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Paranormal Angel

As a spiritual medium I connect with spirit to communicate those who are on the otherside of the viel between life and death.  In addition to the work I do with individuals seeking information and support, I also work to help bring release, comfort and resolution when a presence may be interupting a home or business.  I can work individually with you and am available to assist teams with verifying and assessing a presence as part of an investigation.  My primary focus is always to resolve and clear.  I am here to help.

What is Spirit?

I want to start the discussion with defining Spirit.  

Spirit is that part of a person that is separate from their body and is their personality and emotions.  It is the part of us that defines who we are and exists beyond our physical existence.  For many of us we also call this a person's soul.


I believe that we all travel in our lives surrounded by the many spiritual energies that are here to help and support us. These energies can be:

  • Ancestors.  Those that are in the family tree in the lives we are living now.

  • Guides.  These are our support partners in life.  They are those we have contracted with to be a part of our part of our journey was our destiny unfolds.    Our guides can be masters, angels or other positive spiritual energies.

  • Ascended Masters.  "Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations. "~ Wikepedia.  These are the energies of those who are here to bring us great support and information.  They are those who have evolved through tremendous lessons, teachings and sacrifice. 

  • Angels.  The beings that are our connection to The Divine Spirit.  

  • Departed loved ones. 

Though there are many other energies around us, these are the primary energies that we find around us.  I use the term energy (or energies) to describe the presence of spirits because they are around us in their energetic forms.  In this form they communicate and engage with us if we are open to connecting with them.  


What is Spirit Confirmation?


Very simple.  It is the confirmation that there is a spiritual presence in a space or location.  I understand that we can find our living and working spaces occupied with energies other that our own.  It can be exciting or frightening.  As a medium, I am able to tap into the space and find if there is indeed a spirit energy in the space.  

To confirm the presence of spirit energies in a space (home or business)


My process starts with creating a safe and protected space for all engaged, calling in my guides and support systems and then reaching into the space to connect with the energies that may be present.

I will connect with the energies in the space to make sure they are able tocommunicate the messages they may feel are being ignored or have not been able tocommunicate.

I will then check in to see if there is anything the energies wish to communicate to the occupant in the space.

I create a space for the energies to move on from the space, so that they can move on and be free of the space.

Finally, I release the space with a special chaos clearing of the space.

What about dark or chaos energy?


We can sometimes find ourselves caught in the midsts of energies and influenses outside of ourselves.  This can be unpleasant, uncomfortable and even painful.  I do believe that each of us has the right to a life of abundance in joy free from these influences, though they can come from a variety of areas.  Some of these can be:

A haunting.  This experience is seen usually where the spirit of a deseased person remains in a space for some reason.  The reason can be focused on an event, activity or exerpience that the individual may be attached to.  The reason for the spirit's presence is usually an unpleasant one, thus causing the hauting.  In some cases there may be multiple individuals that are present in the space.   

Attachment.  An attachment is often described a; an energy force, entity or impression.  It can come from a variety of sources and most often attaches to an individual feeling like pain, invasion of space, a presence watching you or crawling in the skin or body.

Dark energies.  Energy is an impression that can come from an event, individuals, beings and energy centers.  When something traumatic, deadly or evil is in play, the energies from the dark event can remain implanted in the space affecting the individuals currently involved.  In many cases it can be as simple repeating the event like a film loop causing the current occupants to see and engage with the pain over and over again.

Demonic energy.  This is energy specifcally associated with the presence of a demonic entity.  This is a malevolent entity that requires specific work to expell.  If you feel you have the presence of such a energy I highly recommend you engage with a reliable exorcist immediately before you experience furhter harm.

For all of us the goal is to live in peace and with the ability to move forward with our lives with hope.  Releasing dark energies is the goal and should be your primary focus when you feel you have elments of darkness around you.