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Access the best program development, presentation and closing training from a master sales trainer...

Dr. Angel Thacker

Heart and Soul Mastermind Mentoring


I have more than 25 years of experience in sales, leadership, business operations, and training in technology, finance, and health & fitness.  I bring more than just helping to hone your close skills.  I will also help you

  • build your infrastructure, 

  • select and engage with the right tools to support and build your business

  • become an expert in creating compelling and engaging content

  • create a targetted and successful sales funnel

  • develop your passion into powerful programming


I will be your partner for the development, growth, and success of your business.  I don't just talk but I walk ... I have learned how to master doing business as a virtual practitioner.  For me, an amazing business model for your consumer pool expands exponentially when going from your local community to the global market.  I want to help you achieve this mighty leap and build that money-generating business you have longed to create.  

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Master the Business of Doing Business!

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I can help you transform your business, grow your income and free up your time so that you can live a joyous and satisfying life.


H&S Mastermind


12-Month program, live group sessions, assignments, learning, and coaching.

  • Club AT benefits

  • Heart and Soul Sales Course

  • Monthly business essential workshop

  • Weekly virtual workshops with assignments

  • Monthly Q&A office hour sessions

(you can stop at any time)


$750 down



H&S Platinum Mastermind


12-Month Group Mentoring

  • H&S Mastermind benefits

  • Weekly group sales call

  • Bi-weekly group calls

  • Seat at my Breakthrough Virtual Summit



H&S Palladium VIP Mastermind


12-Month Hybrid Mentoring

  • H&S Platinum Mastermind benefits

  • 2x 1:1 session per month (virtually, by phone, or in person*)

  • Text support and SOS access to Angel monthly **

  • Quarterly 1:1 strategy coaching and development session *

  • VIP Seat at Summits and retreats 

  • New Age Guild Listing



I don't take more than 20 Palladiums a year so that I can give them the dedicated time and attention

* travel and lodging is not included for in-person 1:1 sessions

** some limitations apply