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My Process

As my primary focus, I am an intuitive, channel and medium.


As a Channel, I am able to make connection to our Divine Source and bring you clarity, calm and guidance.  These are gifts that we have been given access to for millennium and yet we have chosen to ignore them in our current evolution as a culture.  The price being our inability to move forward.  Stuck in our fears, struggles, pains and blocks unable to reach our full potential in life, only able to dream of what’s possible.


As an Intuitive Life Coach I work with my clients on many levels in a whole life process, connecting to your body’s energy centers, higher self, guides, ancestors, past life connections and more.  Through clairsentience (feelings), clairvoyance (images), clairaudience (hearing) and many other gifts and tools I am able to dig deep within you to help get to the answers you need.

As a Medium I am able to communicate with spirit – ancestors, guides and more.  Whether in an individual session or group setting working as a medium is one of the most popular services I provide – and I really enjoy it!   As a medium I have worked with clients to:


Connect with their loved ones when seeking answers, release or comfort;

Connect with and clear energies in a home or business space;

Connect with energies attached to jewelry or other objects;

Connect with past life energies;

I also enjoy exploring places of interest with groups to connect with the past energies.


My focus is to bring my clients close to the answers they’re seeking and do so connecting to my guide and the workers around the client(s) I’m working with.   I call the work I do when giving readings Divine Spiritual Guidance.  

Divine Spiritual Guidance:

As a reader I use my gifts as a medium and channel to connect to Spirit, The Divine, Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Your Guides and Ancestors to bring you comfort. answers, clarity and inspiration. I focus on gaining the insights, clarity and direction that will help you move forward in a direction of power and prosperity.