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Business Breakfast

Joy Entreprenuer Business Essentials

Projects and events!

Bringing experts together to share knowledge, learning and skills with the entreprenuer launching or growing a heart centered business.

Join the Soul-Biz VIP Club and have access to learning, support and coaching to help you;


Start your dream business,

Scale your current business

Shift your business focus

Learn new trends and technologies

Get coaching and mentoring


Become an Essential Expert!


Are you an expert in your field?

Do you speak or present workshops on business growth, strategy, prosperity mindset or scaling?

Do you have content that speaks to removing fears, blocks to success, fear of speaking, overcoming self-doubt?

If this is you, you are invited to participate in a Joy Life Business Essentials projects!

Experts are featured 3 ways for our network and community!


Approaching projects!

Book Compilation Projects

On Air Sign

The Profitable & Purposeful Podcast

Learnings to boost your business through broadcasting!

Now taking authors

Do you have a powerful, positive & relevant podcast?  One that you have used to build your brand and promote your business? 


Do you have advice and coaching for entrepreneurs on who to start or grow a podcast?



Stay tuned for the next workshop event!

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