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Angel Communication:  The angelic realm is a vibrant light realm of supporters that can help you with a resolution, healing, and support.  Having angel support when working through challenges can make ease a situation and even give you a wonderful partnership.

Angelic Communication

Chaos Energy Clearing & BlessingThere are times when our energy is interrupted due to what we have pulled to us in our regular daily lives.   The focus of this session is to find then clear negativity that may be sitting in your system or space.  This not a session for dark spirits or entities, I am not an exorcist.  If there is need more intense focus I will let you and recommend that you work with a practitioner who specializes in working with these types of services.  Note:  I may choose to no longer work with you based on the source and cause of the energies around you.

Chord and Energy Release & Removal:  Each individual and situation we encounter in life comes with energy.  And like a plant, we attach to these energies through energy chords that attach to our systems.  In release sessions, I will work with you to release chords and connections to individuals and/or situations that you NEED to let go of.  This will give you the ability to say goodbye, let go and move forward in joy.  A VITAL solution for those wishing to move forward from a toxic relationship.

Financial Prosperity Clearing:  This session is focused on clearing the path to prosperity for you.  I will tune in to see where your obstacles maybe if you feel you are stuck in the areas of creating abundance.  Once identified, we can clear away the blocks and help create a path to prosperity. 

Grief Support Session:  As part of my Breathe Through Grief programming I offer support sessions to help my clients recover their spirit in the process of grieving from the loss of a loved one.

Heal Through Sound Experience:  Sound is an amazing tool.  Since ancient times societies have been using sound in temples, shamanistic work and in therapy.   I will work with you using tones, chanting, and music to help you reset your system, release your blocks and gain focus.  

Intuitive & Channeled Session:  This is a session of connection to spirit where I'll give you guidance, answer questions get you clarification in areas of your life that need a BOOST!  I connect to: my guides, your guides, ascended masters, the angelic realm and the Divine Spirit.  Career, love, family.. the focus is where you need to focus to be.

Life Connection Reading for: relationships, workplace, family, love:  This is a reading where I focus on the individuals in your life.  Checking the connection, clearing where there may be blocks and confirming their arrival in your current timeline.

Past Life Regression:  A relaxing session where we will tap into lives in your past.  There are so many things we can learn from our past lives.  Knowing what our lessons have been that we can release and move forward from; confirmation of a loved one that is in our current space; healing from a past trauma that may have been carried into this life.  

Chakra Clearing Session:  Your chakra system is the nervous system to your soul.  The key to a balanced life is a balanced and healthy chakra system.  In this session, you receive healing and clearing of your chakras with a focus on clearing what may be blocking and interrupting the functions of your chakra(s).

Akashic Record Reading: 

The Akashic record is a library that holds all human records- past, presents, and future.  An Akashic Record Session can help you with gaining clarity on where you are in your path, get confirmation, get on track with your purpose, get to the source of issues you may be wrestling with and so much more.  

Akashic Records

Mediumship Readings:  In a mediumship reading I will connect to SPIRIT to find and tap into your loved ones in Spirit.  Bringing you the ability to communication, grief and get closure.  My goal is to present a session where you feel as if you are with your loved one in a warm and loving conversation as if they are here in life.

Session Descriptions

Below are descriptions of my sessions and services.  Find the solution that works best for your needs.  Please know that you may need more than one for clearing, healing, and release. 


I invite you to review my disclaimer page before booking sessions.

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