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Email:  angel@angelthacker.com

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OK.  Here we go....


>>>Are you truly ready to begin your journey to the next level of the game?

>>>Are you tired of surviving?  Working paycheck to paycheck to make your bill money while running in place to keep your business on the top of the water?

>>>Are you TRULY TIRED of looking at your business as more of a GRIND than that passion you started with at the start of your journey?

>>>Are you tired of WORKING FOR THE MAN???

>>>Do you want jump over the SIX FIGURE MARK?  Learning from someone who has already done it.  NO wanting the reinvent the WHEEL!


Are you ready to do this?

Well let's do it together!

It is a simple process to consider.  Creating a business, product or program is about understanding EVERYTHING you need to break through.  Sometimes challenging who we are at the core.  I will be there to help you breakthrough.. giving you loving, matter of fact, focused and real coaching. 

I started building my business 15 years ago and have learned from: 



I lived it all!

In the last 7 years I have build a respectable business with no investors, special certifications, support from a coach or experience as a consultant.  I did it because it was what I WANTED TO DO!  And I was and still am driven with the passion of accomplishing what I desire with my business BECAUSE I CAN.  I am determined to break through every challenge, obstacle and evolutionary step.


The work it takes to build a BIG BUSINESS is hard.  And you have to be in a space where you can take oin the work with passion, focus and SERIOUS INTENT!


When I create a program my desire is to create something powerful for my clients that will bring me the return I desire.  My goals are simple. 


Creating big business results with every launch I create!! 

In my experience for myself and my clients I have:

Created a BIG BUSINESS system to creating six figure business launches;


Developed tools and techniques to grow my visibility and community connection;

Created methods to keep the focus on the END RESULT;

Developed mindset techniques designed to keep the focus on creating your BIG BUSINESS FINANCIAL desires.


I took the steps I needed to take, learned the lessons I needed to learn and transformed myself where I needed to evolve to take my business to the next level.  I now want to share what I have learned with you!

Let me take you to the next level!

I want to be a part of taking your business to the STARS!  

Promises are things that no one can make when working with coaching.  Anyone who makes promises with coaching is operating with some limitations in the area of integrity.  I can not promise results.  What I can promise is that will be in this DEEP with you.  Dive deep into your world with heart to BUILD:

Your business acumen

Your confidence and self-worth

Your connection to your ideal client universe

A focused MINDSET that will hold through your journey!

Your powerful and true soul connected brand

Programming to support your message(s)

Get your pricing RIGHT!

Set up a solid social media and internet marketing plan

Set you in the digital age! 

Launch digital courses material

Create business automation for solid revenue streams

What do you get in Angel's 12-month coaching program

  • Access to Angel coaching and mentoring throughout your 12 months ($72,000 value)

  • Coaching intake form to create customized solutions during our work together

  • Rate Your Business Consultation ($399 value)

  • Enrollment/access to the Entrepreneur Mastery Program.  ($5,994 value)

  • Enrollment/access to 12-Week 21st Century Business Entrepreneur Intensive ($1,800 value)

  • Access to all Angel's course offerings during your 12-month program (unlimited potential value)

  MORE THAN $90, 000 value!

Does it make sense to work with someone who can help you take control of grabbing your life's purpose and making it happen right now?

I have helped both businesses and individuals get laser focused and build a solid commitment to creating prosperity and freedom in their lives.


$25,000 Paid in Full
$5,000down, $5,750/month, auto pay for 4 months

Request a getting to know you session

What do you get from me? 


You get me as your personal coach!

I will work with you to create a space where your business growth is the most important thing to you!  That your focus is to create whatever you wish, dream and need to create to make the leap to the next level. 


I will help you with brainstorming, planning, mapping, development, and technology.

I will wrestle the blockers and stoppers that create conversations inside you that limit what you are capable of.

Customize the tools, systems, and processes to meet your needs based on where you are.

Help you wrestle in a solid social media marketing presence and strategy.

Learn about and select tools that will help you build a true business that has real profits

I will help you build a team to help you engage in REAL BUSINESS

What do I need from you? 

I need you to show up ready to work!  I promise you my full commitment to show up for you to take you to the next level.  I need you to have a complete commitment to what you want.  To meet your desired dream!  Ready to DIG DEEP, do some heavy lifting and be ready to take off!  

I have helped my transformational coaching clients>>>

>>> Revamp websites

>>> Create highly successful launches

>>> Complete books for publication

>>> Re-create their social media and web marketing strategies

>>> Create programs to reflect their passions

>>> Increase fees and overall financial success

>>> Better organize their business and calendar

>>> Create traveling workshop campaigns

Am I ready to take this step?


My friend, I understand that the investment can seem high.  What you want to think about is where you want to be in a year.  I have spent 15 years and have built my business to beyond what I could have imagined when I started.  I want to help you achieve what I have and more!  

Are you ready or do you have questions? 

 Send an email expressing your interest and any questions you have to angel@angelthacker.com, subject: Transformational Coaching Questions.


Once ready, select the payment option that works for you

Once enrolled you will receive your welcome email that will include a client intake form, an appointment scheduling tool and other links for your program.

You will schedule your first session from the welcome email.  Course and program content will become available to you 15 days after payment is complete.