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Activate your Soul Star

and Activate Your Purpose!

It was simple right?

You just said what you wanted or what your future was going to be it was so.  No one could argue with you or make you wrong! 


Astronaut, Fireman, Princess or Unicorn...

You were right in your choices and in a state of bliss for making those choices.

It was simple.


Well, we go about our days, weeks, and years taking on society's programming and conditioning of "survival". 


Living in a world where we live each day just surviving.  The longer we lived in the state of survival we lose those beliefs from childhood and become more attached to the beliefs of survival.

I don't know about you, I don't want to survive. 


I want you to live!

So what happens when we grow up?

Why do we replace

openness, certainty, imagination, hope, and no boundaries dreaming


fear, doubt, uncertainty, and "reality"?

I have a definition for what I call "living".  Living is...

Experiencing each moment of your life in true joy and happiness filled with abundant passion, prosperity, love, health, and contentment.

Where you live your life in a state of clear and joyous purpose

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Creating a life of balance, joy, and true abundance in all areas is the goal of each of us.  The Universal Source has given us the tools and means to create a space where we can create and achieve anything we wish in our lives.

Soul Star Activation

Connecting to Spirit and your Soul and Universal Source to ACTIVATE your Purpose and IGNITE your LIFE!

Angel has a unique style that features a mix of love, joy, and a little touch of humor.  High energy fueled by her deep connection to her personal mission to create space for her clients to generate possibilities they've believed to be impossible by igniting her client's connection to the Divine.  By awakening your Divine purpose, igniting your intuition, and connecting you firmly in the warmth of Divine Love you will release blocks, let go of pre-programmed limiting beliefs and ignite your Divine purpose.  Bringing deep life fulfillment.

This is a deep healing process that connects to your soul, spirits, cells, and even your DNA to bring you back to a space of peace, joy, and balance.  

Deep source energy healing is not just a run of energy and a prayer, it is a process of engagement with your full system that can create breakthroughs that you may have been seeking for a long time.

From my own experience, I suffered from illnesses that were triggered when my mother passed away.  These illnesses were difficult to identify and address with my physician because none of them behaved as a "normal" malfunction would.  As a result, I was misdiagnosed and placed on a regiment of pharmaceuticals that, in the end, did nothing for me.  In fact, these chemicals amplified the symptoms and caused me and my family distress and serious concerns for my mortality.


When applying my process to myself I was able to ease into the grieving process, resolve some of the more uncomfortable and distracting symptoms, and stepped back into a healthy state - body, mind, and spirit. 

Doctor's Appointment

I was misdiagnosed in a major way, as so many of you have been.  There are so many elements to what is affecting us from EMF, low vibrational energies around us, our own fears and doubts... so much and our mainstream science is only beginning to see these effects we wrestle with.  And their only solution seems to always come down to medications.  And these solutions don't always work.

My friend, if we want to ease our bodies of the dis-ease that is tormenting us, we have to dig int what is disrupting our systems, distracting our focus and affecting our ability to heal,  I will work lovingly with you to find and address these elements so that you can be back on the path of your joyous life.


I work from the space that sounds, energy and vibration are all connected to the source of deep healing and restoration.  Before we enter this world we are aligned, in balance, and vibrating at high frequencies.  Our connection to the Universal Source is strong and we are focused on our purpose.  The reason for our existence on the earth in this life.  When we come into the body we lose this clarity of connection and can spend our lives working towards regaining that connection.

We can find ourselves buried in the shadow energies that distract us and cause us to believe more in illnesses and obstacles that we do in the promises of The Divine.  When working to clear. balance and active our systems we are able to get closer to that pure state of spiritual existence.  And, when in that state, we can create and manifest just about anything we wish to create in our lives. 


Our Work Together

For those who chose to take on this soul transformation we will ..

Revive Your Soul..

connect & ground

It is important to have a solid grounding & connection each day.  We help you build a discipline of connection to open you to receive love, support, healing and abundance

unveil your personal blocks

We will dig deep to discover the what, who and how of your shadow stories, fears and blocks.


Connecting to your guides, masters, angels and the Divine we will tackle the beliefs, stories, and relationships that you no longer need and release them 


It is important to have a solid grounding & connection each day.  We help you build a discipline of connection to open you to receive love, support, healing and abundance

balance your energy systems

Bringing your energy systems into balance to give you optimal operations in your everyday life.

build trust and confidence

We will dig deep to discover the what, who and how of your shadow stories, fears and blocks.

And connect you to your SOUL STAR

Empower Your Being


There are real benefits to taking on transformation by activating your soul.  You're empowered.  You are able to manifest and create in all areas of your life... 


Prosperity, Health, Loving Relationship, and Joy.  Connect to Your Soul's: 


Voice, Sensuality, Creativity, True Worth and Joy

Ignite Your Life!

Close the shadow realms

Turn off the chatter from the shadow realms around and with you.

Heal and release past life

Close the bounded lessons, release the chords and engage forgiveness to release the bonds from your soul's past.

Accept and embrace your worthiness

Become absolute in your acceptance of your worthiness of happiness, success, and abundance.

Discover your Soul Purpose 

Dive in and get a clear connection to your Soul Purpose so that today and tomorrow you will be in your path of purpose.

Heal and Release Your Physical Distractors

Let go of the ailments, aches, and body issues that may be distracting your life.  Come to receive the loving healing from the Divine Source

The process...

How we can work together...

Group Program

Individual Program