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The Love Magnet Super Course!

Becoming a true magnet to attract your life's true love
Heart Confetti

It's time to attract your one true love!

Love Yourself

Release the Past

Let go of Disempowering Programming

RE-Ignite Your Sensual Self

And Send Our Your Call to Your

Soul Mate

Are you looking for love?

Not just anyone, but the one person that completes, nurtures and lights your soul at the source

Are you looking around at the happy couples around you asking...

Where is my life's true love?

Covid 19

And let's not overlook that the circumstances of these last 18+ months have been difficult.  Being alone being multiplied by a forced state of being alone!!

How do you feel?

I'm tired of closing another failed relationship!

I'm frustrated with the people I seem to attract!

I want to have more passion in my relationship!

I wish my partner was more committed in this relationship!

I don't want to struggle and work so hard in a relationship!

I wish I could be in a more joyful space when attracting great, fabulous, and sexy love!!

Thinking Man on Couch

So I ask again...

How Do you FEEL?

Couple in Love
Or rather.

How do you want to feel?

I mean... Would you like to feel a deep connection and joy with the person that is the completed half of your full life experience?

Welcome to...

The Love Magnet Super Course!

Becoming a true magnet to attract your life's true love!

I'm Angel and I believe in a passionate, wonderful, crazy kind of love.  The kind of love that shakes your world, warms your body and lights up your soul.  Where you have in your life a partner in all things you wish to do! 


I believe each and every one of us deserves to have this kind of love. 


Regardless of where we are...who we are ... or what we are...

"Everyone deserves Big Love!"
~ Dr. Angel Thacker