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Complete the Leaky Gut Questionnaire

Welcome to the questionnaire!  Whether you've come because I sent you or through another means, welcome! 


There is a lot of great information out there on the subject.  One is a book by From Elizabeth Lipski called Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Below is a quiz from her book that I invite you to take as you consider whether you may have this hot topic condition.   Please note that this is not a diagnosis, you should see your physician if you are experiencing severe symptoms. 

Circle the number that most closely fits, then add up your results.  Be honest and real as you answer the questions.  This is for your personal good, no reason to hold back!  

0 = Symptom is not present or rarely present

1 = Mild/sometimes

2 = Moderate/often

3 = Sever/almost always

Take the quiz!!

How did you do?

Score breakdown

Score 1-5: Leaky gut less apt to be present.
Score 6-10: Leaky gut may possibly be present.
Score 7-19: Leaky gut probably present.
Score 20+: Leaky gut almost certainly present.

Did you score 1 - 5?  If you did, great job!  Your doing a great job of managing your gut health and I am very proud of you.  Keep it up!

Did you scored  6 - 10 you are probably wrestling with some symptoms and may want to consider taking some action to bring your gut health under control before you step into leaky gut trouble.

If you scored  higher than 11 you should definitely take some steps to resolve your gut health.

Send your completed quiz to me via email with your name and date of birth.  I'll review your quiz and send you your customized 5 point Leaky Gut Assessment.  My 5 point assessment is a brief and easy to read assessment of where you are based on your answers the the Leak Gut Test.  The assessment will :

Breakdown how your condition may be showing up in your everyday wellness

Give you tips to solving some of the symptoms you've indicated on your questionnaire

Give you real SOULutions if stress is showing up in your results

I will also recommend solutions and programs that may help to resolve your concerns.

The assessment is a free email assessment.

Claim your assessment! 

Click the button below

Attach your questionnaire and

Remember to include your name and date of birth. 

I'll respond within 72 hours.

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