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Do you feel a book inside you waiting to come out?

Have you started to write your book but haven't been able to either complete it or have it make sense?

Do you have a process as a practitioner or coach and are looking for that boost to your programs?

Are you ready to get started but feel blocked?

Welcome to Brand to Book
Take Your Message From DREAM to PUBLISHED

Creating my programs was a work of passion that gave me access to building success in business and create the foundations for the new books publishing very soon.  Going through the process of helping my clients build their businesses I saw the power of having a book to support your message.


When I created my programs the books came easy .. for the content was there.  It was how I came up with my formula



7 days...

30 days...

6 months...

I can take you through creating your book in as little or long as you are willing to focus your work by using this effective blueprint.

Today's world is open to the ambitious entrepreneur.  When you have a message, product or process having a book to speak to it gives you access to that open world.  All you need is to get to it and write it!  

With a published book you will ......

>>> Be more credible to your markets and channels...

>>> Launch and attend events like a market expert in your field...

>>> Guest on radio and TV to speak to your message

>>> Be a guest speaker across the community

>>> Add value to your BRAND!

With Brand to Book TURBO, we will work through practical and hands-on work that will have you ready to complete and publish your book! 

Soulful heart-centered coaching for the Soul Business Entrepreneur

I am Angel Thacker and I believe that everyone can create a true dream lifestyle by fulfilling their calling as a lightworker.  

I have been working as a SOUL ENTREPRENEUR, for almost 30 years.  Learning and evolving as the times and trends have changed.  I am an advocate and believer in the work our Soul Entrepreneurs bring to the world and am passionate about helping them bring their light to the community is a powerful way.

Everyone has a message inside them and now is the time to get those messages out into the world so that the community can experience what is coming to guide and evolve us.  As a coach, I have helped creatives with a dream step into their power by writing their book.  As an author, I have written books, pamphlets, newsletters and audio projects (which you can find on Amazon).  

I believe that if you have dreamed of a concept to write that you absolutely can write that book that is within you.  All you need is focus, discipline, action, and DESIRE!

I can help you turn your dream into reality.  A book ready for publishing!

Let me help you create your DREAM


Whether a short and effective free ebook or a full book, your message is supported and enhanced with a book.  In this course, I will take you through my 6 step focus points to creating your book with ease.  I will take you through each key step and help you find your way through the frustration and limitations.  This course will help you ...

  • Focus on your brand to create and expand your message...

  • Find where you are the solution for and speak to it with confidence and power...

  • Develop a table of contents that will deliver ...

  • Breakthrough blocks that have kept you from creating your book

It includes...

Activities and assignments that will have you writing each day!

Rewards and accomplishments to help you maintain focus!

Access to real support systems to publish your book now!

The TURBO program will be delivered in 13 modules:

Module 1: Authorship 101.  The basics

Module 2: Activate, accept and step into your POSSIBLE

Module 3: Activate your creative voice

Module 4: Determining what you’re the solution for

Module 5: Map it out like a rock star

Module 6: Building a powerful table of contents

Module 7: Daily writing discipline and writing success...chapter by chapter

Module 8: The impact of telling your story

Module 9: The power of sharing stories from your business

Module 10: Conquering fear

Module 11: Building your speaker persona through your book

Module 12: Tools and tips to getting published

Module 13: Powerful marketing words and statements in your message


You will also receive:

- Coaching activities and exercises 

- Access to a special private Facebook group for feedback, q&a and support

- Writing exercises to break through blocks and ignite creativity

What to expect?

Each module will be delivered as ...

>> Exercises and activities using; writing and journaling activities

>> Weekly (or daily) conference calls containing presentations, activities, Q&A, and coaching 

>> Feedback based on the work you have completed to help move you forward in the writing process

>>Time for real writing 

You need this course if you...

// Are ready to make your mark on the community

// Want to leave behind a message... a legacy 

// Are tired of dreaming about what you can do and are ready to get to the doing!

// Want to get your book written and out there and have been blocked

// Are ready to stop dreaming and start FLYING!

This is not a simple program and will take some work for those who take on the challenge.  We will work together daily to get to your end result.  If you are ready to do the work and take your life to WOW in print.  Sign-up now and let's get to work together!



2 payments of $650

Total payment = $1,300

Full course access

Certification of completion upon the course and payment plan completion. 

Pay in Full


Save $300 when paying in full!

Full course access

Certification of completion upon the course completion. 

WAIT!  A couple of things...


In addition to the content described above I have a couple of big bonuses for you:

- BIG BONUS 1:  you will have my personal contact for questions and support during the program

- BIG BONUS 2: Writing dates with me.  I will set aside time each day where we will all sit and write together.  Bring your tea, crackers, water, and a sense of readiness.  The full group will support you in the process of keeping to your commitment.

I am committed to helping those being called to serve and heal in this troubled time to help with the evolution of our planet.  So I have greatly reduced my pricing of this program to maximize the number of people who are able to take this course.  My desire is to have a wave of beautiful, heart-formed works come to the public to help us bring great peace and hope to the community.

Now is the time to stand up and step forward into the mix as a part of the solution the community is looking for.  

It's not too late...

You don't need more experience...

You're not the wrong person...

Let's get your story told and give you the platform to educate, heal and support the community

When completing the program, participants will...

>>Be ready to have their book edited and prepared for self-publishing or submit for publishing

>> Be celebrated and given their Joy Dream Completion certificate

>> Be given publication options that include full publishing houses that I recommend and self-publishing using artist and editorial support via Amazon.

>> Be interviewed on my podcast as a featured subject matter expert

>> When published they will be announced through my community and hosting a launch to bestseller launch event for you!

The next session starts 

This program is currently closed to new enrollments.

Please join the waitlist to be informed when the next session starts


Can I join the program at any time?

Yes.  Although it is ideal to join the program at the start, you will have access to the materials and make-up sessions for the session you have missed.

How long is the program?

The program is set up as a 14-week program.  It depends on where you are in your process and how much time you commit to your book

Can I join even if I do not have a complete idea yet?

Yes.  Please remember that the time you put in may take more time if you have little or no concept.

What if I can't get it done in the allotted time?

No worries.  Although this is designed to take you through the process with discipline and focus it can be difficult to get things completed in this short amount of time.  You are welcome to take your time with the process.

Are you guaranteeing my completion of a book ready for publishing?

No one can make that promise to you since it all depends on the work that you put into the process.  What I can promise is that you will have support, direction and a process to get through completing your work.  The rest is up to you.