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Joy Tribe

Discover the power of connection through joy, access learning, tools and techniques that will ignite healing, release and Divine manifestation. 

Step into the sacred peace & sanctuary of the

Joy Tribe

My Joy Tribe is a sacred space where we will connect to the Divine and bring the power of joy into our lives to heal, release and let go of the darkness attachments and blocks that stop us from accomplishing our goals. 

Creating real manifestation creation.

Each month we will gather together, support one another, receive messages from the masters and so much more.

The Sunflower

The sunflower symbolizes faith, loyalty and that direct connection to the sun who's light is the giver and sustainer of life.  Much like the light of the Divine.  More than just that, it is also known as the happiest flower due to this direct connection to the source of life.   They are believed to bring joy to people when given as gifts.  They are the perfect symbol of joy and are the primary tool in this sacred journey of igniting joy in our lives and the community.  The sunflower is our tribal flower and symbol of our commitment to raising the planet's joy vibration.

What are the benefits of being members of the Joy Tribe?

monthly meditation

manifestation magnetism tools

discount on my services and events

monthly group mediumship gathering

monthly remembrance

positivity in action

monthly coaching call

joy tidbits: monthly lecture

monthly message from the masters

Why become a member of my Joy Tribe?
Members of the tribe receive:
~ group coaching call with lessons, advice and the ability to ask me questions
~ meditations and mindfulness support to help you focus on what you are working through in your life at this moment
~ access to a monthly mediumship circle to participate as a practitioner or to receive messages or healing
~ monthly messages from my guides, ascended masters and other high resonating energies from Spirit
~ healing and loving support
~ archived content from prior months through as long as you are a member!
~ special discounts and added content for my services and programs
~ VIP access to any of my special events

Joy Tribe Benefits

Manifestation magnetism tools:  Activities, lectures, exercises, and tools to help with the process of creating, generating and manifesting in your life.

Coaching Calls:  Virtual group coaching session with support, inspiration and coaching in areas of interest and importance.  These sessions include Q&A with Angel

Meditations:  guided meditation and focus tools to help you ground, build your intuitive skills, release blocks, relax and strengthen your Divine allinment.

Mediumship circle:  a gathering featuring mediumship with Angel as she connects to guides and loved ones.  This is for those developing their tintuitive, healing and intuitive skills and for those who wish to receive messages and healing.  

Remembrance:  a virtual session of prayer, healing and acknowledgement for our loved ones who have passed through the viel 

Positivity In Action (PIA):  Tools to create positivity in your life.  Some of these will be: morning call filled with prayer, grounded and inspiration to get the day started with positivity.  Affirmation Station, a process of affirmations to ignite your day in joy

Tidbits:  lectures and mini-workshops to give you insights, inspiration and motivation in the spirit of joy and happiness.  The primary focus to help you create abundance in your life through the filter of joy

Discounts: 15% - 25% off my programs and services.

VIP:  Special access and benefits at my events, some programs will include special content for Joy VIPs and more!

Sample Content

Welcome to this month's Joy Tribe content! 

This month's focus is on the connection.  Understanding how to create a strong connection with the Divine, masters, angelic realm, and your support system so that you can create, manifest, and truly build the life you dream of.  You have the ability to create what you desire.  The foundations are in the connection. 


This month I have for you: 4 videos and 3 audio files.  

Welcome & Message from the Masters

The importance & process of programming

Connection directions

Connection demonstration & guide 

Grounding meditation (running energy)

Understanding high vibration & frequency

Clearing affirmations, releasing blocks, fears, and negativity


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