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WOW Your Life!

How would you like to create your WOW LIFE?

Real Joy!

Real Abundance!

Real Happiness!

Real Prosperity!


You know, a WOW LIFE!

Manifest WOW!

Ignite Your WOW Life in 8 simple steps

Join The Manifestation Angel for her signature program that has helped her clients create their wildest dreams across the world!  It's time to manifest.  Manifest NOW.  Manifest WOW!


I'm Angel Thacker - The Manifestation Angel! 

I am a business and life coach who has mastered unlocking an abundant life filled with Big Dreams.  I did it for myself by rocking my life back into a dream state after losing everything and being on food stamps while staring at mid-life coming down the pike.  I was afraid that I was going to be that homeless old lady we see far too often, struggling after a devastating event late in life.    I refused to let that happen!  

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Manifest WOW!


As a person that is not actually in love with the gym, I faced depression and weight gain when I lost everything back in 2008.  In the process of recovery, I didn't want to lose my health too.  So I created a fitness brand so that I could "attempt" to join a gym as an instructor and not pay ... since I had no money.  As a result, I created Afro-Belly Boogie and changed my life!  Losing weight was just the beginning.  I was in gyms, inspiring people to change their lives and there were had hundreds of instructors playing in the channels as Afro-Belly Boogie instructors.  I had no knowledge, no contacts, and no secret information.  I only had the desire and my manifestation techniques.  WOW!

The Power of ACTION

One of the keys to manifestation is action.  I have used my WOW techniques to help people put their plans into ACTION and CREATE their BIG DREAM LIVES.

Basketball Player in Action

Manifest WOW is not just an exercise in vision boarding and affirmations.  It is about changing your process, raising your vibration and taking on daily focuses and actions that will take you closer to your dreams each and every day!  Whether you want to lose some weight, take a vacation in Disneyland or take a trip to a foreign country.  I have mastered creating my dreams into reality and want to help you do the same!

A dream is nothing until it happens!  Right?


My name is Angel.  Master instructor and coach.  I live my life to help others find and live to their potential.  Not just any potential but WOW potential!  


I have been able to create a fabulous life that continues to exceed my expectations, and I have helped others accomplish the same.  In this course, I will take you through my process step by step.  My desire is to get you through the program with ease, comfort, and success!  You will receive; 

  • videos & audio files,

  • journaling work,

  • assignments & exercises,

  • activities

  • case studies

  • check ins


See some examples of WOW creation!  It's easy to talk about what we want,. it can be harder to take that action.  With my 7 keys to unlocking your WOW life you will learn how to generate manifestation magic every day of your life.  This is a real process that will give you real results!  

In this program you will...

  • Get a clear vision of what you truly wish to create for your life!

  • Dive deep to find your life purpose and set goals to create your life within that purpose

  • Create a path to the job or business of your dreams.

  • Release the stoppers, blockers, and obstacles that have been present for you.

  • Accept that you are worthy of ANYTHING you wish to create or dream

  • Understand your true value

  • Learn the basics of business to build a plan and market your Big Dream!

  • Learn to build a life practice system that will support your manifestation 

  • Build a solid ACTION plan to IGNITE your life forward!

  • Design a map to building a solid business or life plan

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In Manifest WOW you will receive the foundations of my  WOW programming along with content that is focused on putting you in touch with the part of yourself that creates magical manifestation!

The Manifest WOW course delivers 9 modules of learning that will bring you the strategies I've used for myself and clients for the last 7+ years.  This is an interactive course that will have you in action creating manifestation to launch your dream.  With each module you will receive:

Video workshop

Workbook content with 

exercises and activities

Audio support & learning

Journaling actvities

Email support & calls to action

Bonus content

Dream Journaling for the win!

Cute Planner

Dream Journaling is my thing!  I have been using journaling as a key factor in my manifestation formula.  I've been using journaling for more than 30 years and am a firm believer in the power you can add to your life by using them.  However, I have been able to turn journaling into a magician's secret as part of my WOW technique.

You will get access to my fine-tuned and unique process to use journaling to focus, access and ignite your wildest dreams.  

Using these techniques I have taken my life from discomfort to luxury.  The most powerful thing I have manifested is my loving husband.  Manifested through journaling and dreaming!

See some manifestation successes here!

I don't want you to take this course because you think this is going to fix everything that's wrong...if that's your desire this course is not for you!  What I want is to help you get in a focused place where you can manifest what you truly want without fear or limitations or anything else interrupting what you want to accomplish.  We will be working through some stuff and challenging your limiting beliefs.


Let me ask you this...

Are you tired of bumping your head against the wall wanting and wishing?

Client Love!

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The Real Thing!

"Angel was able to bring me to a point of true breakthrough!  I let go for the first time and was able to get past my fears and began to dream like a child.  Boom, I was ready to receive and did almost immediately.  New job!  New home!  "

~ Nancy K., Intuitive Life Coach


More than just a class.

"Just finished the program.  This was the shift I needed.  Thank you!  Angel lifted my energies and helped me stop getting in my own way!  I wanted to blow my business up this year but have always struggled thinking I didn't know what to do.  It wasn't what I didn't know, it was what I wasn't accepting.  I'm so ready now, and things are already happening."

~ Connie, Medium & Life Coach

Don't wait until you think you're ready!

"I've always wanted to work with a coach to help me with my goals, but I always say - I'll wait until I'm ready - or - when I finish this project I will do it.  Well, I took on Angel and her manifest wow course because I needed to make a change and wanted it now.  The course was easy with challenges coming from me sometimes.  Angel was there the whole time, holding my hand and standing me back up.  When done, I was ready to run.  You have to give this course a try!"

~ Linda, Administrative Professional

If you're ready to take this big step I invite you to...

Come in and manifest with me!

Is this program for me Angel?

I have worked with people who have manifested like mad!  

  • New businesses

  • New jobs

  • Crazy big love

  • Wonderful vacations

  • New cars

  • Dream homes

  • More money

  • Improved health

  • And so much more!

The sky is the limit.  What's in your dreams? 

Are you ready to manifest the life you've dreamed of all these years?

I have designed this course to be a real breakthrough that will take you from a dream state to a Manifestation Magician.

I'm Ready To Start!



Release & Reach

Innovate & Ignite

Simplfy & Scale

Embace & Empower

Manifest WOW

Focus on Wealth!

Full Manifest WOW program

+ Focus on Wealth content

WOW Wealth Workshop - $399

Personal Branding Workshop - $499

Manifest BIG LOVE - $1,764