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Manifestation Angel

Manifestation Success

Here are some examples of some of the successes I have had in my personal life using my Manifest WOW techniques.  Life is not about being rich, it's about making your life rich.  The examples below are the deep and important goals along with some fun and fabulous goals!

Love manifested

I was a single parent for years after my first husband left us.  Mind you, we were young  - probably too young - and parenthood was not what he wanted to deal with at the time.  It didn't change the struggle of being a single parent when I was far too young to even know what I wanted to be in my life.  After creating a so so life I decided that I no longer wanted to be a single parent waiting to exhale.  I was lonely but not just for physical connection, I wanted that deep life companionship that we all hear about so much in the movies and self-help books.  I put into play what was to become the start of my Manifest WOW programming.  Through vision board, journaling and mindset focus I manifested my perfect match. 


And I am most perfectly matched!

Letting my fan girl fly!


From 2008 - 2010 I was knee deep into recreating my life.  Money was short and I passionate about giving my daughter joy and adventure even though we had so little.  We bonded together in our love for animation and science fiction.  Although I did have the money, I wanted to generate so that I could take my daughter to any convention or event that she wanted to go to, without worrying about money.  Just like creating myself as a fitness instructor with no background, I decided to create myself as a journalist.  With no experience, no references.  Just a desire and mindset/.  I set out my goals to write for a major publication, be relevant and be paid to attend and report out on events.  And I did, writing for the San Francisco Examiner for 3 years, attending fandom events throughout the West Coast and meeting some of my favorites in the genres.  Most importantly, creating memories for my daughter that drown out our new poverty years. 

You see my daughter and me with actor Vic Mignogna and there I am with Crispin Freeman and Marina Sirtis.  

And everybody gets a car!

So this is one of my favorite manifestations (2nd only to manifesting my man!).  I've always wanted a Lexus, as we know they are expensive.  With some focus and belief and manifestation magic, I'm driving my Lexus!  But it's not just that, my daughter got her new car out of the deal as well.  New cars all around!

All that and travel too!

Traveling is something I enjoy and getting back to it quickly was important to me.  I didn't just want to travel around doing lectures and working, I wanted to travel with my husband and enjoy life on an EPIC level.  

In about 12 months I was able to see a solar eclipse, travel to Cabo, spent a week at Disneyland, hiked the through poppies, went to Las Vegas...all by manifesting the means and finances.  

Travel & Workshops Manifested

So now I was dancing and teaching.  I really wanted to get back to traveling, something I love to do but had stopped because it takes money to travel!   So I sat down, put my techniques into play and generated! 


You see here images of how I was able to create a workshop process that allowed me to travel from California, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, Washington and more! I was even able to get into a REAL studio in true high roller style, stayed in a 10 million dollar mansion and filmed with a full crew - like a rock star.  It was AMAZING!

Don't tell me what I can't do!

I started belly dancing late in life.  Primarily to heal after surgery resulting in the removal of one of my ovaries.  My doctor prescribed the dance form to help me recover and strengthen my abs.  Needless to say, I fell in love with the dance form, I thrived and became a real hobbyist in the dance.  As I moved around in the inner circle with my fabulous gal pals who were young and out there dancing, I was told that I could never dance professionally since I started so late and still had so much more to learn.  At the time I was 40.. apparently, that was a block as well.  Well, I didn't like being told what I couldn't do.  So I set a goal.  I wanted to dance.  I set my goals and focused on

teaching workshops, dancing in a restaurant, teaching dance classes and having a dance troupe/

Some of the images I've shared here show that I hit all my goals in less than a year.  Including being the house dancer at a local restaurant!  And my friends, a huge side benefit to my goals was that all my work in dance contributed significantly to my family's income.