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Crossing the Finish Line

It's time to Breakthrough and Break Free!

get the keys to opening your life to unlimited wealth potential 


Join a community of individuals and entrepreneurs gathering to evolve & build thriving soul-centered businesses and organizations




Welcome to the Breakthrough & Ignite your Dreams Summit

It has been a challenging time and I am looking forward to when we can gather, connect and ignite in person once again.  Until then we will not miss out on the opportunity to gather and grow together!

All members of my Wealth Accelerator program have a space in the Wealth Accelerator Mastermind!

Are you an entrepreneur with a soul-centered business or vision? 


Are you focused on taking your business to six or seven figures today and are ready to begin the work of scaling up and igniting your purposeful and passion-focused business?

This retreat is designed to fill in the gaps, celebrate your desire for success, boost your knowledge & confidence ...all with the intent to bring you closer to that 6 and 7 figure goal you're dreaming of!

Who is this retreat for?

Confident Businesswoman

This retreat is designed for the creative, artistic, or soul entrepreneur who is getting started, striving to breakthrough, or looking to scale their business in real financial terms.


​We take you through real-world processes, tools, and processes that you will be able to use to hit that business booster!

Mastermind Community

Business Consultant

​The Joy Mastermind Weekend is a part of the Joy Mastermind programming.

Attendees are participating as more than just retreat students but as true entrepreneurs.  Learning and sharing their experiences and learnings.  As you boost your confidence as an entrepreneur you can step into the circle of mastermind mentors and support entrepreneurs in this and future events!

Join us for LIFE!

Graduation Hat Throw

Connect to entrepreneurs that are just like you.  Desiring to build their purpose-driven, soul-centered business. We invite our attendees to come back for future events and our Joy Mastermind members can attend as often as they like.  Continuing their connection beyond the event.


Your experience does not end with the end of this event! 

Why You Should Attend The BREAKTHROUGH Weekend

Why You Should Attend The BREAKTHROUGH Weekend?

Who Should Attend?

Artists | Coaches | Trainers | Healers | Practitioners | Writers

​Entrepreneurs | Speakers | Podcasters | Entertainers


Creative, artistic, soul-centered individuals striving to build their dream business out of their life's passion

What to expect...
Angel 1.jpg

Business and success coach, Angel Thacker, has been coaching entrepreneurs and business owners focus on building highly successful and satisfying businesses for more than 15 years.  Angel has always delivered her led her process by bringing her knowledge and experience with innovations and technology


In 2020 the world of business for the soul entrepreneur changed, taking the focus of business from direct contact to virtual platforms.  This became her passion.  Bringing the power of technology to the front of the room for her clients, to help them ignite their businesses in this new business age.


Topics & Keynotes From Past Events

  • A creator of an oracle card deck and an online reading & training platform.  Discussed how she left her job and created a 7 figure business

  • Founder of a coaching service that focuses on positivity and absolute belief system to creating prosperity and abundance

  • A founder of a cosmetics company focused on bringing beauty solutions to women of color spoke about the importance of the ease of a powerful and confident glamour look

  • Podcasting influencer discussed how he built programming that drives hundreds of thousands of downloads and thousands of month from monetization

  • Social media influencer discussed the keys to her success as a highly successful social media marketer ​​

Focus Of This Mastermind Weekend

Scaling your business with ease on the global platform.

Breakout & Work Sessions

These focused workshop sessions dive deep into specific topics that are relevant and vital to today's entrepreneurs.  These sessions include special guests that bring their expertise and experiences to help you with your mastermind mindset!

Topics for our next event

Your Life & Business Mission Statement
The Joy Business Blueprint:
Scaling Business in the covid age
Connect Within and Ignite With Ease
The Joy Power Blueprint
The Dream Team Blueprint
BeYou™: The Authenticity Blueprint
Technology Keys To Success:
In the covid age
The Self Care Mindset
Creating Your Business Map
 12-month plan!

 Special Presenters

Mastermind Sessions

Real-World Business Topics

Our mastermind sessions are interactive and informative. 

Topics for the approaching event

Releasing doubt and naysayers

Discovering Your Voice

What Is Your Brand?

The keys to your process

Connecting To Your Brand

Products Vs. Sessions

Closing the Sale

Financially Sound Business.

The Power Of Networking

Relationships & Partnerships

Never Create Through Hate

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Your Elevator Speech


Podcasting & Blogging

Social Media Success.

Roundtables & Discussion Groups

Businesswoman with Mask
Post Pandemic Business
Desk Computer
INNOVATION & Technology
Family Unwrapping
Worklife Balance
Stones Massage
Self Care
Lunch Table
Sharing Experiences & Stories

Event Schedule



11 am - Welcome

11:30am - Mastermind Sessions


​1:00 pm - Breakout Sessions

1:30 pm - Fireside Chat Session

​2:00 pm - Breakout Session

The Dream Team Blueprint


2:30 pm - Mastermind Sessions

​3:30 pm - Breakout Session

The Self Care Mindset

​4:00 pm - Mastermind Sessions

4:45pm - DAY CLOSE



11 am - Prior Day Reflections

11:30 am - Mastermind Sessions


​1:00 pm - Breakout Session

BeYou: The Authentic Blueprint


1:30 pm - Fireside Chat Session

​2:00 pm - Breakout Session

The Technology Keys To Success

2:30 pm - Mastermind Sessions

​3:30 pm - Creating Your Business Map - 12-month plan!

​4:00 pm - Mastermind Sessions

4:45pm - EVENT CLOSE







contact Angel for registration details


Non-Mastermind Clients