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Joyous Life Assessment

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Can you shift your life so that you are focused on the things that make you happy?  Being in a joy-focused space where you are dancing on air and your life is flowing with ease and abundance everyday!

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For me, it all starts with one question.

How do you feel?

My clients and I work closely together to release the root source that may be blocking their access to being joyous.  Buddhist principles refer to the "monkey mind" condition.  Where we can feel unsettled, restless or confused.  Distracted from reaching for our goals by the conversations inside us that seem to fight to keep us in this state.  Still deep in the midst of the pandemic is not helping!  


How do you feel?

There is real research on how we feel.  How our emotions affect our quality of life.  I came into contact with Dr. Robert Plutchik's Emotion Wheel, which is the starting point of my Joyous Life Method, from which we work together to help in creating your roadmap to joy.  

Learn more about Dr. Plutchik's work and his Emotion Wheel


Plutchik's Emotion Wheel


I used the Emotion Wheel to develop my Joyous Life Assessment, the starting point of my Joyous Life Method™.  In the assessment, we focus on the 8 primary emotions to get a feel for how you feel you ...feel.  You simply complete a short survey that will give me a look at how you are feeling in this moment.  

When submitted, I will personally review your results and send you a report that will include some tips and resources to help you shift your state of joy.  This is a FREE assessment!  My gift to help you make real change in your journey to transforming your life to a purposeful and joyous life.

Once you have completed and submitted the below questionnaire, you will receive... 

Your personalized Assessment Report.  


This report will give you a report of where you feel you are in your emotions.  The report will include tools recommendations and tips to help you manage through some of your challenges  


You will also receive an invitation to a complimentary assessment session where we will discuss your results and talk about options to deepen the manifestation work.  

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The Joyous Life Assessment

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