional

Small Boutique or Spa Business Owner

Body Spa Product Manufacturer

Or are you just considering answering the call of becoming a practitioner?


I'd love to help you!


Anyone who desires to assist, educate, coach, heal, service, or entertain individuals and the community through their works is my ideal client!

It is my great passion is to help them grow their business to a level that brings them great satisfaction, abundance, joy and true life FREEDOM.  When speaking to me you are speaking with someone who truly cares about your business, your reputation, and the dreams you have for your life and legacy.  My services include traditional marketing and business strategies combined with innovative trends that include social engagement and gorilla marketing.  With access to resources and professionals that add to your toolbox,   I will help you stand out in the marketplace and GROW!.  

I can help you crack the code!

Lines Of Code
Business Desk With Laptop and Coffee

As a Business & Leadership Coach and Mentor, I can help you...


Connect deeper to your gifts to evolve and expand your process to make the most impact for your clients

Discover and connect to your deep Soul Purpose

Create and streamline your processes to include; audience engagement, marketing tools, client onboarding, set rates, develop signature products & programs and create a powerful brand

Fine-tune your mindset, release the blocks & shadow talk that have held you back or kept you stagnant in your business growth

Create Content that will drive business and create a solid client base for you


During our time together my clients have access to tools and support to help them on their journey.  The support I give my clients is designed to give them the advantage of having not just a business partner but a true business and life coach.  Some of what I provide...

financial support templates, tools & reports

presentation coaching (podcasting and vlogging)

weekly/monthly messages and lectures

early access to videos and audio learning

private forum for Q&A

discount pricing & VIP access to my events

text message access for feedback and questions

affirmations and mindset tools

And all my clients are added to the New Age Guild for as long as we work together!

I will work with you to create real tools and actions to evolve and grow your business.  Focusing on; 

Empowering you to accept and pursue your deep SOUL PURPOSE

Understanding the needs of focus on the modern consumer and how to connect to them

Create a process that is pulled directly from your Soul Purpose and solves the problems for the clients you absolutely love to connect with

Releasing any blocks to accepting you are worthy to generate financially

Building and launching a real revenue-generating business

Being Coachable


Activator Hour

1- Hour with Angel virtually or in person


Activator Day

6-hour day with Angel at your business or approved & agreed upon location.  

*travel & lodging will apply


The 12-week Activator

  • (16 hours) One 1:1 coaching session per week (virtually or face-to-face) + monthly strategy session + program capstone session

  • Text & Email Access with Angel

  • VIP Access to Events

  • Club AT Membership & Benefits 


1 Year Activator

  • (10) 1:1 coaching sessions per month (virtually or face-to-face)

  • Tex & Email Access to Angel

  • Monthly SOS calls 

  • VIP Access to Events 

  • Club AT Membership & Benefits 

  • New Age Guild Membership & Benefits

*travel & lodging will apply

*Angel limits her schedule to 5 yearly clients at a time