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About   Me

Passionate about Spiritual Transformation

Connecting to the universal spiritual energies as an intermediary between the natural and super natural worlds to communicate, heal and deliver messages.  

My name is Angel Thacker.  I have been practicing as a channel, medium, healer heart-centered lightworker for more than 25 years.  

I am passionate about creating a space of growth and joyous enlightenment for those I work with.  Creating a connection that will help them take steps towards their soul transformation.  Through connecting to Spirit, healing the soul of deep spiritual shadows and bringing them to acceptance of worthiness and abundant prosperity in all areas of their lives.


I was raised with a connection to Spirit having been introduced to metaphysics and developing my spiritual gifts in my teenage years.  Since my days as a teenager, I was giving readings, looking at the stars and channeling messages from the masters.

I spent years developing my gifts, studying with master instructors, taking classes, completing certifications and exploring.  In these years I also worked on my own personal needs for healing and spiritual development.


Connie Steinman

Author, Teacher, Writer, Actor

Thanks to Angel Thacker, Joyous Life Coach!

Angel empowers you as a writer to follow your dream from writing a book to getting it published! Angel brings out the best within yourself to live your best life! Angel is inciteful and inspiring on your journey. Her coaching enables you to write your story and get it on paper. Angel communicates with you so that you can write and freely express your ideas in your book. Angel’s gift is supporting you in breaking down barriers to freely create and expand your message and speak and write with confidence. Angel begins with you reading what you have written and telling her about your book.

Angel has you transfer all of your notes, journals, files, etc. into one document.

She begins with you organizing your work into chapters and sequencing sections of your writing within the chapters from beginning, middle, and end. The table of contents is developed by numbering and/or tilting the chapters.

The author begins with chapter 1 and she coaches you in expanding it. Angel leads you to visualize your scenes and how you feel about the characters. Angel gives short assignments like journaling to break through writer’s block and personal issues. I learned to trust the process.


Angel guides the author to expand on the scenes that move the story forward and what information connects with the audience. Angel makes sure your ideas are clear and meaningful for your audience. Angel encourages you to dig deep by giving details, explaining a situation, and writing how you feel feeds a powerful story. Your writing is NOT just putting the icing on a cake! You pick and choose what is important and give it depth. Angel develops your speaker persona throughout your book and leads you through some public speaking exercises to promote your book. She also suggests publishing services for your books like editors, distributors, publishing companies, and various resources/venues.


Angel believes in you! I am happy with my book! If you connect with Angel, you will finish and publish your book! Thank you, Angel!


Connie Steinman

Behind the Wall

Joy Mastermind

My Master Mind program will give access to the tools to awaken your soul to what is possible for your life!  And make IT happen!

After years of working with many different processes, modalities, and gurus I found clarity in the reality that we each have the ability to connect to that which can create soul transformation. 

The Divine Source

The source of joy and love

Like the flowers, we grow higher, fuller and with more brightness when we have access to the loving light of creation.  We can not survive without the touch of our grand creator's light.  And that connection is deep within us all.  Opening to the Divine has changed my life and those I have had the privilege of helping through my work.

I take pride in being the conduit that ignites and helps you to sustain that connection to the Divine so that you can create joyous abundance in your life.

I work to give true transformation by building a deep soul connection, healing through the multiple levels of the soul and connecting to your soul's destiny to find your SOUL PATH.

Living on purpose brings joyous abundance in all areas of life


I will help you open your personal connection and empower you to take the steps to your soul path by igniting your gifts, releasing your fears & doubts, accepting your worth, open your heart to love and ignite prosperity in your life.

We are facing a dark and uncomfortable future.  It is the lightworkers that have been placed here to help our world reconnect to the light and evolve into the energies of joy and healing.  Healing on all the levels of the soul creates an awakening of what is truly possible in our lives.  

I am PASSIONATE about helping to bring more lightworkers to the world to help make this joy revolution heal our community.  We have all been called and it is not an easy call to answer.  I would love to help you on your journey to bring your talents to the fight.

my training and credentials...

Gifts and Processes 

Soul Journey Transformation Readings

Spiritual Channel


Life Connection Reading for relationships, workplace, family, love

Chakra Activation


Energy & Chakra Healer

Sacred Herbalist


Soul Purpose Coach

Past Life Regressor/Communicator/Connector

Chord and Energy Release & Removal

Angel Communicator & Reader

Intuitive Life Coach

Chaos Energy Clearing & Blessing

Akashic Record Reading and Coaching

Love and Relationship Clearing & Readings

Financial Prosperity Clearing & Readings

Spirit Release Facilitator

Credentials & Training 

Minister, Universal Life Church 

MBA, Walden University

Certified Psychic Medium (Imagine Spirit)

Aromatherapy Certificate (UC), (Expert Rating)

Charka Energy Healing | Clearing (MSC)

Sacred Herbalist (UC)

Reiki (UC)

Guided Meditation | Past Life Facilitation (PE) (MSC)

Mentors | Programs completed

Psychic Development (PE)

Spirit Attachment and Spirit Release Training – Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Chakra Clearing and Healing Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Distance Healing and Reading Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Mediumship Mentorship  - Annette Martin (deceased)

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