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Wedding Venue


Creating an experience in love and joy

Wedding in Nature
Wedding in Nature

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Wedding Kiss
Wedding Kiss

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Wedding with Masks
Wedding with Masks

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Starting your life with joy and blessings is important.  It is my passion to help bring abundant joy to those I work with.  There is no greater blessing than helping a loving couple take that step to to their future together.

*travel and lodging charged separately
** rehearsals and pre-service sessions do not include wedding planning

Basic Ceremony

A service of love and joy to bring you together in the joy of true love and marital matrimony.




Marriage license, government paperwork and keepsake documents

FEES: $450

Joyous Love Ceremony

More than just a service, this is a program to support your focus on coming together in a loving and fulfilling way.  



3 pre-service couple spiritual counseling sessions


Marriage license, government paperwork and keepsake documents

FEES: $850 

Committed Joy Ceremony

A special session option for the couple that is truly committed to creating a transformative, loving, and long-lasting relationship



10 pre-service couple spiritual counseling sessions

Couples Blessing


Marriage license, government paperwork, and keepsake documents

FEES: $1,600 

Special Services


Sensual Woman 7 veils wedding night dance

A beautiful, creative and sensual expression of your love for your wedding night.  Angel will customize a routine inspired by the ancient art of bellydance.  Angel will highlight and compliment you, empowering you to start your journey off  memorizing your partner.  


10 private dance lessons

1 private "Sensual Woman Basics" session

2 rehearsals (one regular and one dress)



$1,200 includes 7 beautiful silk veils

Renewal of Vows

Happy Couple

A beautiful service the brings a loving couple back to to where they began to celebrate the new era of their relationship.




Keepsake documents

(marriage certificate must be provided as proof of marriage)



Distanced Couple

Couples Spiritual Counseling

A spiritual counseling session to focus on bringing healing, love and support.  


$225 per 50-minute session

Couple Blessing

Bride and Groom

A special blessing service designed to give your path together with a boost of joy through a special prayer and invocation.  This service can be done as part of a service or privately where the documents are signed.   And anytime you wish!




Blessings, clearings & invocations

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Energy Clearing & Blessing

Negative energies are not always about a presence, dark or shadow forces.  Sometimes our state of mind, the people in our spaces or people we have been in contact with can affect how the energy in our space feels,  And your space should always be joyous, supportive and should always feel great!  As a shamanic practitioner, Angel will assess your circumstances to determine what type of energy shift is needed then will deplay her many skills to reset and create a happy space for you.


Energy clearnings and blessings for your home or work space will help to release stagnant uncomfortable energies to give you a great space to create your life in peace and prosperity.  As part of the service, the client will recieve guidance on how to keep their spaces clear and when to see the signs that focused clearing may be needed. Most circumstances require only a one time clearing, though sometimes more clearings may be needed for more complex situations.

When can you use a clearing & blessing?

  • Your new home

  • Clear after a traumatic life event

  • After the death of a loved one

  • When starting a new business

  • Reset or shift sales results

  • Reset energies after a negative person has left the home or business

  • After recovering from an illness

  • Before the arrival of a new baby

  • To shift negative energies you may feel in your space

  • After a relationshiop breakup

  • To aide in lifting depression

  • To clear distractions

Fees:  An energy clearing and blessing service includes; 

- an equipment & research fee : $299

- client blessing training & kit fee: $125

- hourly service fee: $150/ hour

- travel & lodging (if applicable): will vary

Contact Angel and discuss your service needs!