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Breakthrough Mastermind
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Claim Your Seat  To a Journey Of Powerful Manifestation, Transformation and Evolution 

 Are you feeling stuck and lkooking for solutions and answers
Are you a Soul-Centered Entrepreneur?

Do you want to launch or ignite your business to new levels?

You've come to the right place!

Each of us has a desire to create something driven by our passions.

To work for more than just "the man", but for ourselves.

Bringing in enough revenue to create abundance and freedom...

so that we can live the life we truly dream of.

My dear hearts


You have things that you want to accomplish...

We all do!

We want to...

Grow our businesses to become real revenue drivers...

Connect with our ideal clients, gaining real joy and satisfaction supporting them with our work

Make a difference and leave a legacy in our work 

Achieve our goals and be truly joyous

How do we accomplish this when doing business is changing so drastically and so fast?

You see, in order to be ready to transform your business, you have to make adjustments to meet the needs of our new world.  In order to be transformational, you have to evolve.

Are you ready to evolve?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Well baby, let's get to business 




I'm Angel Thacker


I am a big dream manifester, the Joyous Life Coach, and soul business coach & strategist.  I am a soul entrepreneur operating a successful practice that I have built for almost 30 years now.  I've learned the lessons of success, failure, and everything in between.  What I've learned has allowed me to build a six-figure business without working 12 to 16 hour days, 6 to 7 days a week.  I believe creating a dream business is not worth creating if we are not able to enjoy our lives. 

I've focused my passion on helping soul entrepreneurs get their businesses started or boosted into true revenue drivers.

I inspire individuals to achieve the impossible!

I create individuals who reach for the stars and create extraordinary lives!

I created this course bundle to help you dig in and evolve your business from top to bottom

To give you tools, information and real actions to help you turn your business amplifier to 11!

Do you believe you can lift your potential in your business and expand your reach as a practitioner?

I don't believe you can...

I KNOW you can!


You get to decide if today is the day that you will or if you will wait until you're "ready".

We can't always succeed on our own, sometimes we need a little help.  

I created this program to help you fly. 

Take my hands and let's fly today!


How do I fly Angel?

That's a good question.  I know that you know how to do what you do.  You have a passion and are very gifted.  Your clients love you and you get amazing feedback after working with clients.  But tell me... do any of these statements sound familiar?

I'm not very technical so I'm uncomfortable with the techie aspects of the business

I don't know much about social media so I just don't engage

I've never thought about credit card integration, I just use PayPal

I work 12 plus hours a day giving readings and consults.  I do pretty good but am exhausted and don't get to truly enjoy life on my own terms.

I want to leave my day job but am afraid to dive in and focus on my soul business

My gifts are from God and I don't want to feel like it's all about money when connecting with clients

I don't like the feel of "selling".  If I sound salesy then my clients won't stay with me.

I don't know where to begin!  Business is not my thing.


Every client I've worked with has been certain about a few things:

They didn't want to just get by ~ They wanted to be fulfilled and joyous in their work and life

They didn't want to overwork to make ends meet ~ They wanted to be joyous and prosperous

They didn't want to work with jus anyone ~ They wanted to work with their ideal client

They didn't want to have to see clients from dusk to dawn ~ They wanted freedom 


They wanted to be empowered and confident with the ability to say out loud that they want and deserve to make 6 figures and beyond so that they can create the life of their dreams.

They wanted to be truly FULFILLED in their lives.

Getting a great job "grinding" for someone else's success...

while you work to the point of exhaustion...

Did that fulfill you?

Getting the promotion you worked for to get a small increase to recognize your contribution...

Did that fulfill you?

Working your full time (or near full time) job while dabbling in your heart's passion...

Did that fulfill you?

Working in your heart's passion earning pennies for the hours you work...

Did that fulfill you?

Your life is for you to make fulfilling for you!

Welcome to my Breakthrough Masterclass.  Our focus together
...Accelerte your Wealth & Joy Factor!

Where you can step into club 6 & 7.

That's 6 & 7 figures!

Times have changed in a blink of an eye and as entrepreneurs, we are being asked to stand up and do business in new and innovative ways.  As you consider how to evolve your business to meet the needs of these new times, I want you to know that I want you to have every possible opportunity for success!

My Business Accelerator program is where you're going to learn how to build a revenue-driving business that will create for you the ability to have true freedom stepping up into the class of 6 & 7 figures ~ where you deserve to be!

It's About Results Baby!


I focus on getting real results in your business and life.  Some of the things we will work on together...

Create a mission and message that connects purposefully to your ideal paying client

Getting you booked as a keynote speaker and subject matter expert

Reset you to accepting you're deserving of real success and abundance

Reset your pricing to satisfy and fulfill your needs and help you pull in those clients that will pay your rate!

Create programs vs. fishing for constant hourly sessions

Create your circle of support and your dream team!  Everyone needs a team!

And so much more!

Manifestation Angel

Here are some examples of some of the successes I have had in my personal life.  Life is not about being rich, it's about making your life rich.  The examples below are the deep and important goals along with some fun and fabulous goals!

And everybody gets a car!


So this is one of my favorite manifestations (2nd only to manifesting my man!).  I've always wanted a Lexus, as we know they are expensive.  With some focus and belief and manifestation magic, I'm driving my Lexus!  But it's not just that, my daughter got her new car out of the deal as well.  New cars all around!

All that and travel too!


Traveling is something I enjoy and getting back to it quickly was important to me.  I didn't just want to travel around doing lectures and working, I wanted to travel with my husband and enjoy life on an EPIC level.  

In about 12 months I was able to see a solar eclipse, travel to Cabo, spent a week at Disneyland, hiked the through poppies, went to Las Vegas...all by manifesting the means and finances.  

Letting my fan girl fly!



From 2008 - 2010 I was knee-deep into recreating my life.  Money was short and I passionate about giving my daughter joy and adventure even though we had so little.  We bonded together in our love for animation and science fiction.  Although I did have the money, I wanted to generate so that I could take my daughter to any convention or event that she wanted to go to, without worrying about money.  Just like creating myself as a fitness instructor with no background, I decided to create myself as a journalist.  With no experience, no references.  Just a desire and mindset/.  I set out my goals to write for a major publication, be relevant and be paid to attend and report out on events.  And I did, writing for the San Francisco Examiner for 3 years, attending fandom events throughout the West Coast and meeting some of my favorites in the genres.  Most importantly, creating memories for my daughter that drown out our new poverty years. 

You see my daughter and me with actor Vic Mignogna and there I am with Crispin Freeman and Marina Sirtis.  

Building my business

I was able to take control of my life and recreate my self-image, regain my health and find ignite my inner sexy goddess!  I found my feminine me and came to realize that I didn't have to lose my sexy to be successful in business.   My husband loved that! 


In 2015 I had reached a point of exhaustion.  Between my job and my passion, I was working all the time.  Renting a studio space for dance, office space to see clients and traveling the community for workshops, 1:1 sessions and in home/business sessions.  All while working my regular job.


At the time I wasn't quite prepared to walk away from my job - I love what I do - but I couldn't continue at the pace I was driving.  


I decided to take my business to the internet.  At the time it was something I did give me some time back, I didn't realize it was going to be a boom for me!


I created online content for my life coaching business by using webinars, 1:1 training and automated content.  For my dance fitness programs, I created online training programs for instructors and dance classes for fans and enthusiasts.  I was nervous at the first launch.  I created a launch that brought in more than $6,000 the first week.  I was excited, for I would have had to run the community, pay a portion in rental fees and worked myself a frenzy to raise that in 10 times the time.


Since then I have been able to create launches that bring in 2 - 10 times that amount and I am not stopping there!  


I have discovered that life is limited only by the limitations we place in our path.  The only thing that is impossible is what we believe is impossible.

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Benefits of becomeing a Breakthrough Mastermind Student

Mentoring & Personal Growth

Your experience will be a personal experience that will give you the foundations and boost needed for your specific business and life desires, ambitions, and dreams.  

Idea Exchange & Netowrking

Discussion and feedback with others in their personal success journey are invaluable.  Like-minded and success focus individuals will be your support partners in this powerful mastermind

Inspiration & Encouragement

Motivation and inspiration are the magic sauce to our work together.  Keeping you focused on the path of success!

BeYou Strategic

Authenticity Business Planning

Each month you'll receive 1:1 coaching to help you with branding, marketing, website content and real business coaching.

Learning & Training

Members will have access to all my products, programs, and courses during their participation.  

Scaling up!

Tips, tools, and tricks to ticking your business up.  Increasing revenues, building clients, advancing you to that dream business!

Tools & Technologies

Staying in the gamer as an entrepreneur means knowing what the latest tools of business are and how they can help you.  Subject matter experts and guest presenters will be brought in to help you with your entrepreneur power knowledge!

Goal Setting and Success Coaching

The speed of scaling up is dependant on the quality of planning.  We will work together to build a solid roadmap/blueprint system.  

Belief & Confidence

Becoming absolutely certain of how successful you can be is not just a dream.  It is a reality as you accept what is possible.  You'' receive 1:1 & group sessions, text support, and group chat access that will give you the encouragement, reinforcement, and support you need!

innovation & Focus

You have to be ready to run with the latest and most effective tools of business.  We will work through solutions that will help you scale up with ease!

images (1).jfif

I want to help you take your life & business to the STARS!  

Promises are things that no one can make when working with coaching.  Anyone who makes promises with coaching is operating with some limitations in the area of integrity.  I can not promise results.  What I can promise is that I will be in this DEEP with you.  In our 12 months together we will dive deep into your world with heart.  Our BUILD:

Your business acumen

Your confidence and self-worth

Your connection to your ideal client universe

A focused MINDSET that will hold through your journey!

Your powerful and true soul connected brand

Programming to support your message(s)

Get your pricing RIGHT!

Set up a solid social media and internet marketing plan

Set you in the digital age! 

Launch digital courses material

Create business automation for solid revenue streams

We get started with finding your true why 

You'll enter the Joy Mastermind with a focus on your deep soul purpose.  your why.  That which truly makes you joyous.  Finding your authentic voice then explore how to truly ignite your heart-centered soul focused business.  

We'll find what you're missing

Part of the many resources you'll have access to will include real business learning to help with technology, finance, and other areas that may not be your strength but will help you take your business to the next level.

We'll build on what you KNOW

We'll look at your skills and talents and discover how to build your brand into a 6 & 7 business!


​Connecting the dots to bring your inner voice and soul purpose out loud and joyously in your business.  There's nothing like working through a filter of your joyous purpose.

My intent


To re-focus you and create a space where you are in true FLOW...

Where you achieve abundant prosperity without working hours on end,,,

Where you can enjoy health, love, and family while enjoying a prosperous business...

Where the work you do is the work you love to do and that you have time to enjoy your life

Where you generate abundance with ease


Dancing in the Mist

This program is designed to bring you to a higher level so you can achieve at a higher level.

This is a group coaching program that...

brings the energy

brings the focus

give you tools that will help you bring results!


Have you been frustrated trying to boost your business to the next level?


This is not just a group of modules that you'll sit and work through and hope you will have success. 


This program is coaching designed with 6 levels of focus.




You have to know what you don't know and fill in the gaps before you can climb to the next level

Giving you the basics that all entrepreneurs need to know to truly build a strong business.  I have combined the skills I've gleaned from my MBA program with what I've learned in growing my own business and have added the adjustments and learnings from helping small operators and entrepreneurs.  


You have to know what you don't know and fill in the gaps before you can climb to the next level

Together will walk through the tools, technologies, and processes that we all have to master to be able to do real business in the new real world.  Taking your message, program, and process to the masses on line

3) 6 and 7 MINDSET

You can achieve anything you desire to achieve.  You just have to know it!

We will transform your focus and bring you to a place where you know you are able and deserving of achieving your dream goals for your business.  Getting you on track to achieve anything.


You won't be alone in this transformation.

You will have more than just learning and hands-on activities.  There will be support from other members of my Joyful Prosperity Team to answer questions.  There are support sessions with subject matter experts and office hours with me every week!


When navigating a difficult trail you need a good map!

As a successful business operator and consultant, I will give you real strategies that work.  All to help you build a real business that operates with ease and generates profitable revenue.


Every great athlete has a great coach!

As part of the program, you will receive 1:1 coaching session with me where we will focus on transforming your business in the most effective way to affect your business/

What's included in the The Wealth Accelerator?

This program is packed full of training, learning and coaching to help you earn your membership card to Club 6 & 7!

Module 1:  Strategic Acceleration Blueprint
establishing your ideal business image & what you want

Module 2:  Mind hack to level up!

releasing and reprogramming your blocks and hurdles

Module 3:  Branding you with fire & spark!

creating your unique brand to help you stand out

Module 4:  BeU Authenticity

telling your story to drive your brand

Module 5:  Inventing your ideal client

creating a connection to the client that will light you up!

Module 6:  Niche discovery

finding the market that drives your passion & market to them

Module 7: Niche mastery

techniques and tools to master and succeed in our market

Module 8:  Your services | Your pricing

deep diving into your best matched services and pricing

Module 9:  WOW packages & services

create programming to drive revenue & solve for your clients

Module 10:  Business of doing business

the foundations of real business 

Module 11: Building financial goals and plans

strategies to setting powerful financial goals you can meet

Module 12:  Your marketing plan

build a marketing plan that makes you stand out in your niche

Module 13:  The social media game

creating a plan for engaging in the world of social media

Module 14:  Technology mastery

tap into the technologies that are a MUST for your eveolution

Module 15:  Developing and nurturing your funnel

learn strategies and techniques to grow & nuture a community

Module 16:  Creating your marketing TRIPWIRE

developing and creating a tool that will pull hot leads.

Module 17:  Automation technology

automating your lead generation and community management

Module 18:  Simply legal

setting up your payment, forms, terms and contracts

Module 19:  Get launched,baby!

setting up and hitting the button on your big launch!

Participants get a full package of focused learning, coaching and strategies to bring them closer to their financial goals.  With these modules, you will get...


All participants will go through my coaching client intake process which includes;

Intake form

My Dream Creation method

Dream mapping activities

My Soul Activation Pillar of the Release process

$5,000 Value


To succeed in your mission there are things you have to know!

  I've pulled together my business focused workshops that will help you upgrade and transform your business to help you generate on the global platform. 


All of these workshops break the content down in a simple way for you to understand


You will have practical examples and walkthroughs. 


You will be taken through shortcuts and ease of use processes for important technology


You are shown how to engage with followers, fans and leads to build your business


Most important, you will be taken through THE most important areas that the new world entrepreneur MUST know.  

Your business MUST KNOWS!

No limits dreaming ($299 value)

Know yourself and what you want ($299 value)

Effective blogging ($299 value)

Powerful podcast playshop ($299 value)

Nail your ideal client & for after them! ($299 value)

Know your technology need ($299 value)

Using a launch to drive business ($299 value)

Creating an authentic message that connects you to clients ($299 value)

BrandingU ($299 value)

Vital pricing ($299 value)

Solve for new consumer demands ($299 value)

Growing & engaging leads ($299 value)

Be authentic, connect you to your community ($299 value)

Soul selling ($299 value)

Social media to drive business ($299 value)

Setting goals that drive your dream ($299 value)

Action now = your life's dreams  ($299 value)

Finance ~ Schminance.  Basic business financials ($299 value)

The business of doing business ($299 value)

The SEO game ($299 value)

Social media advertising ($299 value)

Products.  The game-changer ($299 value)

Networking for the win ($299 value)