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Angel Thacker 
The Joyous Life Coach
Soul Business Coach and Strategist
Manifestation Activator 

Angel Thacker

Business Strategist, Financial Analysts and Consultant, Singer, Dancer, Event Promoter, Personal Trainer, Team Leader, 

I am passionate about helping people find their way to their dreams and live that life in joy and prosperity.  We all deserve to be just absolutely happy with every area of our lives.  Having the freedom to do everything you dream of.

Let go of the past, release your blocks and dream wild and big!

Angel Thacker is an adept business coach and spiritual entrepreneur. For over 25 years, Angel has provided exclusive coaching services to organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries and individuals. Additionally, she provides business coaching that develops real, resourceful and resilient leaders who achieve amazing results through spirituality.

Throughout her career years, she’s prone to access to tools, resources and extensive knowledge with which she uses to transform the lives of people. Angel is an experienced spiritual entrepreneur, so she speaks from experience, as well as years of her own personal and professional development.

As a spiritual entrepreneur and business coach, Angel leverages her depth of business knowledge to motivate, educate and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve a higher level of success, professionally and personally. Angel offers a holistic approach to happiness and overall well-being. She is enthusiastic about helping people maximize their potentials, unlock their uniqueness and discover their purpose in life. With a distinct perspective, she spiritually examines their predicaments differently and discovers the core hindrances to their success- empowering them to ignite and transform their lives.


Angel is a highly gifted spiritual and intuitive life coach, focusing her life on the technologies of what she calls living a "joy*possible life".  Using her 21 "joy laws" she works with clients to shift their focus on creating and maintaining a space of joy to access true fulfillment and abundance in all areas of ones life.  

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Angel's Credentials & Experience

  • Doctorate in Organizational and Infrastructural Development in (Divinity) (candidate)  

  • MBA, Walden University (candidate)

  • Certified Master Life Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Life Purpose Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Goal Success Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (American Alliance of Hypnotherapists)

  • Certified Life Coach (EON),

  • Microsft Office Certified

  • Certified Project Manager (EON)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA),

  • Aromatherapy Certificate (UC)

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss (ACE),

  • Charka Energy Healing | Clearing (MSC)

  • Sacred Herbalist Certificate (UC)

  • Reiki Certificate (UC)

  • Guided Meditation | Past Life Facilitation (PE), (CSC)

  • Workshop facilitation and Group Teaching Training – Franklin Covey

  • Goal Setting Workshops - Franklin Covey

  • Discover Your Life's Purpose Workshops - Anthony Robbins

  • Website Design & Marketing

  • SEO & Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing


Commercial awareness & business acumen.

Identifying, developing, and directing the implementation of business strategy.

Knowledge and experience of procurement processes, procedures, and policy setting.

Identifying, developing and implementing best practice that increases performance.

Carrying out effective research & intelligence into competitor products & other trends.

Developing partnerships & relationships with third parties to meet strategic objectives.

Budget setting and control, including measurement and return on investment.

Involved in planning & organizing the organization’s activities to achieve targets.

Ability to impact sales through coaching, counseling, and influencing others to accomplish desired outcomes.

Ability to influence and set company marketing policy and plans.

Creating engaging marketing content across multiple platforms.

Understand all legal, regulatory, information security and compliance requirements.

Ability to manage operations within budgetary constraints.

Provided a stabilizing influence and promoted an excellent environment conducive to increasing efficiency, enhancing the quality and strengthening financial results.


Participated and contributed equally while working in a group for projects at work.

Ability to get along with all levels of people and possess strong relationship-building skills.

Built effective personal relationships and networks within the team, which contributed towards achieving organizational and team successes.


Strong organizational, administrative, and analytical skills.

Possessing the financial acumen and commercial flair needed to understand the diverse markets and identify potential opportunities and new clients.

Having a proven ability to plan, organize and control activities & staff.

Disciplined approach & strong/effective communicator at all levels.

Able to manage available resources to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Improving margins and maintaining a high-quality service to clients.

Able to develop, coordinate, delegate, and plan work activities.


Quick learner, possess a broad range of experience, highly motivated, and have the ability to work in structured and unstructured environments and initiating career awareness and self-monitoring on my overall progress.

Board Room Experience

San Francisco Carnaval Parade

Board Member 2004-2009

Desert Dance Festival

Board Member 1998-2008

East Bay Anime

Board Member 2008-2010

Two Lions Group

Bay Area Eats Charity

Board Member 2018 - PRESENT

Charity & Giving
A life lived on PURPOSE is a life lived purposely FULFILLED!

Like the flowers, we grow higher, fuller and with more brightness when we have access to the loving light of creation.  We can not survive without the touch of our grand creator's light.  And that connection is deep within us all.  Opening to the Divine has changed my life and those I have had the privilege of helping through my work.

I take pride in being the conduit that ignites and helps you to sustain that connection to the Divine so that you can create joyous abundance in your life.

I work to give true transformation by building a deep soul connection, healing through the multiple levels of the soul and connecting to your soul's destiny to find your SOUL PATH.

Living on purpose brings joyous abundance in all areas of life


I will help you open your personal connection and empower you to take the steps to your soul path by igniting your gifts, releasing your fears & doubts, accepting your worth, open your heart to love and ignite prosperity in your life.

We are facing a dark and uncomfortable future.  It is the soul entrepreneurs that have been placed here to help our world reconnect and evolve into the energies of joy and healing.  Healing on all levels of the soul creates an awakening of what is truly possible in our lives.  

I am PASSIONATE about helping to bring more healers, coaches, and lightworkers to the world to help make this joy revolution heal our community.  We have all been called and it is not an easy call to answer.  I would love to help you on your journey to bring your talents to the fight.

If you can dream it, you can manifest it.  Just remember to dream BIG!

I will help you re-write your script and create a roadmap to a powerfully joyous life!

In the world I live in anything is possible!

The dreamers that chose to reach for the impossible manifest like crazy!

In the world of WOW we focus on creating more today than we had yesterday...

In ALL areas of our lives!

Activating magical manifestation...

Being in complete focus...

Generating real action...

Creating real revenues and building our crazy big dreams each day!

#crazyaction  #crazydreams

Keynote Speaker

Speaking & Appearances 

Bring Angel to your event.


Building a trusting spaced where people can experience expand their vision and imagine the impossible.


Soul Discovery Call

Discover your heart's desires, your deep dreams and your Soul Purpose.