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Online Workshop

Mediumship Development

Level 2


In this workshop, we will explore the full conversation of opening and exploring your gifts as a medium.  Whether you wish to tap into, hone or gain insight - this is a workshop that will strengthen your connection and help you build a foundation to the road of becoming a practicing medium.

We will meet live for 8 hours - made up of 2-4 hour meetings on Sundays from 11 am - 3 pm.  Each session will include:

  • Lecture

  • Exercises

  • Group Activities

  • Group Discussion

  • Homework



those of you that would like to take your Mediumship development to a higher level. This workshop will teach you about the different methods of receiving information from the spirit world. You'll learn how to enhance your connection to the spirit world, and how to receive those specific bits of evidential information that we all need for a flawless reading. We'll discuss the different types of Mediumship readings, and how to do them. In the last half of this session, you'll learn how to read real clients and then have the opportunity to practice everything you learned on a real person, with your peers. This class will prepare you to do practice readings on people who actually need help. 

Space is limited!

Topics that are  covered in the Workshop:

  • How to Ground Yourself

  •  How to Discover Your Life Purpose

  •  Learn about Spirit Guides, and meet yours.

  •  Angels; what they are, and how to connect with them.

  • The 'Clairs.'

  • How to connect with your own Spirit Family, and Angel​

  • How to clear your energy, and raise your vibration.

  • How to clear your house.

  • Haunted Houses; what are they, and how to clear them.

  • How to do a reading on someone.

  • What are Chakras?

  • How to clear your Chakra System.

  • And much more...

Day 1:
During the first 45-60 minutes of the class, I'll talk in-depth, about Mediumship readings. I'll discuss the different types of readings that you can do using your Mediumship abilities and give you a specific structure to execute each type of reading. From there we'll talk about how to connect to the spirit world when doing a reading, and you'll learn several different methods of receiving the information, and how to determine what is from spirit, and what is coming from you, or elsewhere.
We'll talk about strengthening that spiritual connection, and how to get really strong evidential information for the person you are reading.

Meditation & Preparation
Before we start to read one another,  I'll show you how to prepare for your readings. You'll learn a grounding meditation, and I'll show you how to clear the space, and quickly raise your vibration.

Reading Group
In this first practice session you'll have the opportunity to, try out the methods that we talked about during the lecture. I'll pair you up with another student and you'll do a reading exchange using the methods that you were taught during the lecture. I'll guide you through the reading processes step-by-step.  I'll have the opportunity to come around and work with each of you to find out where your ability is and how we can help each one of you make a better connection and get better information. You'll have the opportunity to practice with 3-4 students, and get feedback on each of your readings.

Questions & Discussion
In the last part of this session we'll have time to discuss, or answer any questions that you may have.

In the last part of this session, individually, you'll receive homework. Your homework will be based on your individual needs and skill level. Each person will have an assignment that will help them to make progress for the final session.

Day 2:
​Reading Structure, and Symbols
On day 2, we'll talk about your reading structure, and I'll give you some guidelines for structuring your reading and making the incoming flow of information quick, consistent, and easy for you to understand. We'll go on to discuss symbols, and how you can start to build a language (symbol journal) of your own for the spirit world to communicate with you, making your readings more flawless and evidential. This method will differ from one student to the next depending on how your individual gifts work. We'll run through each student and talk about how that will work for them individually.

Client Reading 
In this last half of the workshop you'll learn how to read an actual client. I'll be bringing in 2-3 real clients (former students that want readings) for you to read as a group. You'll have the opportunity to read your client, and then present the information you got to them. We'll see if you get the same information as the rest of the group and if your reading makes sense to the client. We'll find out where your information came from, and how you received it. After each client, we'll sit and discuss your readings, and answer any questions you have about the reading. I'll offer guidance as needed to each student.

Final Words
In the end, you'll have a chance to ask questions and get clarity on anything that we discussed. Before sending you off, I'll give you some homework that will help you continue as you do readings on your own, and practice in development groups.

Class Capacity
This workshop has a maximum capacity of 8 people. I like to keep the workshops small so that we can work closer to discover more about you, and help you in moving forward with your gifts. Each person will receive one-on-one ability analysis and validation for the information they get. This method of teaching can only be done in a small group.