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Mediumship Development

A community of love and support to develop the skills, experience, and confidence of the new, developing, and experienced medium.


We are at the true crossroads. 


Our communities are struggling with how to move forward as we begin the process of evolution.  As we begin the process of lifting our vibration, shifting our frequencies.  This is a remarkable and wonderful event in our existence as a species!  Yet, it can be scary to confront change.  And this time the change is dramatic and soul shifting.  The Divine and the universal light forces have are awakening lightworkers across the planet to help with this transformation.  These lightworkers are being called as key contributors to this transformation.  Are you feeling the pull? 

~ Mediumship Circles ~

This is a special session that focuses on the development of your connection to Spirit.  Whether you are a developing medium, a newly inspired medium, or wish to connect with others to develop your skills to the next level.  This is also a session for those who wish to strengthen their personal connection as part of their own personal spiritual journey.

The purpose is to build a community of those with some common interests, specifically an interest in connecting to spirit through by working through mediumship.  All levels of experience are welcome, including those who wish to sit and enjoy the experience.

We will focus on meditation, work on healing, and other concerns or issues you may be working through.  This is a warm, loving, and supportive circle and all are welcome.

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Registration is $25, free for Joy Tribe members.

The circle will be a zoom virtual circle.  Once you register you will receive the meeting information

Mediumship Circle.  Wednesday July 15, 2020,  7pm - 9pm PDT

Mediumship Circle.  Wednesday August 19, 2020,  7pm - 9pm PDT

Mediumship Circle.  Wednesday June 24, 2020,  7pm - 9pm PDT