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WOW Your Life!

How would you like to create your WOW LIFE?

Real Joy!

Real Abundance!

Real Happiness!

Real Prosperity!


You know, a WOW LIFE!

I'm Angel Thacker - The Manifestation Angel! 

I am a business and life coach who has mastered unlocking Big Dreams.  I did for myself by rocking my life back into a dream state after losing everything and being on food stamps while staring at mid-life coming down the pike.  I was afraid that I was going to be that homeless old lady we see far too often, struggling after a devastating event late in life.    I refused to let that happen!  

Manifest WOW is not just an exercise in vision boarding and affirmations.  It is about changing your process, raising your vibration and taking on daily focuses and actions that will take you closer to your dreams each and every day!  Whether you want to lose some weight, take a vacation in Disneyland or take a trip to a foreign country.  I have mastered creating my dreams into reality and want to help you do the same!

A dream is nothing until it happens!  Right?

The Power of ACTION

One of the keys to manifestation is action.  I have used my WOW techniques to help people put their plans into ACTION and CREATE their BIG DREAM LIVES.

See some examples of WOW creation!  It's easy to talk about what we want,. it can be harder to take that action.  With my 7 keys to unlocking your WOW life you will learn how to generate manifestation magic every day of your life.  This is a real process that will give you real results!  There are two ways you can work with me on your WOW life:



Live Workshop