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Soul Path Business & Leadership Coaching

Supporting the Soul Entrepreneur to launch, grow, and scale a business that will connect to, evolve and impact the world while generating joy, satisfaction, and real income.

Being a Soul Entrepreneur does not mean that you are destined to struggle through technology or creating a satisfying income that supports your lifestyle.

You can do the work of the Divine Source and build a joyous and prosperous business at the same time.

I want to help you to create this reality!

How would you like to create a soulful business that...

Reflects your deep heart-based message

Fulfills your calling as a LIGHT WORKER

Connects you to your ideal client creating satisfying client interactions

Generates real revenue and life satisfaction

Soulful heart-centered coaching for the Soul Business Entrepreneur

1:1 coaching to help you take your business to the next level 

I am Angel Thacker and I believe that everyone can create a true dream lifestyle by fulfilling their calling as a lightworker.  

I have been working as a SOUL ENTREPRENEUR, for almost 30 years.  Learning and evolving as the times and trends have changed.  I am an advocate and believer in the work our Soul Entrepreneurs bring to the world and am passionate about helping them bring their light to the community is a powerful way.

Years ago, in one of the many community events I attended as a practitioner, I found that practitioners were asking for my help with the more practical business side of the business.  It became so clear to me that most of us drawn to the soulful side of service don't always have a strong business mindset.  I am dedicated to helping you to create, launch, grow and sustain a business that your SOUL was placed here to create. 

Let me help you create your DREAM

Some free resources to help you create your Soul Business


Complete my Day Dream Exercise and get a free dream assessment and goal setting tool

My WOW Money Launch workshop. 

Learn how I generated more than $60,000 in 10 days with a system that changed the way I do business! 

What makes me different?

I am a practicing Soul Entrepreneur that has worked in my community for over 25 years

I have built and sustained a thriving business that has evolved with trends and changes in business and technology

I have built a fitness brand without a background or knowledge of the fitness industry

I have created launches, products, programs, and courses that have sold 5+ figures 

I have delivered more than 20,000 hours of individual session hours as a practitioner

I have delivered group training sessions for Soul Entrepreneurs across the nation and via conference call for the last 7 years

I have trained & worked as a real-world business leader and consultant for over 15 years

Credentials & Training 

Undergraduate study
Santa Clara University
University of Pheonix
Graduate study 
University of Florida
Walden University
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration 
MBA, Finance & Marketing Focus

Certified Life Coach (Expert Rating),

Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA, PTA Global),

Workshop facilitation and Group Teaching Training – Franklin Covey

Goal Setting Workshops - Franklin Covey

Date with Destiny & Unleash the fire within - Anthony Robbins

​​Emotional Intelligence - Leadership Training

Gifts & Certifications

Minister, Universal Life Church 

Certified Psychic Medium (Imagine Spirit)

Akashic Records Training (Imagine Spirit)

Advanced Angels Practitioner (Imagine Spirit)

Spirit Guide Training (Imagine Spirit)

Spirit Attachments (Imagine Spirit)

Ghost Hunting (Imagine Spirit)

Aromatherapy Certificate (UC), (Expert Rating)

Charka Energy Healing | Clearing (MSC)

Sacred Herbalist (UC)

Reiki (UC)

Guided Meditation | Past Life Facilitation (PE) (MSC)

Mentors | Programs completed

Psychic Development (PE)

Spirit Attachment and Spirit Release Training – Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Chakra Clearing and Healing Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Distance Healing and Reading Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Mediumship Mentorship  - Annette Martin (deceased)

I will work with you to create real tools and actions to evolve and grow your business.  Focusing on; 

Empowering you to accept and pursue your deep SOUL PURPOSE

Understanding the needs of focus on the modern consumer and how to connect to them

Create a process that is pulled directly from your Soul Purpose and solves the problems for the clients you absolutely love to connect with

Releasing any blocks to accepting you are worthy to generate financially

Building and launching a real and revenue-generating business

I can help you crack the code!

As a Business & Leadership Coach and Mentor, I can help you...


Connect deeper to your gifts to evolve and expand your process to make the most impact for your clients

Discover and connect to your deep Soul Purpose

Create and streamline your processes to include; audience engagement, marketing tools, client onboarding, set rates, develop signature products & programs and create a powerful brand

Fine-tune your mindset, release the blocks & shadow talk that have held you back or kept you stagnant in your business growth

Create Content that will drive business and create a solid client base for you

Not sure if you're ready to take the leap?

Ready to start?



Weekly 1:1 Sessions

1 month (4 sessions)



Weekly Sessions

3 months (12 sessions)



Weekly Sessions

3 months (monthly)



Weekly 1:1 Sessions

6 months (24 sessions)



Weekly 1:1 Sessions

6 months (monthly)