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Chinese Medicine

Living Herbs

I have worked with herbs for both ceremonial and medicinal purposes for more than 25 years.  Over the years I have found a variety of great products.  I currently use LifVantage, based on quality and effectiveness.   Please use the below link to order your products.  If we are working together on a coaching or healing program, please email or text me when you have completed your order.

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About Me



Digestive Wellness

Menopause Management

Cleansing and Detoxification

Immune System Support

Stress Management

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Hello, I'm Angel Thacker and my passion is helping people find their way to their dream wellness in all areas of their lives.  To a place where they feel great about how they feel and about themselves!   I empower my clients to focus on what's happening on the inside and create solutions to stop what interruption and build  strength and certainty.  


I wear many uniforms.  I am: 

A professional dancer and master dance instructor

A master level personal trainer.   

A fitness program owner and developer

A business coach

An intuitive life coach

A life purpose coach

A spiritual practitioner

And a gut advocate!

I love to work with people and help them reach for and achieve their goals.   I believe that everyone should stand in a powerful place of acceptance of their personal power.  I want each of us to live long and healthy in lives, yet I have not always been the most healthy individual, as you can see from my before and after picture. 







The combination of non-active lifestyle, no true wellness in my diet and a toxic work life I had created a nightmare of health for me.  In my own journey I have lost over 200 pounds and struggled with many health issues until I was ale to bring my struggles to a conclusion by meeting my monsters in my gut - see my video to get my gut feeling!  My passions grew from just treating people with exercise but to help them reach their DREAM wellness by resolving their gut issues.

I work with individuals who seek to bring their health to their Dream Condition, give them tools to resolve concerns that are affecting their quality of life today and the keys to help them reach and maintain their Dream Wellness - Body, Mind and Spirit.


"The key to full soul health is not just about connecting through meditation and contemplation.  We have to take charge of our lives and fight the toxins in our environment that are seeking to infect our space each day.   Our systems can become so dragged down that we can feel out of control.  Let me help you get back into control and I invite you to engage with me so I can help you listen to your gut.​"

My Education and credentials:

B.A. University of Pheonix

Doctorate, The College of Metaphysical Studies

Certified Life Coach (ER),

Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA & PTAGlobal)

Health Coach (ER)

Herbs and Supplements Certification (ER)

Holistic Nutrition Certification (ER)

Aromatherapy Certification (UC)

Sacred Herbalist Certification (UC)

Working with me ...

I focus on; Digestive Wellness, Cleansing & Detoxification, Release of Inflammation and Stress & Anxiety Release


I work with my clients 1:1 via phone and video conferencing.  I can also meet with you in person or with a group, added fees may be necessary depending on your travel.


I use products in my programs that I have used personally and have used with family, friends, and clients.  As we evaluate your concerns I will most likely suggest a product or program from one of these sources.  

I create personalized plans, content, and systems based on the needs identified through assessments and evaluations with my clients.  The delivery will depend on the program you decide to invest your energies in.  I invite you to consider how important your full system wellness is to you and dive into a program that fits with what you need to do to bring your Dream Wellness!

Personalized Recommendations 
You will receive an assessment and review that will be used to help you understand where you need to focus your enegies.  

Commitment & Support 
Recommendations and coaching will be delivered to help you gain relief, and solutions and take steps to a truly joyous life!

What do you wish to change in your health?

Weight Loss

Increased Energy

Relief from Type 2 Diabetes

Menapause Relief

Stress or Anxiety Relief

Diet & Nutrition Shift

Reduced High Blood Pressure

Improved Intestinal Heath

How do you feel?
What are your goals?

Below are the solutions for the concerns I hear most from my clients.  

Metabolic Health & Weight Loss


Immune Health Essentials Stack™


Inflammation,  longevity, energy, focus, and mood


take the gut test and get a free assessment

Gut Check & Wellness Consult
30-minute session

Did you take the Leaky Gut Questionnaire?

Have you reviewed your free evaluation? 

Now that you have the knowledge, what do you do next?  I can help you with a quick and easy gut check session.  In this session we will connect for a personal session to dig into your results to discuss goals, mindset and lifestyle.  I usually discuss: 

nutritional supplements, managing sugar cravings, healthy eating and digestive tools & solutions.