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Activate Your Soul Biz!

My name is Angel I welcome you and would love to help you truly connect to what is possible for you.


It is not easy to create a successful holistic or spiritual business.  You need a combination of conventional and unconventional tools and more than just a pinch of creativity.  We can make mistakes and turn our wheels far too fast for far too long - becoming overwhelmed and even burned out.  Focusing on bringing in money rather than the quality of clients that fit the business we're trying to build.


In my personal journey I have learned that it can be difficult to know which way to turn, how to adjust and even if you are pursuing the right path.  I have developed tools that have worked for clients who have gone on to build successful practices and joyous lives doing what they love to do.  These tools have combined the marketing and business tools I have developed from my more practical education and professional background along with tools from my spiritual work.  I have learned the importance of connecting deep into your soul’s purpose and The Divine consciousness so that you are clear with your vision and voice.  It’s this vision that will help bring power to your business!


When we are gifted with the talents of the oracle, we often find the work is easy.  Coming to us powerfully and the people around us feeling we are THE BEST!  Though the work comes easy, building the business can be hard. 

Welcome to Activate Your Soul Biz!

Activate Your Soul Biz is for the Spiritual Entrepreneur seeking real growth and success!  It is a 5-month coaching program designed for individuals, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and business owners ready to BREAKTHROUGH from the wish to BIG DREAM IGNITION!  This is for those who want to create financial & SOUL fulfillment.  This program is a 5-month coaching program designed for entrepreneurs...


...that are ready to BREAKTHROUGH from a wish to their BIG DREAM IGNITION!  This is for those who want to create financial & SOUL fulfillment.  It will:


will ignite you into a purpose-driven life with confidence in your message and services that will make an impact on your community and your bottom line. 


will connect you to the Law of Attraction to create a prosperous life that connects to your purpose and passion.  


will help you to understand modern online tools and strategies to support your business and connect to more potential clients and an international audience.


will give you keys and tools to build a consistent and sustainable business.  


In our work together you will:


Gain clarity on your vision and your dream


Gain a clear connection to your purpose


Create programming and pricing that will lift your offerings and ignite your business


Dissolve your limiting beliefs and blockers that have stopped you from moving forward in your dream


Gain respect for your personal time and space to build a great quality of life


Give you the tools to create a business that does business


Build business and marketing plans to give you laser focus, short, mid and long-term


Learn how to use and put in place tools to build a constantly growing sales funnel 


Learn to deliver heartfelt sales, gain confidence in selling your services beyond just one time - small time sessions


Strengthen your voice and connection to your clients to go beyond a question by question practitioner and become and SOUL coach and client partner.


Master your true Big Dreamer Mindset


Are you ready to take the step into creating your dream?  

Are you tired of hitting walls...
Feeling no solutions to break through...

Girl on Wall
  • Are you looking for a way up and out of a staggering rut?

  • Do you wish for a life dream and want tools to find and ignite it?

  • Do you wish to discover your life's purpose?

  • Are you suffering from pain and lack of energy and longing for solutions?

  • Do you feel out of control in most or all areas of your life?

  • Are you tired of repeating the same struggles?

  • Do you find yourself in the same painful relationship over and over?

  • Are you tired of your job and long to explore an entrepreneur path?

  • Are you just damn tired of your life where it is and ready to make a change?

It's time to transform!

It's time to stop dreaming about it and doing it.....

This program is designed to take an individual, practitioner, or entrepreneur from a space of frustration and HARD work to a space of satisfaction and SMART work.  Our work together will open you to what is possible.  Whether a few thousand or 6-figures, you can create anything you desire and I will work with you to create the road to unlocking your DREAM BUSINESS.


For the business owner that wants to stand up and give their business a boost.

For the business owner that wants to walk away from their 9 to 5.

For the business owner that wants to make real money with their business.

For the business owner that wants control of their lives.

For the business owner who wants to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.


Does this sound like you?

Who is my ideal client?

My ideal client is anyone who is ready to take their business to the next earning potential.  The potential that will help them live the life they desire.


Are you a...

Spiritual practitioner

Spiritual life coach


Massage therapist

Personal Trainer or Coach





Small Boutique or Spa Business Owner


I'd love to help you!


Anyone who desires to assist, heal, service, or entertain individuals and the community through their work is my ideal client!  


I strive to take program participants through a learning experience that will give them the tools to succeed.  You will learn:


  • Real business and marketing training based on trending and valuable techniques

  • High Impact coaching skills to add to your toolbox

  • My Mindset Mastery

  • How to use technology to BOOST your business to the  next level

  • How to engage with a worldwide audience

  • What ideal tools and technologies will support your dream business



I focus on giving program participants quality time, content and energy.  You will receive:


  • A detailed client intake form

  • 1 - 50 minute 1:1 private session with me per week

  • Email support through the program, access between sessions for review and feedback when needed

  • Real activities, exercises, and workbook content each month

  • Templates and samples of forms and documents to support your business.

  • How to engage with a worldwide audience


You will also receive a deep dive assessment of where you are right now.  A valuable assessment of what's working for you right now that we can build on and what you may need to release.  




Why pick me to help you?


I took on making my business work because I knew deep down inside it was what I was put here to do.  I knew that it was my Divine Purpose.  As I struggled my way through I couldn't give up.  Over the years I found that I could help do the same.  This became even more satisfying!!  I knew this was my true Divine Purpose!


What have I accomplished?


I have been able to build a strong and thriving business coaching and advising individuals about their lives, love, and business.  Which I love!


I have created a space where I have quality time with my family and has allowed me to spend vacations and home time with my spirited and loving daughter and fabulous husband.  Something I didn't get so much of climbing the corporate machine.


I've been able to build my knowledge, gifts, and education to provide the best services for current and potential clients!


I have worked with thousands of clients one-on-one and in groups & classes


I have done over 10,000 private session hours as a practitioner


I have created many successful programs, real-time and automated class content and services.


Have achieved program launches of $25K +

Consistently earn 6-figures a year engaging with the community in your dream gig!


Why is my program different?


Working in the community as a practitioner I experienced successes and growth where others were struggling.  As I helped my peers and clients focus on their business and their life goals I found that how I focused and coached not only provided results but gave support in areas not very many coaches focus on.  In addition, I found that my experience as a spiritual entrepreneur gave me insight and an understanding of the specific needs of the business.  I am able to support, emphasize, and strategies with you as a true partner in your dream.


Many of the practitioners pursuing their dreams don't have the benefit of a business degree or background, what they have is their training and education that make them amazing and the desire to be of service and create a fulfilling life.

I focus on evolving you to go from struggling to find your ideal clients to full access to the clients you truly want to work with that are willing to pay for talents.

Man with Glasses
Giving a Speech

I believe building a successful spiritual or holistic business in today's changing consumer environment requires a solid business foundation, an understanding of tools, concepts, and processes to create and maintain a financially successful business and a willingness to engage with new marketing techniques.


I have found that when working with my clients through coaching, mindset focus and business training they evolved to stand stronger on the playing field and were able to create success.


Why is this?  


- Participants receive a welcome message gives tips and FAQs on how to navigate through and complete the program. 


- I take participants through live calls and webinars through the program for real-time learning and feedback.  


- I support my clients with 1:1 session during the program to keep them focused and guide them through customized solutions


- I am available to answer questions via email and text message throughout the program.


- The training content is formatting to be simple and supportive.  And it is real and structured, which I find is what my clients have needed.

Activate Your Soul Biz is designed to teach skills, and knowledge and reset your mindset so that you can create a business that fulfills your dreams in all areas of your life!

Our work Together

Module 3:

Your Divine Purpose

Align your purpose with your dream client


Purpose-driven business gives satisfaction, hoy, and true power as you create your dream life.  We will work together to uncover your purpose-driven vision and mission.



Module 4:

Who is your ideal client?

Identify your dream client


Once your true mission is revealed I will work with you to create statements and connections that will align your ideal client to your purpose-driven model.


Month 1

Coaching YOU: Your brand.  Your Client.  Your Message

Module 1:

Who are you now? 

Deep dig into how you are doing today in your business.


A focused look at your public presence, website, offerings... in all what you've accomplished and what the business is yielding for you.  A valuable assessment of your business.


Module 2:

What is your vision? 

Real dream work to pinpoint your real DREAM vision


We will do work to flush out your dream.  Activities that will include journaling activities, Big Day Dream activities, dream boarding, and mindset visualization.  The focused work will be to flush out your no limits Big Dream.


Month 2

Creating YOU: Your presence.  Your offerings.  You're Deserving

Module 5:

Building your powerful brand

Coaching to connect you to your vision to create your brand.


The basic absolute need for any business is creating your brand and then connecting your presence, your voice and your clients to that clear and empowering brand.  This is a full coaching module to hone in and nail your branding!


Module 6:


Create your public voice and presence

How to make your brand real to your market



Once created we work to determine how that brand will be seen and presented to the community you desire to connect with.


Module 7:

Breakdown your programs, packages, and pricing


One of the keys to business success is having your packaging and pricing set up to create offerings that highlight your true gifts, give you signature programming and correctly priced to be competitive and financially prosperous.


Module 8:

Law of attraction in action

Bring the LoA to life to manifest your DREAM!



We will do real LoA work to connect you to the dream you have mapped out so that you are aligned and prepared to accept, pursue and achieve your Big Dream/


Month 3

Creating YOUR Business Mindset

Module 9:


WOW Mindset

Creating you from woo to WOW


Coaching and activities to focus you into the evolution into my WOW technologies.  Where you accept that anything is possible.  We will release bonds to acceptance of poverty, guilt or martyr driving messages and embrace all sides of prosperity for your dream.  


Module 10:


Power of Mindset and Space creation


We will work to take from hobby to business with my signature mindset activities to create a space where you will be able to jump-start and grow your business.  It's more than just setting up a desk in your home or renting an office space. We will do coaching and hands-on work to help you create this space for your dream business.


Module 11:

REAL business runs like a business. 


You need real tools to run a business that is truly successful.  I will show easy tools that will make a big difference in managing, tracking and automating your business.


Module 12:

  Introduction to social media, webinars, CRM

Blueprint to building real clients


Generating leads is the key to building clients that will engage with and recommend you.  Modern practitioners and business owners need these tools and I will give you an introduction to these amazing tools that will light up your dream!


Month 4

Growing Your Business: Sales Funnels, Email marketing, Social Media

Module 13:

Art of the sales funnel

Creating a flow of potential clients