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Brick Wall

Sometimes we all hit a wall.

When we can't see our way out of life's situations that can seem to hit us every day!

I've been there myself...

I was in the hospital recently and have been off the grid as I recovered from Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).  I had never heard of GBS, the journey was both challenging and enlightening.  One can say that my spiritual journey was boosted into hyperdrive!  I have dropped an informational link below if you would like to check out what this condition is, it's very rare and quite aggressive. 


Me in the hospital!


GBS is a serious illness that affects the neuro system. It is a very rare illness. And, due to the rare nature of the illness, the treatment and expected recovery can be different for everyone.

GBS affects 1 out of every 100,000 individuals.

Although little is known about this illness, one of the triggers is the flu vaccine.  And I did get my flu vaccine in the middle of September.

(3%–5% of Guillain-Barré syndrome patients die from complications, which can include paralysis of the muscles that control breathing, blood infection, lung clots, or cardiac arrest.)

The primary symptom is paralysis. It starts at your feet and makes its way up until you're in complete paralysis if gone untreated. It eventually will release and return your body to you, then you begin the process of recovery. Having to teach your body to move and operate as if starting over again!

Patient X-ray

It finally happened! On October 1st I woke up with no feeling or response from either leg. I was paralyzed from the waist down. I went back to the emergency room and was diagnosed by a neurologist (thank the powers that she was there!). I had Guillain-Barré syndrome.

I was blessed to have only suffered from lower body paralysis. We caught it before the paralysis moved up past my waist. For me, it started with pain and discomfort in my lower back and a loss of balance. I had a recent fall so thought it was just the aftermath of falling on my bottom and not being 22 years old anymore! I was walking oddly, had tingling in my feet and toes, and fell frequently. It was clear that something scary was happening to my body and the doctors could not figure it out, even though they had performed every test you can imagine.

I was committed to healing and remaining focused on the positive! I brought essential oils and a diffuser with me and kept the oils flowing every minute I spent in the hospital. I meditated each day and stayed true to my daily practice.









image (1).jpg

On my third day of recovery in rehab, things became very interesting. It started with a dream that I was being attended to by very tall and bright light beings. I had this "dream" three days in a row! On the third day, I woke up with the above marking on my wrist. It was such an odd appearance, I did some research and connected with some of my mentors in the field and this is what I was told.


Zabdiel is the name of God expressed through the angel Kunya. The name literally means the name of God is ineffable or you're not allowed to say it. So basically, this is the mark of God in Hebrew (one of many marks of God)

Untitled design (9).png


I had been attended by keepers of the light. Healing was absolute!

I was no longer concerned about whether I was healed.

I held myself to a high standard of discipline in my daily practice.




Crystal Gazing



Calm Mindfulness

Essential Oils

Natural Herbs


I drank a lot of water and made sure I got plenty of sleep.

Laying down to rest whenever I was guided to.

My behaviors were confusing for the staff, they managed my treatment on autopilot. Focused on medication, tests, and so forth. After the first week in rehab I was told that I was recovering at an amazing rate. No one they had seen with this illness recovered this fast! When it came to the first review for possible release, everyone on the staff agreed. I was ready to go home and begin my home recovery.


And yes, I had a few ailments that were a part of my regular life journey; high cholesterol, IBS, and recurring headaches. I no longer have headaches, the doctor confirmed that my cholesterol is normal and I am no longer suffering symptoms of IBS. Just like that!

God is with us each day!

If you allow it, you will be healed, problems will solve, and you will experience abundant joy and prosperity. It is his promise to us!


What works? 

Activating the power of true manifestation through creating balance and flow in your life!

There are limits to what you can create!

I am on the mend and am doing quite well!  I shared my story with a wish that you will connect with the message...

Manifesting healing is just as powerful as manifesting prosperity.  Abundance in all areas of your life is the goal.  Right?


Hello Beautiful Soul

To Activate Your Power?
To Open Your Life To What You Are Truly Worthy Of Receiving?
To Walk With Confidence And Certainty?
To Be At Peace While Your Life Moves Freely And With Ease?
Do You Wish To Be Ready? 

Well, I have some questions for you...

How are you doing with your spirtual connection?

Has it been easy for you to build a process of spiritual connection that truly brings you balance and fulfillment in all areas of your life?

How about your belief systems?

Do you have certainty that what you need, desire and wish will come to with ease and flow?

 Young Woman Contemplating

Do you feel frustrated with...


Creating Joy and Prosperity when life is challenging!

Manifesting abundance while staying focused on your spiritual path!

Working your way through the Laws of Attraction

Looking for the answers from outside of you while making ends meet...


Are you looking for a connection that will help you feel...

- balanced and grounded from the beginning to the end of your day

- released from the distractions of past experiences and situations

- joyous about life and able to see the blessings of each day

- freedom to reach for your life's biggest dreams without doubt, fear and confusion

- absolutely certain that all you set out to accomplish will come to pass because you are worthy of it

And are open to create manifestation magic in all areas of your life with joy and ease?

When looking for the answer you always find your way to more questions



And no clear path to that elusive answer...

Angel 1.jpg

My name is Angel Thacker and I am The Joyous Life Coach.  I believe that each of us has the ability to make that awesome connection to that great Divine Source outside of ourselves and can become whatever it is we wish to become so that we each can seek out, accomplish and IGNITE our life's purpose.   Making our dreams true reality. 


We can each:  

 > Create a life of joy and empowerment.

 > Have abundant prosperity in all areas of our lives.

 > Find love in a fulfilling and joyous relationship

 > Be in a space of balanced health and vitality

 > Detatch from the toxic and disempowering relationships from our past and current lives

 > Take on our dream business with GREAT success

 > Ignite our dream into our reality.

All we need is a clear connection to the Source that will give us a boost from our greatest ally in our journey in this life.


Before we get started...

Let me tackle the gorilla in the room!

As you read this, please note that this is not a process of taking a stand about your personal beliefs.  I will not be challenging how you relate with the source of spirituality outside of yourself.  I merely believe that you MUST have some connection and belief in a power outside of yourself.  

As Queen Elizabeth I said...


The purpose of this work is to help you make the evolutionary SHIFT and give you the tools and confidence to build a clear connection to the Source of spiritual support.

To help YOU build flow in your life.

The Goal

Create Your Life in Purpose, Health, Balance, Joy & Abundance 

Connecting the dots between a practical SPIRITUAL PRACTICE and creating a PURPOSEFUL, PROSPEROUS & FULFILLING life.


Accessing the keys to heal your soul and activate your purpose through Divine connectivity.  

Becoming empowered and passionate about life!



And IGNITING your life dreams!

It's That Simple

"Connect within each day and create your day in joy and peace while opening a path to abundant prosperity in every area of your life and get your life into FLOW"


FLOW is what I call the state of:

Absolute creation in abundant prosperity and positivity, where everything you need, wish for and desire comes to you with ease and comfort each day.

This is a reality we all wish for right?
I want to help you get there!


Wake Your Life Up And Connect!

Let your connection reveal your life's joy!

Tap into your deepest soul connect and awaken what is possible in your life.   


Are you ready to heal your system, strengthen your focus, embrace your universal worth, and step into your Soul Purpose?

Are you ready to transform your life?


Transformation is defined as:

a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance

Sometimes our lives need more than just a reading to answer questions.  Sometimes we need a boost of spirit and some focused attention to clear and recharge our space.  Regain your focus and set down on your life purpose path.  It is my PASSION to help people find their life purpose, step onto a path a greater abundance in happiness, joy, love, and prosperity.

Connecting Within, Accessing Your Purpose, Creating Your Dreams, And Making The Impossible, POSSIBLE!

Wake up your SOUL and ignite your LIFE!

Make Your Powerful Shift!

Is a program that will give you access to the tools to awaken your soul to what is possible for your life!

 Together we will open your eyes to help you WAKE UP and step firmly onto the path to your life purpose. A spiritual life mastery experience has been designed to help you hone your skills, tap into your intuition, heal, release, unlock joy, abundance, freedom, and prosperity in all areas of your life.  In this program, you will...