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Connect to Spirit & Breathe Through Grief
Losing a loved one is hard.  It can be one of the most difficult experiences to recover from.

As an intuitive and medium, have been working with the concept of death for many years.  In my personal life, have experienced my fair share of loss (the older we get the more people we lose it seems).  The most recent loss was that of my mother it was (and still is) the most difficult loss I have had to work through yet.  My mother and I were very close and I struggled with being without her in my life, a place she had been in each day of my life before her departure.  My grief was deep and I'm still wrestling through my life without the human footsteps of my mother with me.

I learned so much living going through this grief.  I found that there are some great tools out there to help with healing and recovering from the loss of someone close to you.  All of which can be essential to a healthy recovery.  The best thing I can tell you is to take absolute action and take on someone to help you through your grief.  Take advantage of all the resources you can find. Whether a group or counselor, take advantage of a support system to help you manage the pain you may be wrestling with.



Something I want to place in front of you...


Death is the one thing we know is coming to us and those we care for.  Although we know this, we are rarely prepared for it when it comes to us.  Grieving can hit you hard and change your life for a long time.  And then there is a DEEP LOSS.  That is the loss of someone that feels like you've been hit back on ton truck.

A parent

A spouse

A sibling

A longtime friend...

It is different for each of us, but it will affect us all the same.  In BODY, MIND & Spirit.


The effects of grief can put a huge burden on your body.  For myself, I was fascinated by the way things can show up int the body.  We can find ourselves suffering from ailments, pain and all manner of issues.  We can suffer from symptoms of the condition that our loved ones suffered, our primal instincts can cause us to have panic attacks, digestive disorders and any number of conditions.  Dr.s can often struggle to find a resolution for us since the root cause of our conditions can be connected to our grief.


Brain for, forgetfulness, confusion...  It's all natural in our struggle to recover from grief.  Often the answer to our issues are medication as we are labled depressed when wrestling through grief.  


The deepest place of mourning is in our SPIRIT.  Remaining in light and joy is near impossible when we are working through the grief process.

Breath Through Grief is a 30-day program that will help you move through grief by giving you practical support, actions, and exercises to help you process your loss.  As with everything, a spiritual process is a tool of support.  If you feel you need the help of a credentialed counselor, please take that step.  

I will take you through 3 Chapters...

Days 1 - 10

Chapter 1: What is happening to me?

Days 11 - 20

Chapter 2: How do I get out of this?

Days 21 - 30

Chapter 3: Will I ever heal from this?

What to expect...

System support.  I worked with SPIRIT and designed this program to support your recovery.

Body~ You and I will take on tasks and activities to help your body with the heavy process of grief that you may be wrestling with.  Through light activities (stretching, moving and breathing) that are designed to help distract and restore the body.

Mind ~ Journaling will help you bring focus and support to your process.  Subjects and themes that will help you through the process.

Spirit ~ Connecting and prayer will help build the foundations to recovery.

You will have daily activities and support through the process.  Each day we will work together, your day will include:

Connection.  Connecting to SPIRIT will help you recover at the highest level.  When ready (and not before!) we will connect to the energies of the lost love you mourn so deeply for.

Prayer.  Taping into The Divine Spirit will help heal your heart and soul.  

Contemplation & Remembrance.  Mindful activities and meditation will help gain balance and focus through your grief process.

Journaling.  I use journaling for conversations, questions and support activities to help you process your thoughts, feelings, and struggles.

Daily Action.  The biggest ally you have in your grief is ACTION.

Love Yourself Action.  Taking care of yourself will be BIG for you to recover from your grief.  So taking care of yourself is a HIGH PRIORITY.

Forgiveness & Gratitude.  What stands out the most is unfulfilled when grieving.  The unsaid and regret.  You will work with these two essentials to help you understand that in SPIRIT our loved ones are whole.  And they desire you to be whole as well.

Divine Joy Evocation.  Bring joy in your space each and every day through Divine evocation.  

You have 3 chapters to work through.  RELEASE, REVIVE & RESTORE.  In each chapter, you have your MILESTONE MESSAGE from me both welcoming and congratulating you for making it where you are.  From there you will take things 1 day at a time.  Each day will be filled with engagement to support you.

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Daily Message from Angel.  Focus on Connection
Scented Candles
Prayer Support
Meditation by the Sea
Mindful Contemplation
Notebook and Pen
Journaling Exercise
Artistic Clapboard
Daily action steps to give you whole life support
Hot Stone Massage
Love Yourself Action
Activities in gratitude and forgiveness
Planet and Moon
Connect & Ignite the Divine Spirit

This program is currently closed to new enrollments.

Please join the waitlist to be informed when the next session starts

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