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Access the best program development, presentation and closing training from a master sales trainer...

Dr. Angel Thacker

Heart and Soul Mastermind Mentoring

Breakthrough to REAL success...NOW!

Effective, "get to the next level",  focused, high-level mastermind program designed for the soul-centered Soul Entrepreneur with success coach and successful soul entrepreneur Angel Thacker

I have more than 25 years of experience in sales, leadership, business operations, and training in technology, finance, and health & fitness.  I bring more than just helping to hone your close skills.  I will also help you

  • build your infrastructure, 

  • select and engage with the right tools to support and build your business

  • become an expert in creating compelling and engaging content

  • create a targetted and successful sales funnel

  • develop your passion into powerful programming


I will be your partner for the development, growth, and success of your business.  I don't just talk but I walk ... I have learned how to master doing business as a virtual practitioner.  For me, an amazing business model for your consumer pool expands exponentially when going from your local community to the global market.  I want to help you achieve this mighty leap and build that money-generating business you have longed to create.  

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I can help you transform your business, grow your income and free up your time so that you can live a joyous and satisfying life.










Get To The Next Level!

Scaling Up!
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To scale something is to take it to a greater size.  In business, this is to grow your business without blocks or hindrance  - to a much higher level of success.

Basically, to grow your business to the point of financial and joyous success.  

Creating a business that brings in revenues that give you the freedom to achieve your life's dreams, travel, own your home, and experience the satisfaction of creating a legacy.

Do you wish to scale up your business?

OK.  Here we go...


Are you truly ready to begin your journey to the next level of the game?

Are you tired of surviving?  Working paycheck to paycheck to make your bill money while running in place to keep your business on the top of the water?

Are you TRULY TIRED of looking at your business as more of a GRIND than that passion you started with at the start of your journey?

Are you tired of WORKING FOR THE MAN???

Do you want to jump over the SIX FIGURE MARK?  Learning from someone who has already done it.  NOT wanting to reinvent the WHEEL!


Are you ready to do this?

Well let's do it together!

Greetings and welcome to ...


Heart & Soul Mastermind


Angel Thacker


I'm thrilled to announce my full-scale MASTERMIND program!


I've worked successfully with individuals and groups for years helping create profound changes, ignite ideas, and build their passions into real revenue-generating businesses.


I've created programs and groups in the past to focus my clients on ticking up to the next level.  I've focused for years to help my clients build satisfying programs for their services to creating full soul-fulfilling businesses.  Now I am focusing on helping those ready to create true soul-satisfying businesses that result in...

Financial freedom

Time to enjoy life

Time to travel

Time for self-care

Time for true joy in your life!


I created this program for ease of participation,

safe space for transformation,

and creation of real results. 

There is no tight contract or obligation. 

You can engage as often and as long as you wish!

It is a simple process to consider.  Creating a business, product, or program is about understanding EVERYTHING you need to breakthrough.  Sometimes challenging who we are at the core.  I will be there to help you breakthrough.. giving you loving, a matter of fact, focused, and real coaching. 

I started building my business more than 15 years ago and have learned from: 



I lived it all!

In the last 7 years, I have built a respectable business with no investors, special certifications, support from a coach, or experience as a consultant.  I did it because it was what I WANTED TO DO!  And I was (and still am) driven with the passion of accomplishing what I desire with my business BECAUSE I CAN.  I am determined to break through every challenge, obstacle, and evolutionary step to create joyous abundance for my life and for the clients I work with.


The work it takes to build a BIG BUSINESS is hard.  And you have to be in a space where you can take on the work with passion, focus, and SERIOUS INTENT!


When I create a program my desire is to create something powerful for my clients that will bring me the return I desire.  My goals are simple. 


Creating successful business results with my program and product launches!! 

Create a fabulous and positive experience for my clients 

In my business  I have:

Created my BIG JOY BUSINESS systems for creating a six-figure business launches;


Developed tools and techniques to grow my visibility and community connection;

Created methods to keep that have focused on SCALING UP business with ease;

Developed mindset techniques designed to create a focus on FINANCIAL results and LIFE fulfillment.


I took the steps I needed to take, learned the lessons I needed to learn, and transformed myself where I needed to evolve to scale my business up and create a life that I LOVE. I want to share what I have learned with you!

It's About Results Baby!


I focus on getting real results in your business and life.  Some of the things we will work on together...

Create a mission and message that connects purposefully to your ideal paying client

Getting you booked as a keynote speaker and subject matter expert

Reset you to accepting you're deserving of real success and abundance

Reset your pricing to satisfy and fulfill your needs and help you pull in those clients that will pay your rate!

Create programs vs. fishing for constant hourly sessions

Create your circle of support and your dream team!  Everyone needs a team!

And so much more!

I bring real-world experience, training, and education that has helped me to create a thriving business for myself and my clients.

What do I bring to you in my mastermind...

  • Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

  • Doctorate in Organizational and Infrastructural Development in (Divinity) (candidate)  

  • MBA, Walden University (candidate)

  • Certified Master Life Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Life Purpose Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Goal Success Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (American Alliance of Hypnotherapists)

  • Certified Life Coach (EON),

  • Microsft Office Certified

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA),

  • Aromatherapy Certificate (UC)

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss (ACE),

  • Charka Energy Healing | Clearing (MSC)

  • Sacred Herbalist Certificate (UC)

  • Reiki Certificate (UC)

  • Guided Meditation | Past Life Facilitation (PE), (CSC)

  • Psychic Development (PE)

  • Spirit Attachment and Spirit Release Training – Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

  • Chakra Clearing and Healing Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

  • Distance Healing and Reading Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

  • Mediumship Mentorship  - Annette Martin (deceased)

  • Mediumship Certification (Imagine Spirit)

  • Workshop facilitation and Group Teaching Training – Franklin Covey

  • Goal Setting Workshops - Franklin Covey

  • Discover Your Life's Purpose Workshops - Anthony Robbins

  • Website Design & Marketing

  • SEO & Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing


Commercial awareness & business acumen.

Identifying, developing, and directing the implementation of business strategy.

Knowledge and experience of procurement processes, procedures, and policy setting.

Identifying, developing and implementing best practice that increases performance.

Carrying out effective research & intelligence into competitor products & other trends.

Developing partnerships & relationships with third parties to meet strategic objectives.

Budget setting and control, including measurement and return on investment.

Involved in planning & organizing the organization’s activities to achieve targets.

Ability to impact sales through coaching, counseling, and influencing others to accomplish desired outcomes.

Ability to influence and set company marketing policy and plans.

Creating engaging marketing content across multiple platforms.

Understand all legal, regulatory, information security and compliance requirements.

Ability to manage operations within budgetary constraints.

Provided a stabilizing influence and promoted an excellent environment conducive to increasing efficiency, enhancing the quality and strengthening financial results.


Participated and contributed equally while working in a group for projects at work.

Ability to get along with all levels of people and possess strong relationship-building skills.

Built effective personal relationships and networks within the team, which contributed towards achieving organizational and team successes.


Strong organizational, administrative, and analytical skills.