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I have had great success mastering the art of manifestation. To master the art I had to first manifest for my life, then practice the techniques on others.  It has been amazing and gives me incredible satisfaction watching my clients turn their lives around and create their dreams... whether love, health, business or straight up money.  Your dreams can come true if you want them to!  


Have a look at some of my Life Manifestation successes.

Did you see some of the living dreams I created? 

I call this MAGICAL MANIFESTING and it works!  I have created so much love and WOW in my life and live to create WOW for people.   

My loves this is not a game.  You gotta work hard if you want to create something GREAT!  But who said that HARD work was unpleasant work?   Real, straight forward, fun and forward thinking.  We will work to make everyone keyed into their DREAMS. 

My Style is fun, connecting, engaging an a little real.  I believe that people should fight to get to their purpose and live to access it.  I also believe that life should be fun!  I may break into a dance when you least expect it!


Getting to know you: I will introduce myself to your team or group with stories of my dream manifestation success.  You will meet Rock'n'Roll Angel and hear about how I create my dreams and that it's never too late to dream!  The group  will be invited to share the dreams they desire to create from our work together

The WOW Process:  I will take the group through the WOW steps.  One by one, taking the group through the processes that I use with my clients and myself to make real proven results happen.

Action Plan:  Each person will walk away with a plan to make their dreams IGNITE.  They will each be invited to check in with me to celebrate as they achieve their dreams! 

This is a great activity for team building and moving through blocks.  I have to tell you, it is best if you are serious about making your life explode into that BIG DREAM!  

You have a coach working with you, not just a fluffy presenter.  I mean to work you to your dream.  If that is what you need, I welcome you to book me for a workshop or follow my events to find an event in your community!

Book a Magical Manifestation Workshop for your organization, group, team, business, family or school.

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