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Be featured in a Business Spotlight

Increase your product profile

Reach a larger audience

Demonstrate your products & services

Hone your selling skills

Polish your speaker skills

Yoga Practice

It can be difficult to connect customers to what you're selling!  When you see commercials and shopping networks you wonder how your business would boost if you had the chance to be featured. 


To let people see and experience what you do!

Welcome to Business Spotlight.


A part of my Business Essentials programming!

A Business Spotlight is a live streaming program.

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Each program will feature entrepreneurs that are offering their services, products, and brands.  The program streams live worldwide and are then archived as a part of the business essential tools for our growing community!

What's different from other online marketing opportunities?  With a business Spotlight, you are able to explain and show why your products are what the customer needs to buy!  

Giving you the opportunity to highlight and explain what you're all about.  Give potential customers information so they can click your buy button and you can make more sales!


You will be presented as an expert in your field, through:

- interview questions

- demonstration prompts

- coaching to help you present a strong message to the audience

- fielding any questions or calls that may come in to help you present your best self!

You don't want to miss the opportunity to be in the spotlight!


Next event!

Podcasting Rockstars!


6 hours featuring podcasting entreprenuers sharing their stories, services and products.

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Secure your spot on our Business Spotlight Stage!

Get your brand, products and services seen on a day when people are out there shopping for the holidays!

Apply below!

Select your participation and complete the information form.

Pricing for VIP club & New Age Guild members

First 20 min slot FREE

(first come first serve!)

additional times

20 minutes - $35

40 minutes - $65

60 minutes - $90

Regular Pricing

20 minutes - $45

40 minutes - $80

60 minutes - $115