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Connect to Mother’s Love

Open Your spiritual connection to Mother's Love™ and fill your fill your life with love each day

A mother's love is very special.  It is a great responsibility to bring someone to the world and give them the gift of life and all the wonderfulness that comes from motherhood.   

As children, we depend on our mother for strength, comfort, and safety as we grow and adjust to being in this world.  As dreamers, our only limits are those of our childlike imaginations which our mothers help to nurture and encourage.

In our youth to adulthood, our mother's support us through their love, discipline and unconditional support to find our place in the world.  Forever our fans and always our there to help us up as we trip and fall through life.


Our mother's who art in spirit.

My Mother
Lorraine Heath.jpg

Lorraine D. Heath

January 28, 1936 - July 3, 2018

My mother is my life. 


We have a closeness and connection that is very special.  Everything good about me stems from the love and sacrifices my mother made to give me everything and make it clear to me what is possible for me in this world.  She is my best friend. 


July 3, 2018, my mother passed into the veil of spirit.  The loss was devastating as my fragile humanity mourned for the closeness of human connection.

I discovered that, although the human touch was not there for me to experience, there was the ever-present connection to spirit available for me to use and explore every day.

I discovered that I lost my physical mother's love and gained an ally in the spirit in my support system that envelopes me each day in that mother's love that I may be without for the rest of my life if I were not open to connecting to spirit each day.

Our Mother

I am a Christian Spiritualist, believing in the everlasting longevity of the human spirit through time.  That each of us has a deep purpose in our exitance which carries in each life as the theme our of experience.  There are some of us who have astounding and remarkable missions that serve us as beacons and support.  Our great mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one of those remarkable people.

As a mother, I understand the stress and struggle of watching a child grow and make their way through a world.  it's very difficult!  Imagine what it was like to watch your son come up in the community as a spiritual leader spreading love and God consciousness through self-sacrifice.  His message was filled with love and community connection to God without any underlying messages of hate or rebellion.  Yet still, those in positions of power set out to destroy and succeeded.

What it must have been like to watch that happen.

Yet she did.  Knowing from his birth that he was destined for his final conclusion in his human existence.  How easy would it have been to walk away when he was a small child.  To protect her living son from his destiny.  She was destined to be the great mother of Jesus who made it possible for us to accept that God is everywhere and within us to access at any time.


As she was there for her son in her human existence, she is there for us all in her spiritual existence.  

Your Mother

Whether here in her human existence or in the veil of spirit, your mother is a part of who you are and why you are here.  She can support you with her love and support your efforts in all that you do.  

Through the connection to Mother's Love™ I hope to help you find your way through fear and 

Do you remember how it felt when you fell and hurt yourself?  And all that would console you was your mother's hugs and soothing voice?  

Do you have memories of gaining a big win and telling your mother?  Feeling her pride, joy, and love as she wrapped you in her mother's congratulations?

Do you have memories of the unconditional mother's love and forgiveness when you made a mistake and were still accepted into her warm motherly hug?

Did you know that you could tap into this love anytime you made need it?

Tapping into Mother's Love

The inspiration for tapping in with the energy of the mother was a simple necessity.  I needed to.  I needed to feel the love and support of my mother in my life as I worked through my personal grief.  I realized that what I missed the most about my mother was the need for the deep and caring comfort she gave unconditionally each day.

My process

Rose 1

It is important to create a space where you can connect, engage and receive.  I have a 10 step process when connecting the loving mother energy;

Rose 1
  1. Clear and ground our personal space.  

  2. Invite the energies of Mother Mary for release, healing, and strength

  3. Connect to our mother's in spirit (all of those that are around us), connect to the loving support they have to help us thrive in the circumstances we're working through

  4. Give gratitude.  Gratitude to Mother Mary and to all the Mother's energies that may be around us.

  5. Establish what it is we wish to resolve or desire to feel relief from.

  6. Seek and send forgiveness for ourselves and all those around us or in the situations we are struggling with.

  7. Find the areas of concern or blocks that we are experiencing, then release them.   

  8. Be in a LOVING SPACE.  Receive the warm gift of love as we release the concern or block

  9. Journal.  Though we journal through most of this process it is after the 8th step where we will find the most relief and resolution.

  10. Be at peace and ready to receive.

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