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Angel Thacker
Empowering & Inspiring Joy Creation Coach and Mentor for the Soul Entrepreneur
I have something special for you!
My free workshop
Take Your Business from modest maintenance to crazy growth!
My 3-step process that will help you take your business from hard working passion to purpose-driven profit

In this special workshop, I have shared some of the keys to how I was able to build success in my business as a spiritual and fitness entrepreneur in this ever-changing online environment

Are you struggling to grow your business to support the lifestyle you truly deserve?

Do you wish to stop working that soul challenging J.O.B. and focus your energies on a joy sustaining practice?

Are you tired of working hours on end doing sessions, only to just make ends meet?

You can change the direction of your business and make it more business than work!

I wish to give you ...

Strategies to Market and Grow your business

Show you how to sharpen your intent so you can penetrate your business channel

Show you where to focus on your energy to maximize your efforts and give you back your valuable time


This is a free workshop that I'm sharing with you to help you ignite your practice!

In this 55-minute workshop, you will learn my 3-point process to help you boost your business in simple and powerful strategies.

2 keys to relate and connect to potential clients


You will learn two simple keys to pull clients to you through messaging and authenticity.  

My 3-point blueprint to bringing in paying clients in the social media/internet age


I will walk you through my process of connecting to and building a community and how to pull paying clients to you,

Mastermind absolutes to creating sustaining consistent success

I will share with you how shifting your mindset can be your turbo button to success! 


About Angel Thacker

Angel Thacker is a world-renowned coach and holistic practitioner that is passionate about helping people reach their life’s true passion and purpose.  With her work, she has become a popular speaker and presented, requested for group sessions, presentations, and conferences.  Spreading her message of joy, prosperity, and healing through the community.  She is the host and producer of the popular Spirit Talk Radio and has helped thousands of practitioners ignite their businesses as the world changes focus from person to person to technology. 

Angel evolved her life from a single parent struggling to be successful in the mainstream corporate world to a phenomenally successful entrepreneur working with her ideal clients and living her ideal life. 


She develops programs and training to help individuals create true joy and success in their lives.  To know that nothing is impossible.

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