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Joy Sanctuary

Discover the power of connection through joy, access learning, tools and techniques that will ignite healing, release and Divine manifestation. 

Joy Sanctuary

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Wonderous Joy Ignition

21-day Joy Challenge

Connect to Prayer: The foundations of the FLOW

Love Yourself - Tool from my Manifest Big Love program

Step into the sacred peace of the Joy Sanctuary

Hello and welcome to the Joy Sanctuary.  It is a sacred space where we will connect to the Divine and bring the power of joy into our lives to heal, release and let go of the darkness attachments and blocks that stop us from accomplishing our goals.  Creating real manifestation creation.

Welcome from Angel...

I am your guide, support system, sister and Joy Ambassador in your journey into the Joy Sanctuary. 

I am a healer, medium, life & purpose coach and take my role as your joy ambassador with great humility and pride.  In the sanctuary, we will activate joy into your life and create real-life manifestation, healing and gain tools to support our lives each day.  It's my duty to align your life in joy and deepen your connection to the Divine so that you flow in a space of joy through each day.

The Sunflower

The sunflower symbolizes faith, loyalty and that direct connection to the sun who's light is the giver and sustainer of life.  Much like the light of the Divine.  More than just that, it is also known as the happiest flower due to this direct connection to the source of life.   They are believed to bring joy to people when given as gifts.  They are the perfect symbol of joy and are the primary tool in this sacred journey of igniting joy in our lives and the community.

What you receive when you enter the sanctuary

Free Sancturay Gifts

Free Sanctuary Gifts.  

Gain instant access to the gifts once you join the sanctuary.  Gifts that will help you raise your joy vibration and get started on your journey to Divine Creation.

Sanctuary Library

Sanctuary Library

You will have access to the full library of materials that include, calls to action, meditations, master classes and more!

Master Classes & Meditations

Master Classes & Meditations

Sanctuary members receive special learning, meditations, and tools to aide the journey to joy. 

Join the Joy Sanctuary and IGNITE your life's eternal joy and tools to manifest your life's dreams.

Phone: 510-342-9024

San Fransico, Bay Area

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