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My dear hearts

It's time to get to business!

Times have changed in the blink of an eye and as entrepreneurs, we are being asked to stand up and do business in new and innovative ways.  As you consider how to evolve your business to meet the needs of these new times, I want you to know that I want you to have every opportunity for success possible!

You have things that you want to accomplish...

We all do!

We want to...

Grow our businesses to become real revenue drivers...

Connect with our ideal clients, gaining real joy and satisfaction supporting them with our work

Make a difference and leave a legacy in our work 

Achieve our goals and be truly joyous

How do we accomplish this when doing business is changing so drastically and so fast?

You see, in order to be ready to transform your business, you have to make adjustments to meet the needs of our new world.  In order to be transformational, you have to evolve.

Are you ready to evolve?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Well baby, let's get to business!

I'm Angel Thacker


I am a big dream manifester, soul purpose coach, and soul business mentor.  I am a soul entrepreneur operating a successful practice that I have built for almost 30 years now.  I've learned the lessons of success, failure, and everything in between.  What I've learned has allowed me to build a six-figure business without working 12 to 16 hour days, 6 to 7 days a week.  I believe creating a dream business is not worth creating if we are not able to enjoy our lives. 

I've focused my passion on helping soul entrepreneurs get their businesses started or transform them into true revenue drivers.

I inspire individuals to achieve the impossible!

I create individuals who reach for the stars and create extraordinary lives!

I created this course bundle to help you dig in and evolve your business from top to bottom

To give you tools, information and real actions to help you turn your business amplifier to 11!

Do you believe you can lift your potential in your business and expand your reach as a practitioner?

I don't believe you can...

I KNOW you can!


You get to decide if today is the day that you will or if you will wait until you're ready.

We can't always succeed on our own, sometimes we need a little help.  

I created this program to help you fly. 

Let's take hands and fly today!

How do I fly Angel?

That's a good question.  I know that you know how to do what you do.  You have a passion and are very gifted.  Your clients love you and you get amazing feedback after working with clients.  But tell me... do any of these statements sound familiar?

I'm not very technical so I'm uncomfortable with the techie aspects of the business

I don't know much about social media so I just don't engage

I've never thought about credit card integration, I just use PayPal

I work 12 plus hours a day giving readings and consults.  I do pretty good but am exhausted and don't get to truly enjoy life on my own terms.

I want to leave my day job but afraid to dive in and focus on my soul business

My gifts are from God and I don't want to feel like it's all about money when connecting with clients

I don't like the feel of "selling".  If I sound salesy then my clients won't stay with me.

I don't know where to begin!  Business is not my thing.

You have to know we all have these thoughts (AND MORE!) in our business.

But at some point in time, we have to decide to take a stand, take action, and transform our business so that we can ...

Create and sustain a revenue-driving business that satisfies us through working with our ideal client and delivers life satisfying income that creates true FREEDOM and JOY for me and my loved ones.

I've got great news!  I want you to create that business that drives revenue, joy, and financial freedom for you.  I want to give you the tools so that you can soar into your big dream.  

I created this bundle to give you the tools, strategies, and support to help you make that leap of faith and create you a powerful soul entrepreneur.  Happy with what you're doing.  Happy with who your clients are.  And happy with your income.  

Baby it is time!

I've pulled together my business focused workshops that will help you upgrade and transform your business so that you can generate on the global platform. 


All of these workshops break the content down in a simple way for you to understand


You will have practical examples and walkthroughs. 


You are taken through shortcuts and ease of use processes for important technology


You are shown how to engage with followers, fans and leads to build your business


Most important, you will be taken through THE most important areas that a new world entrepreneur MUST know.  

Included in this bundle:

What you need to know ~ Business 101

No limits dreaming ($185 value)

Know yourself and what you want ($185 value)

Effective blogging ($185 value)

Powerful podcast playshop ($185 value)

Nail your ideal client & for after them! ($185 value)

Know your technology need ($185 value)

Using a launch to drive business ($185 value)

Creating an authentic message that connects you to clients ($185 value)

BrandingU ($185 value)

Vital pricing ($185 value)

Solve for new consumer demands ($185 value)

Growing & engaging leads ($185 value)

Be authentic, connect you to your community ($185 value)

Soul selling ($185 value)

Social media to drive business ($185 value)

Setting goals that drive your dream ($185 value)

Action now = your life's dreams  ($185 value)

Finance ~ Schminance.  Basic business financials ($185 value)

The business of doing business ($185 value)

The SEO game ($185 value)

Social media advertising ($185 value)

Products.  The game-changer ($185 value)

Networking for the win ($185 value)

I've included MORE!


Mindset is as important as real business knowledge.  I want to give you as much as I can to help you build and develop your rockin' business. To help with this I have included some of the tools I've used with my 1:1 clients.  Meditations and tools to focus you on creating a powerful space where anything is possible!   


These are BIG BONUSES for you to go BIG!

Bonus Content!

Creating prosperity with the Divine Touch ($38 value)

Be You and Create! ($38 value)

Raise your limits and reach for the sky  ($38 value)

Letting go of doubt and judgment ($38 value)

Taking the fear out of your reality ($38 value)

Money manifestation mindset ($38 value)

Setting your intention and generating that intention ($38)

Shifting you to the sixes & sevens club ($99 value)

Clear chaos to create prosperity ($99 value)


Money Magnetism 

I am Worthy

No Struggle Prosperity

Manifestation Magic

Confident as a LION!

25 learning sessions focused on what you must know to drive a successful online business

Each workshop is 45 - to 90 minutes 

Bonus sessions are 25 - 40 minutes (sixes & sevens runs a bit longer)

Each of these video workshops contains real business tips, tools, and information

There are lectures and activities designed to transform your mindset, business acumen and acceptance of what you are worthy of

Each includes activities to help you understand real & proven business principles

You get recommendations for tested and best practices to apply to your business

You will learn the how to's to change how you do business 

And you will focus on a strong spiritual focus, supporting your space of heart-centered focus.


>> This is a value of $3,145!

>> I've included the coaching and teachings that have been delivered exclusively to my private mentoring clients.

>>I've revamped and adjusted the materials to meet the changes we've experienced as the world focuses on virtual business

>> I cover subjects that I have experienced dramatic personal success

>> I have focused on subjects that have not just made a difference in my own business but in those of clients I have helped.  

My desire is to give you tools and strategies that will help you create revenues without working your souls to the bone!


I'm passionate about creating success and prosperity for you.  By giving you real practical tools that will help you build your skills, business knowledge, and become more than just adequate at growing your business in the new online trends.

I have been working at this business for more 30 years, as I said.  Working it part-time as I worked in the mainstream earning the money and benefits I needed to support my family.  In 2008, when the financial markets crashed, I decided to focus full time on my business and was able to create amazing results.

My knowledge as a finance and marketing professional helped me build a presence, engage with clients and create an experience that gave me traffic, returning clients that pay and consistently refer family and friends to my services.  And I was able to connect with clients without them feeling a sales pitch.  My passion for my client's success is authentic and sincere.  I believe in the power of creation and manifestation that we each deserve to be generously prosperous in our lives every day.  This means you!

I have come to appreciate the value of creating an experience that solves an issue for my clients rather than just giving a one-off session that answered a question rather than creating transformation.  When I shifted my focus I was able to create consistent growth in my business that generated 5 figure months through program launches, mentoring & coaching clients, and workshops.

I want to give you the keys to creating the same for your business in your way.  I put these specific topics together to give the key to unlock to code for your business.


I look forward to seeing you blossom as you create your real BIG dream of making your passion your business.  For Real!

It's time to get to business!

I've put together a bundle with a value of over



The price for you today:


As I said earlier, this bundle was created to be a game-changer for you. 


You will get those important business strategies you are looking for. 

You'll shift your mindset and turn into a manifestation magnet

You will learn how to thrive by creating a business that connects deeply to your passions

You will let go of being driven by fear

You will release doubts and blockers and focus on what is truly possible for your dream

You will learn how to create a BIG vision for your business

You will be where, who and what you have always dreamed of!

Take the big step into your true soul path!  Sign up today and let's make your dream happen together.

This program is currently closed to new enrollments.

Please join the waitlist to be informed when the next session starts

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