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Become a closer with heart!

I'm Dr. Angel Thacker and I have been a sales professional in some form or another in Silicon Valley for more than 30 years.  I have over the years the importance of a high level of connection when wishing to meet powerful sales goals.  In my years of experience, I have done everything from selling children's portraits to membership subscriptions to gyms, programs, and products.  What I learned was very simple.  

When you have a deep heart and soul passion for a product, it is easier to sell, for you speak with a genuine passion and belief in that product.

As a Soul Entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to connect with potential clients with the awesome services you provide that will empower and transform their personal or professional processes.  It doesn't get better than selling something that you love and is a part of you.  The challenge is, that most people struggle with the process of closing.  So we have a strong desire to be of service but we hesitate to ask for the sale and thus end up struggling to cause our passion to become a profitable business.

Can you imagine how amazing you could make your life and the world if you were able to create a space where presenting and closing sales were as easy for you as taking a walk on the beach?  And closing sales gives you an even greater gift than doing the work you love.  You see, you get the gift of time.  Time to enjoy your life, and spend time with family and friends.  And do the things you've always wanted to do.

I have a great passion to serve and help you grow your business.  

"I want to teach you how to turn your passion into a powerful service solution, create an engaging and inspiring solution statement, present then close the sale!"


Welcome to my Heart and Souls Sales Method

This is a 12-week course that will help you build a strong and compelling service statement, giving your potential clients clarity of your vision and how you are the solution they need.  We will take on real action-focused activities, deep dive and release what may be blocking your progress and give you tools for presenting and closing so that you can build your ideal business.

Know your passion.png

Some of what to expect in our 12 weeks together:

Week One: Know you and your passion

Week Two: Be a big dreamer.  Know what you want

Week Three: Speak your dream.  Activate your deep connection to your passions!

Week Four: Let's talk sales!  My sales blueprint.  How to present, ask for the sale and close

Week Five: Leads workshop.  Grabbing and working leads to create big sales

Week Six: Create Your Service Statement

Week Seven & 8: Take action.  Build your programming, create your presentation!

Week Nine: You need a support circle!  

Week Ten: The power of staying inspired

Week 11: Stay Connected!

Week 12:  Capstone celebration


Bonuses for you!

BONUS 1:  Overcoming objections

You will receive my masterclass that includes tips on overcoming no.  Case studies, real examples and responses to the top reasons people give when they say no.

BONUS 2: Refine your presentation

We will come together to practice presenting, getting feedback, and coaching for those ready to step on the class stage. 

BONUS 3: Times at bat = sales.

How to create more presentations and gain more sales through connecting to individuals, groups, organizations and events.

BONUS 4: Building your lead funnel

Learn techniques to pull leads into your funnel.

BONUS 5:  Grow your tribe 

Techniques and tips to help you grow your audience and give you access to more potential clients


BONUS 6:  Compelling content  

Key points to creating content that engages an audience and will bring value to your programming.


BONUS 7: Lead-grabbing strategies

Leads are what you need!  I will teach you techniques to get in front of more people and close more sales.

Over $26,050 Value

Clapping Audience

The course curriculum includes:

  • Weekly group class covering the week's subject.  Each session is recorded and available for registered students throughout the course (in case you miss a session or just wish to review) ($1,500 value)

  • Weekly course assignments with pre-recorded workshops ($1,192 value)

  • Lifetime access to the Facebook group for special postings, bonus courses, assignments, student networking, and Q&A (HUGE VALUE!)

  • LIFETIME SPECIAL ACCESS TO FUTURE DATES!  As time passes the program will evolve updates will be made.  As a former student, you can sign up for future course presentations for the special alumni price of $49 (HUGE VALUE!)

  • Three valuable bonus workshops that will enhance your experience!  ($897 value)

  • Graduates may be selected to present in approaching events, podcasts, or features ($999 value)

Over $26,000 in Value, today only


The next session begins  Wednesday, October 19th. 

Sign up today and get your sales booming!

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