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Website Design & Development


Whether designing from scratch or redesigning your current site.  I specialize in building and maintaining websites.


I create websites that flow, engage and really do the JOB!

There is more to having a cool website.  Your website needs to attract and engage an audience that is interested in your product, message or services.  When you work with me you will work with my team.  Graphic design, marketing... the full ball of wax!  I will be there to help you build a website that will bring light to your process in a way that will be both pleasing, exciting but will deliver your brand with BANG!

My design & development process:

I take pride in the work I do for myself and my clients.  Having a stunning, functional and effective website is vital to growing your business in today's fast pace environment.  It is even more important to work with an organization that can build your site with passion and as your real partner.  I have a 6 phase process I work through:

Phase 1:


In the exploration phase, I will work with you to understand what your needs are along with what you really like.   I will deep dive with you in many areas including your goals, your business and what you like on other websites.  

Phase 2:


I will take the information gathered in our exploration to begin the process of creation.  The mock-up will give you some imagery, colors, and other basic functions.   The mock-up will include the roadmap of the functionality of your site.

Phase 3:


After you approve the mock-up then we get to work on your site!  Throughout the design phase, you will have access to a private view website so that you can view and give feedback as your site is in development.

Phase 4:

Client Creation

As the website is in development I will work with you to help you understand the type of content you will need to support your brand.  This is your impact to the flow of your site!

Phase 5:

Training & Functionality

The best websites are the sites that flow and change.  There are some aspects that it is important you know how to update and change yourself.  I will work with you to ensure you have the skills to engage in these areas of your site.

Phase 6:


It's time to launch your site!  An exciting time!  You will be able to check your sites for errors, broken links, and other aspects.   before your site goes live.   The go-live  process is celebrating and exciting!  

All my clients get a complimentary check-in session with me 30 days after launch to review the progress and functionality of the site.

Social Media & Internet Marketing

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There is more to building a solid social media presence than posting your moods and latest sales.  I specialize in creating compelling and impactful campaigns while helping my clients maintain and grow their own social media programs.


Press Conference

Creating your brand, your voice and getting exposure are all the basic needs of any business.  My areas of focus are how you communicate and building that all so important BUZZ!