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Junior Mentoring

do you feel the call to step into the work of the lightworker?

I would love to help you step into your purpose as a soul entrepreneur and start doing the satisfying work you are being called to.


Are you feeling the call to join the ranks of the practicing lightworker?

Do you wish to help people transform their lives to accomplish their dreams?

Do you feel the pull to heal and relieve people of the pain and suffering they may be holding on to?

Have you been dreaming to get started as a tarot or angel card reader?

Do you feel the pull from spirit to deliver messages to people from the other side?

If you can relate to any of the above sentences...

This course is for you!

I remember what it was like getting started as a new practitioner.  All I had was a desire to be of service and willingness to do what needed to be done.  Times were different then.

Book stores and centers were everywhere

Community events were scheduled almost every weekend

Local mentors were all over and willing to give the next class of practitioners a hand up.

Today is so different.  The communities are not as rich with resources in centers and bookstores, big business and the internet has changed all that.  And we are at the start of new times and ways to do business.  Today's practitioner has to have their skills and knowledge together...and they have to be able to do business on the global platform


Where do you start???

There are a few things I want to make sure to share with you as you consider taking on my Junior Mentoring program.

  1. I believe that if you are being called to be a soul entrepreneur you are being guided by your spiritual support system, the masters, angels and (most important) the Divine

  2. Your gifts are yours and they are real.  I am not going to try to create in your a clone of what I do.  On the contrary, I want you to step into your business doing what you are inspired and driven to do.  Your Truth.

  3. And if you are unsure what that truth is, I want to help you breakthrough and get to the core of what it is your true desire.

This is a mentoring program, not a certification program.

We will work together to

Open your intuitive gifts

Learn to connect to spirt

Learn about the beings that are here to help you and where they are

Learn protective and clearing exercises to help you avoid the burnout effect

Learn how to connect to individuals and pull information for readings

Learn how to recognize the energies of Spirit, masters, loved ones, angels & more

Learn the history of mysticism and spiritualism to help create you an expert in your field

Learn business basics to help you launch a real revenue-focused business

Create a process that is unique to you and helps you stand out

Build a profile of your ideal client and teach you how to connect to and engage with them


This 8-week program is designed to help you establish your connection, give you the tools to open up your intuition, understand, and develop your natural gifts.  What is included in our time together?

45-minute 1:1 vision/purpose session

Life purpose guided activity

45-minute 1:1 business strategy session

8 weekly group sessions with written learning modules

20 video learning workshops 

My 5 key practitioner meditations

My workshop The Counseling Principle, designed to guide you through how to connect to your clients and give them an authentic and effective reading.

What will it look like?


get clarity on what you truly wish for in your life.

1:1 45-minute vision and purpose session to dig deep, connect to your life purpose and determine why you are being called

Business Strategy

build a map to your goals

1:1 45-minute strategic session that will focus on building real plans, goals,and action steps to get to your goal of launching your soul-centered business.

Weekly Class Sessions

for learning and real education

weekly class meetings with study materials, activities, and assignments from practical skills, business acumen, business strategy to building an online business

5 Key Meditations

to center, focus and support your work

my 5 key meditations that are essential to supporting the practitioner's work, connecting to their clients, giving readings, sending healing and clearing & protecting

Learning Videos

20 developmental learning videos

20 videos developed to help educate you on important must knows for the soul entrepreneur 

The Counseling Principle

learn to be a support tool for potential clients

my course that covers the basics of being a true support system for your clients as a spiritual counselor vs. just reading

Reading Clinics

develop your skills with real experience

all my junior mentor participants are invited to participate in our reading clinics.  Here you will log 30 hours of readings with real individuals and get real feedback for your growth and development as a practitioner

Office Hours

get feedback, answers and support

you will have set times to connect with me to ask questions, get feedback and check-in during your program

This is a group coaching program with some 1:1 time and learning aids.  There are 3 key processes that I feel make this program a real tool for the new practitioner looking to step onto the ground running...

>>> Learning modules.  You will be taken through basic knowledge of the industry, history and the basics of the most popular modalities people are looking for when searching for a reading, healing, or other practitioner support.

>>> The Counseling Principle.  This is my signature module that will take you through delivering readings and services in an authentic and supporting way.  Giving your clients a full support and coaching process to help you build a relationship with your client and give them more than just answers.

>>> Reading Clinics.  Monitored reading sessions to give you real-life experience practicing and growing your reading skills.  With these, you will receive follow-up feedback sessions

These will make a difference in your development!

This program is designed to take you on a journey of discovering, accessing, activating, and empowering your gift.  You will experience:

1.5 hours of 1:1 mentoring and strategic planning

8 hours of structured class time

10+ hours of video workshops with interactive assignments and activities

30 hours of hands-on reading time to hone your skills

Office hours with me for feedback, questions, and support

This is over 50 hours of learning, hands-on work, and interactive study to help you open and learn how to apply your gifts as a practicing soul entrepreneur.

Are you ready to step into your calling?

I have designed this program to help the soul/spiritual based business owner create a business that generates real revenue.  It's for the entrepreneur who is already generating revenue and is ready to focus on building more earning potential.  


$1380 per month or $2400 paid in full

Junior mentoring groups are limited to 10 students to give them the best experience as they complete the program.  When completed participants will receive a personalized certificate of completion and an invitation to join the New Age Guild to get their practitioner business moving.  If this interests you, join the waitlist by clicking the button below.  I will get back to you to discuss your goals, dreams, and to determine whether I am a good fit for what you need.