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Ask Angel


Welcome to Ask Angel!  Each week I post to my youtube channel, social media or radio broadcasts about many topics.  I give my followers and site visitors the opportunity to ask questions for me to answer.  These questions can be about almost anything.  The purpose is to give viewers and readers information and knowledge that may help them with something they may be wrestling with or may be curious about.

Use the form below to ask your questions.  Please make sure you review my topic FAQs before you submit your question.  I am looking forward to connecting with each of you!

Ask Angel frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I ask personal questions?  Yes.  Just be sure to be sensitive to the fact that the answer will be public.  My broadcasts do not have any privacy or member-only features, they are PUBLIC.  Also, this feature is not meant to take the place of a reading or counseling session.  It's for information sharing and entertainment.  If you are in need of support, please go to my book a reading page and schedule a reading with me.

  2. When will you answer questions?  I will answer the questions as I have time for them.  I post as I am inspired in my meditations and engagements.  It may take time to see your question posted.  As with the above questions, if you are looking for an immediate answer to a personal question, please book a session or join a group.

  3. Are there subject limitations?  Well, though I am very flexible I also want to protect the privacy and be respectful of individual privacy.  I will not answer questions that call out names or describe people for the public.

  4. Why do you offer this feature?  I have found that most of us have questions about mediumship, healing and other metaphysical topics that others share.  With this in mind, I enjoy sharing and educating and am passionate about being a source of information in addition whenever possible.