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Email:  angel@angelthacker.com

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WOW VIP Manifestation Network

Be connected, be on point and be on your game each and every day!

Have Angel as your partner each month on your path to WOW!

Have you felt it difficult to keep on pace and maintain your focus?

Even when you are moving forward there can be times when we get stuck or stopped in our tracks as we work to unfold our life's passion.

And sometimes we find we don't even get the chance to move into our life's passion.  We're just doing what we need to do to make ends meet.

It's important to be in a space of focus, calm, resolve and action.  Yet we can be so distracted by the things that come flying at us …

… filling us with doubt, anger, frustration, disappointment …


We know what to do and how to get through... but sometimes we get stuck.

I've worked with my clients to get them on their path of soul passion and heled to keep them focused through the solid work of WOW manifestation magic.  It's an amazing process to witness as people break through thier personal barriers.  With each breakthrough comes strtength of confidence, security and pure happiness.  It's truly amazing to watch!

Creating a life where the seeds of manifestation are planted and yield the bounty each day!


That's the goal!

Welcome to WOW VIP Manifestation Network!


Each month we will work together to keep you in a space of:







Are you ready to create magical manifestations in your life each day?

Manifestation Call
Weekly emails
Journal Activities & Prompts
6 & 7 Activities/Millionaire Mindset
Mindfulness Activities & Prompts
Connection Focus & Prompts
Discount on my services

And you're a VIP!  

As a member, you will have VIP access to any of my events in the community!

Manifestation Call:  Each month I host a call that will focus on manifestation magic through the power of connection, focus, positivity and more!  It's all about belief and action! - $175 value.

Workshop: Monthly workshops will be posted that are exclusive to the members of the network.  Covering relevant subjects in business, motivational series, suggested & requested content and more.   - $99 value.

Weekly Emails: Member-exclusive emails that will focus on keeping you focused, news and information for the business entrepreneur, motivational support and more.  It's your weekly Angel energy to help you move through the week!  - $25 value.

Journal Activities & Prompts: As part of your monthly focus you will receive actions and activities to write through for the month.  I am a big believer in journaling and feel that it can help us resolve and create.  Each month I prescribe journaling to help you continue your journey to WOW! - $50 value.

6 & 7 Activities/Millionaire Mindset: My mindset focus to take my clients to a space of 6 and 7 figures.  That is my millionaire mindset!  Getting your head in a space to take your business (and life!) to true magical manifestation... like a rockstar!  - $99 value.

Mindfulness Activities & Prompts: Each month you will receive one or more of; mindfulness prompts, affirmation activities... all to help you get into and maintain your focus. - $50 value. 

Connection Focus & Prompts: Being grounded and connected each day is important when you are deep in the work of creating WOW in your life.  Each month I will give you activities, exercises or quick meditations to keep you in your clear connection. - $50 value.

Special bonus for my members

Discounts: All members receive a 40% discount on all my offerings!

VIP Access: Special VIP access to members of the network.

Archives!  Once you join you will have current and past content until you decide to step away.  All for one cost!  

Join the Network!

Two ways to join.

Monthly Subscription




Yearly Subscription


Monthly value of $498!

Only $22 per month!

Have me as a part of your life, bringing you into focus, giving you a gentle hand and supporting your journey each month.  My passion is to help people thrive in joy and abundance.  I created my VIP Manifestation Network so that I can give support and assistance to anyone who may need it.