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1:1 VIP Soul Path Coaching

You can create anything you desire.  

You just have to do 3 things:

Dream without limits!

Let go of fear!

Take action!

Hello, I'm Angel


I am a Spiritual Entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA).   I have more than 30 years as a practicing Intuitive Life Coach, delivering sessions to thousands of individuals and groups worldwide.  I pride myself on my professionalism and ability to bring clarity, honest and straightforward information to the clients I work with.  In my life, I have enjoyed success in such diverse fields from entertainment to more traditional corporate professions and find all these experiences have given me a deeper ability to understand and relate to my clients. 


In my journey, I have built a successful business as a practicing Spiritual Entrepreneur and have become passionate about connecting other practitioners to success.  I have a mission and it is to:​​​​

Create a safe place for development and growth for those who are seeking to turn their life’s passion into a powerful and prosperous business.  Giving them tools for personal and professional growth that will enhance their business as they step into their SOUL PATH.

A little about my journey...

Building my business

I was able to take control of my life and recreate my self-image, regain my health and find ignite my inner sexy goddess!  I found my feminine me and came to realize that I didn't have to lose my sexy to be successful in business.   My husband loved that! 


In 2015 I had reached a point of exhaustion.  Between my job and my passion, I was working all the time.  Renting a studio space for dance, office space to see clients and traveling the community for workshops, 1:1 sessions and in home/business sessions.  All while working my regular job.


At the time I wasn't quite prepared to walk away from my job - I love what I do - but I couldn't continue at the pace I was driving.  


I decided to take my business to the internet.  At the time it was something I did give me some time back, I didn't realize it was going to be a boom for me!


I created online content for my life coaching business by using webinars, 1:1 training and automated content.  For my dance fitness programs, I created online training programs for instructors and dance classes for fans and enthusiasts.  I was nervous at the first launch.  I created a launch that brought in more than $6,000 the first week.  I was excited, for I would have had to run the community, pay a portion in rental fees and worked myself a frenzy to raise that in 10 times the time.


Since then I have been able to create launches that bring in 2 - 10 times that amount and I am not stopping there!  


I have discovered that life is limited only by the limitations we place in our path.  The only thing that is impossible is what we believe is impossible.

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What makes me different?

Like so many of you, I have been through some stuff!


I have lost everything

Been left by my husband to raise my daughter alone from nothing

Had to live on public assistance

Had to recover from sexual and physical abuse


Life can be hard, I know!  I experienced my own personal struggles and tragedies, suffering the personal loss of loved ones - losing 3 brothers, a niece, cousins, grandparents, dear friends and so many more.  As we entered the new century I found myself facing my own mortality when I was confronted with tumors in my ovaries which halted my momentum in life.  And just as I felt I could handle no more, the 2008 financial crisis hit and both my husband and I found ourselves without work.  I found it difficult to move forward in my faith and process when I was struggling with my own personal losses and struggles.  I share this with you to provide a clear message that I understand.  I connect to my clients with humble understanding and a true desire to aid them in their goals to get answers that will help them move past whatever it is that is challenging them in this time in their lives. 


I have been through some stuff that has made me question if there is a place for me in the world of happiness and abundant prosperity.  There were times I wondered if I was destined to just get by and pray I had enough to retire without having to take on 2 - 3 part-time jobs in my retirement to make ends meet - when that time comes!

How many times have you had to re-create your life?

One of the hardest things to do is to re-create yourself. 


I have had to re-create my life multiple times.  Shifting and changing my life as the world change around me and circumstances in my personal life dictated that change.  I have climbed out of holes to stand back on the ground so many times I began to feel it was the normal experience that everyone went through!  I have had 4 points of transformation in my life:


1.  My first husband left me to raise my toddler alone with no assets or resources;

2.  I lost my job as a single parent and had to re-educate and rebuild my life once again from nothing

3.  When the nation suffered a major market reset, my husband and I both lost our jobs and I found myself having to climb back out of the darkness to re-establish and re-create myself once again

4.  The final time to date and when I decided I could no longer do what the "company" needed of me.  Rather, I needed to take care of my family and personal needs to be fulfilled in my life's purpose! And this is where you and I are meeting today.


There are so many coaches and motivational speakers out there and most of them are absolutely amazing!  I don't desire to discount what they have to bring to you.  What I desire to bring to you is a solution that you can connect to that will get you what you both want and desire!


I have been a working spiritual practitioner and life coach helping individuals find their passions in life and leap forward into abundant prosperity in all areas of their lives.  Each time I have had to re-create my life I have deepened my connection to my coaching work and created a more powerful process to take my clients through.  Over the years I created my DREAM BIG programming and have used it to help my clients step up and achieve their own personal dreams and greatness while releasing the fears and blocks that stood in their way!


In my personal evolution, I have found great pleasure in connecting with groups through lectures and workshops and working one on one with individuals through the various communication methods available in this age of technology. 


I look forward to working with you as you connect to the possibilities of your own life.

How I work ...

Each of us is different and all have many reasons why we may seek the support of a coach to help us to our next chapter in life.  Our sessions together are customized to meet the needs of each individual client.

Discovery & Exploration

Each client completes a client intake and daydream questionnaire.  This is to help get me started in understanding your life's desires.  I will sit with you in a Soul Discovery Call that will give me more details about who you are and what your deep soul dreams may truly be.

Day Dream

I take all my clients through my signature manifestation programming which includes; creating a dream board, Manifestation Magic™ programming, journaling activities, and my daydream meditation.  All to open my clients to the dreams that have deep in their soul.

Heal & Release

Using healing, activities, exercises, guided meditation, affirmations and 1:1 sessions I work with my clients to release their fears, anxieties, and blocks that have interfered with their ability to move forward into their dreams.

Re-set & Reprogram

Using healing, activities, exercises, guided meditation, affirmations and 1:1 sessions I work with my clients to release their fears, anxieties, and blocks that have interfered with their ability to move forward into their dreams.

Action Plan

We can dream all day.  Until we are in action we will always be just dreaming.  I will help you draw up a real LIFE MAP that will give you steps and actions to get you closer to your goals.

Set immediate actions

The most important actions are immediate actions.  We will work together to help you set 3 real actions to do immediately to start your new focused journey


Having a coach is more than just having a partner in discovering and accomplishing goals.  They also serve to keep you focused an in integrity to yourself.  Check-ins, report outs, assignments and connectivity calls are a part of all my coaching programs.  My goal for you is that you see REAL results.



Not just for accountability.  I follow-up with my clients regularly during our time together and afterward.  My Elite & Mastery clients have unlimited access to me for follow-up and check-ins.


I will help you re-write your script and create a roadmap to a joyous and powerful life!

Do I need a coach Angel?

We can all sometimes use a boost!

We can beat our heads against the wall living the same mistakes, lessons, and frustrations over and over again.

Working with a life coach can help you build your self-confidence, let go of the stories and fabrications that have held you back.

Working with a Soul Path Coach™ can help you dig deeper to release and heal while creating positive change and discovering the activities that will make your heart sing.

With a Soul Path Coach, you can make and accomplish real-life goals!

And manifest your BIG DREAMS!

Manifestation Angel

Here are some examples of some of the successes I have had in my personal life.  Life is not about being rich, it's about making your life rich.  The examples below are the deep and important goals along with some fun and fabulous goals!

Letting my fan girl fly!



From 2008 - 2010 I was knee-deep into recreating my life.  Money was short and I passionate about giving my daughter joy and adventure even though we had so little.  We bonded together in our love for animation and science fiction.  Although I did have the money, I wanted to generate so that I could take my daughter to any convention or event that she wanted to go to, without worrying about money.  Just like creating myself as a fitness instructor with no background, I decided to create myself as a journalist.  With no experience, no references.  Just a desire and mindset/.  I set out my goals to write for a major publication, be relevant and be paid to attend and report out on events.  And I did, writing for the San Francisco Examiner for 3 years, attending fandom events throughout the West Coast and meeting some of my favorites in the genres.  Most importantly, creating memories for my daughter that drown out our new poverty years. 

You see my daughter and me with actor Vic Mignogna and there I am with Crispin Freeman and Marina Sirtis.  

And everybody gets a car!


So this is one of my favorite manifestations (2nd only to manifesting my man!).  I've always wanted a Lexus, as we know they are expensive.  With some focus and belief and manifestation magic, I'm driving my Lexus!  But it's not just that, my daughter got her new car out of the deal as well.  New cars all around!

All that and travel too!


Traveling is something I enjoy and getting back to it quickly was important to me.  I didn't just want to travel around doing lectures and working, I wanted to travel with my husband and enjoy life on an EPIC level.  

In about 12 months I was able to see a solar eclipse, travel to Cabo, spent a week at Disneyland, hiked the through poppies, went to Las Vegas...all by manifesting the means and finances.  

Love manifested


I was a single parent for years after my first husband left us.  Mind you, we were young  - probably too young - and parenthood was not what he wanted to deal with at the time.  It didn't change the struggle of being a single parent when I was far too young to even know what I wanted to be in my life.  After creating a so so life I decided that I no longer wanted to be a single parent waiting to exhale.  I was lonely but not just for physical connection, I wanted that deep life companionship that we all hear about so much in the movies and self-help books.  I put into play what was to become the start of my Manifest WOW programming.  Through vision board, journaling and mindset focus I manifested my perfect match. 


And I am perfectly matched!


Take the leap to change your life!

Don't be afraid to step onto the top of the high wall and take the leap of faith into a powerful future.

Not sure if you're ready?

Are you ready to get satrted?

Ready to start?



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Weekly 1:1 Sessions

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