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Tel: 510-342-9024

Email:  angel@angelthacker.com

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Elite Coaching

This is a special 1:1 intensive coaching program featuring two FULL days of 1:1 coaching time with me.  

An elite coaching program for those of you ready to IGNITE and make your dream a truly BIG DREAM!


Client intake (FREE)

1:1 Discovery exploration session ($500 value)

Business/Life assessment ($999 value)

A full day (8 hours) of coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area($4000 value)

A full day (8 hours) in your business/life ($4000 value)

Access to my Manifest WOW course ($1297 value)

Follow-up Elite Coaching Session - 120 minutes ($1000 value)

VALUE $11,796

Elite Coaching begins with exploration.  

Client intake.  You will submit a client intake form to help me understand your short, mid and long term goals.

Discovery exploration session.  A 1:1 session to deep dive into your life vision, purpose and your big & crazy fabulous dreams. 

Business\Life assessment work.  I will review your website, social media, collateral and more... to come up with an assessment of where you are today.

Our first day together:

A full 8 hours of coaching for your business and/or life in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in a retreat setting.  A full look, analysis and "pick through" of what you are and where you want to be!  We will also look at; real channel trend facing your industry, financial systems, get you organized, review your branding, and more!  You now have your personal business development partner and coach and my desire is to help you BOOM!

We'll feed the body and soul with a fabulous lunch and some relaxing you time to get your life into perspective and truly feel the value of treating yourself with love and luxury.

I will treat you to an hour of pampering to help you relax and feed your soul - a vital aspect of establishing that #DREAMLIFE

Our second day together:

A full 8 hours of coaching in your life.  A review of your processes, team members and other aspects of your life with our feet in the game.  ​In your business, home or both!

You will walk me through a day in your life.

***Travel and lodging is not included in the costs of day 2


Manifest WOW in your life! 

You will have access to my Manifest WOW course immediately upon signing up for the Elite Program.

1:1 Elite Coaching follow-up session 

A 120 minute 1:1 session to go through all you may have as questions after our work together.  

VIP Bonuses!

$4,000 Value!

My Elite clients will have access and support during their time with me.  My VIP text message support during our work together.  A vital addition to your work in your road to creating your dream... having the ability to get quick check-ins, answers and, support to stay on target.

- AND -

Release the strangle hold of fear!  A special intensive workshop that focuses on taking fear out of the equation for you.  Creating a world where you embrace, challenge and dissolve fear and embrace the courage to become the major money maker you desire to be!

- AND -

Wealth building 101.  My course designed for those who are not wired with fiancial savvy.  It's a quick-shop focused on setting you up for preparing for build wealth.  Includesl; Investment basics, simple business statements, summary of the best tools to manage your clients & inventories, building (or repairing) a credit score that will support your goals, and the basics of reaching out for invenstors in your dreams.

Total value, $15,796! 

This is a limited offering specially priced at $6,000!  


This is an amazing strike price that I won't be able to offer for long.  It's my desire to take you to a level of success you just won't believe.  Don't wait to get your WOW life on track!  Sign up and let's get rolling!  

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Pay Monthly

$1,500 Down

2 payment options

+ 2 payments of $2,550 = $6,600

+ 3 payments of $1,800 = $6,900

Payments are auto-paid every 2 weeks

Pay in Full



$7,796 SAVINGS!