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The Love Magnet Super Course!

Becoming a true magnet to attract your life's true love
Heart Confetti

It's time to attract your one true love!

Love Yourself

Release the Past

Let go of Disempowering Programming

RE-Ignite Your Sensual Self

And Send Our Your Call to Your

Soul Mate

Are you looking for love?

Not just anyone, but the one person that completes, nurtures and lights your soul at the source

Are you looking around at the happy couples around you asking...

Where is my life's true love?

Covid 19

And let's not overlook that the circumstances of these last 18+ months have been difficult.  Being alone being multiplied by a forced state of being alone!!

How do you feel?

I'm tired of closing another failed relationship!

I'm frustrated with the people I seem to attract!

I want to have more passion in my relationship!

I wish my partner was more committed in this relationship!

I don't want to struggle and work so hard in a relationship!

I wish I could be in a more joyful space when attracting great, fabulous, and sexy love!!

Thinking Man on Couch

So I ask again...

How Do you FEEL?

Couple in Love
Or rather.

How do you want to feel?

I mean... Would you like to feel a deep connection and joy with the person that is the completed half of your full life experience?

Welcome to...

The Love Magnet Super Course!

Becoming a true magnet to attract your life's true love!

I'm Angel and I believe in a passionate, wonderful, crazy kind of love.  The kind of love that shakes your world, warms your body and lights up your soul.  Where you have in your life a partner in all things you wish to do! 


I believe each and every one of us deserves to have this kind of love. 


Regardless of where we are...who we are ... or what we are...

"Everyone deserves Big Love!"
~ Dr. Angel Thacker


 Hello, my loves.  Let's talk about love! 

I am constantly asked:

Why can't I find the right person to connect with?

Why do my relationships always end with disappointment?
How can I stop trying to make the wrong relationships work?

When will someone come into my life?

Why do I keep falling for the wrong person?!


And these are not the only questions, right?  Finding and keeping a great relationship can be a challenge.  There are some things I had to discover in my own life journey.  I had to work through these and many other questions.  I found the love of my life who has helped to create a most amazing life that I thought I would never achieve.  I was alone, a single parent, struggling with experiencing life alone - living with the down and sad emotions that can come with it.  As time passed I decided that I no longer wanted to be alone and created a focus to MANIFEST a relationship that would satisfy all areas of my life. 

And I did!  I believe that everyone is deserving of a DREAM Life filled with WOW energy.  Love is no different.  


You can have everything in life you desire! 


Are you ready for LOVE?

Are you ready to bring love into your life?


Are you tired of being without love? In a relationship that is just not working or do you want to ignite more energy in your current love?

Through my Love Magnet Super Course you will break down and release what is stopping you from bringing real love into your life.  We will work together to open your life up to a warm and passionate relationship.  The relationship you're looking for and most important - the relationship you deserve.  We will talk about some of the basics you see in just about every relationship seminar:



Emotional and spiritual healing

We will also be doing some real work based on my intuitive and life coaching experiences.  Our goal is for you to walk away from this program feeling focused and ready to ignite that fire in your love life.  Some of the things we will be working through:

Your ability to love and receive intimacy in a way that will satisfy you deeply

Have a clear sense of your sexual needs and readiness to bring it into your life

Become really authentic in how you present and accept in communication

Loving and accepting yourself fully. 

Making the right relationship choices for you

Learning how to be honest with yourself about what works

Seeing the relationship choices that you deserve.

I want you to know that I am not speaking from the perspective of having a perfect life.  I have lived the life of bad relationships.  Abuse, betrayal and even abandonment.  The work I had to do was real and difficult.  But I was able to manifest my true life partner and true-life love!


I am so happy! 

And I want to take you through what I have learned and helped thousands of people achieve over the years!

Predator's Love

In this program, we will ...

  • Work out what you truly need and want in a companion

  • Talk about the archetypes of love, where you sit, and what you need to be fulfilled

  • Release the blocks and past programming that has interrupted your path to true love

  • Open your heart through activities, play and real actions

  • Change your mindset to accept God's promise of true love in your life.

  • And turn your love searchlight on, tapping your true love's light to bring them to you... lost love found!

  • Or... tap into the soul of your current love to remember the deep and passionate love you share and bring it back to the surface

  • And fall deeply in love with yourself!

Who is this for?

Single people seeking to find their soul mate and wonderful love!
Couples looking to heat up passion in their relationship!
Individuals wishing to turn up the heat and deepen the connection in their relationship
Individuals coming out of a relationship who wish to release the heavy blocks of the past relationship(s)

In this program, you will receive real tools and techniques that will break down the barriers, blocks, and heavy stories that may be getting in the way of bringing you to that BIG LOVE we all deserve.


9-week course content which includes

  - Group onboarding session

  - 8  weekly group sessions

  - 1 group SensualU session

  - Love affirmations & programming

  - Love creation healing art projects that include creating; your love alter, your sensual you

  - Joyous play and empowerment activities

And more!  This is a highly interactive and focused program!  I do offer a VIP session as well. 


My Diamond VIP enrollees will receive these additional offerings!

1:1 love reading with Angel​

Love generator kit that includes

  - Heart chakra activating crystal

  - Love generation crystal

  - Love Manifestation Journal; (signed, dedicated, and blessed by Angel)

  - Charged & blessed love manifestation candle

  - SensualU dance veil



This is a  condensed program set up to go at your pace

You are in control and I will be with you every step of the way. 


Step 1: Your start

We will start with an onboarding group session to help everyone understand the process, ask questions and bring clarity.  


Step 2: Your preparation

You will prepare your program by creating your Life's True Love!  Your prep work will include:


A Life True Love Creation Board Exercise to help you create the full picture of that dream love of yours!


You will have activities and content that will guide you through creating your Life's True Love Roadmap.  A blueprint that you will be able to connect often to keep you on track.


You will summarize who you are through a mirror exercise.  


Step 3: Your Program

As mentioned above, this program is designed to go at the pace you're comfortable with.  Though I recommend taking your time and allowing the content to absorb and process.  After all, it is your Dream Love we're creating here!  The program is made up of sections of my Dream Love programming that are the most effective and powerful content I have taken clients through over 30 years of coaching and intuitive work.  There are  sections, each containing:

- Lectures/workshops that will include journaling inspiration & mind hack exercises

- Weekly group sessions to take you through the work!

- Power meditations

- Affirmations

- Art activities

- Movement activities

And section specific activities 


The goal will be to open yourself up to accept what you are truly worthy of and to (LIKE A MAGNET!) bring your dream lover to you!


My love. this is a great deal of material that I have lovingly put together to help you in your quest for love.  Individually I would change more than $10,000 to take my clients through each step you will go through.  I am not going to make you pay that.  Why... because I want to help as many people as I can to achieve their life's true love.  For everyone deserves LOVE!

$10,000 Value!

Your Cost: