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Flower Love Activation

Activate love into your full soul to bring you peace, grounding, stronger self love, build more powerful relationships and attract reeal love into your life

Activate love through healing and release the blocks and let love flow.

Lightbulb Love Letters

Flowers are the perfect symbol of the beauty that can come from being in direct connection to the Divine Light

Flower Field

A Flower Love Activation connects the high vibration energies of the Divine, combined with the imagery and vibration of the flowers to give you a unique and beautiful healing experience.  

A 1:1 powerful healing & system attunment that will ...

Release chords and attachments to individuals that block or distract your Love Flow

Heal your system of pain and hurt from your past experiences

Heal your acceptance of your worth and deserving of love

Heal wounds from emotional, sexual and spirtual pain you may have set in you from past relationships

Connect to the Divine Mother for loving healing of your child self

Heal and clear your chakras, aura and system

Release karmic and past life connections through the Code of Forgiveness

End the acceptance that hard work is the key to real love

Open your heart to receive love

Call to the universe for deep love to come to your life

We Are Deserving of LOVE

We all deserve love in our lives, from family, friends and the precious life partner to join us in our Soul Path.

We can feel burdened by;

Pain from our childhood

Past relationships that didn't work out

Disloyalty from people we cared for

Inability to trust



And these burdens can cause us to struggle with finding and maintaining relationships, being truly happy in our lives and even having warm love for ourselves.

When we are blocked...

Some of the symptons of being blocked in Love Flow: 

Over concern about how people feel about your or may be saying about you

Distrust of people in your inner circle

Low self esteem

Feeling of unworthiness of deep soul love in your life

Feeling of lonliness

Feeling stuck in a stagnant relationship

Repeating patterns with relationships and friendships

Feeling stuck in your life

Physical exhaustion and discomfort

Blocked with creating and manifesting joy and abundance in your life

Being tired and stuck in past relationships

In ability to create your life in positivity and purpose

Unable to bring in a Soul Path Relationship

These are some of the symptoms that can reflect in your life when you are blocked with having a healthy and joyful Love Flow.

I can help you breakthrough...


I am Angel, I'm a Channel, Medium, Angelic Healer, Soul Purpose & Life Coach and I’m here to help you connect to the Divine, ignite your SOUL PURPOSE and generate TRUE ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. 

In my 25+ years as a practitioner I have helped my clients create abundance in their lives.  I found that most people struggle in love.  Wanting and wishing for love but never satisfied.  When connecting to the Divine I found that by surrounding the system with the deep and unconditional love from the Divine Source and Mother we are able to heal the deep rooted blocks that affect the flow of love in our system.

Through this work I was able to create a breakthrough for myself and manifested the loving relationship with my true Soul Path Partner.  And was also able to release the deep seeded pains and blocks that affected and stopped me from creating all that I desired in my life.  It was a TRUE BREAKTHORUGH.

I want to help you create a breakthrough in your life and open up to love so that you can generate abundant prosperity and can manifest that great love in your life.

The Flower Love Activation

In this powerful 1:1 90 minute healing session we will...

Connect to the warm love of the Divine mother to heal your base and child self

Clear, heal and energize your chakras.  Igniting the flow of love through them

Balance and connect your higher self to your base 

Surround your soul system with healing and archangel healing

Connect your base and system to the Divine Sunflower Temple

The Map


The Sequoia

Root Chakra


Heart Chakra


Sacral Chakra

Jasmine Flower

Throat Chakra


Solar Plexus Chakra


3rd Eye Chakra


Crown Chakra


Higher Self


Archangel Blessing

Divine Sunflower Temple


This is a deep healing that will empower and ignite your love for yourself, life and acceptance that you are worthy of great soul path love.

Ready to start?