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Paranormal Angel

Paranormal Services

My mission is to people create a space of clarity and peace.  It can be scary feeling the presence of energies, individuals around you.  Eyes watching you, noises around you and even sounds that may coming from different rooms around you.  Below are the services I provide.  If you are a paranormal group seking to have a medium assess a space as part of your investigation, please contact me at 

Space Analysis:  I will come into your space and assessment what may be happening.  Who or what may be present and what may need to be done to resolve the issue.  My assessments include a loving blessing of the space so that we can work with clear intent.

Space Clearing: This is an energy clearing service that involves clearing spirit residual energy out of your space.  This is a valuable session that should be done any time you occupy a new space and critical after any type of spirit or energy release.

Spirit Release:  A spirit release is a ceramony that invites the present spirit to step into the light and transition into the righful place in the afterlife.

Energy Release:  When there is an energy present that is disrupting the space we can work together to release that energy.  It can be any combination of residual energy left by spirits or entities and is a must after releasing has been done.  

Attachment release:  A release or attachments of energies, spirits or entities that may be attached to you or the space you occupy.

Note: For demonic presence I recommend an exorcism.  This is not a service that I provide.  

If you are interested in any of my services outlined here, please complete the form below and I will be intouch within 72 hours.  If your need is urgent, please include this in the request form and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Please fill the form out prior to contacting me so that I can review your situation and prepare for our discussion, it is the best way for me to assist you.