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How would you like to be in a space of REAL WOW Manifestation each and every day?

Be a Manifestation Magician all the time!

Access Angel each month for a joyous, focused and inspirational connection that will help you make dream magic happen every day!

Dream Community

Bonus Content!

Special bonus -  participants will receive these valuable workshops as part of their enrollment. 

Each valued at $99


Focusing to manifest prosperity and fast growth


Powerhouse website


Network Marketing Blueprint


Release the struggle making money


Solve a problem and solve your woes.


Stand up and step in


Best marketing practices, my 5 point marketing system


Being relatable.  You have to be yourself to sell!


Create don't hate.  Keeping your energies clear and focused as you generate prosperity


Image is everything.  The power your images give your business!






How would you like to be a space of Dream Manifestation each and every day?

Would you like to be living a Big Dream Lifestyle all the flippin' time?

Be a Dream Magician all the time!

Visit Angel On YouTube for

Information & Inspiration!! 

Access Angel 

I am an Empowering Life CoachCreative & Effective Business CoachMentor, Inspiring Speaker, Teacher, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Proud Mother & Adored Wife.

In the 2008 market crash, my husband and I lost our business, our jobs and just about everything we thought was important at the time. I created my Manifest WOW process and made incredible changes in my life and many of clients I have worked with. My clients began to call me THE MANIFESTATION ANGEL.  The truth is I have a passion for helping people create their dream life.  You know, that life of purpose and power! 


There's lots of information here.  So hang out for a bit, enjoy what I have to share. Thank you for visiting me, tap me if you need anything.  I Love you!

WOW Life Diva!
Open & Ignite your DIVA

Pay Monthly


per month

6 payments of $250

Total payment = $1,500

Full course access

Certification of completion upon the course and payment plan completion. 

Pay In Full


Save $203 when paying in full!

Full course access

Certification of completion upon the course completion. 


Real tools for real business

For Spiritual Entreprenuer
Home Study

I can help you build you a life that thrives!

What do you want to accomplish for your life?

Do you wish to buy a home?

Do you wish to travel?

Do you wish to take better care of your family?

Do you wish to go back to school?

Are you planning for your retirement?

Take your life dream from woo to WOW!

And Ignite Your WOW Life NOW!

Angel Thacker

Spiritual Entrepreneur

WOW Coach for Life, Love & Business

"I'll help you ignite your dreams into reality and ignite your WOW life now!."


~ Angel

Coaching for you.  Body | Mind | Spirit

How would you like to be in a space of REAL WOW Manifestation each and every day?

Be a Manifestation Magician all the time!

Access Angel each month for a joyous, focused and inspirational connection that will help you make dream magic happen every day!

Let's Get to Business!

Business Bootcamp 101,  Get your feet on the ground and into a Big Business mindset focused on igniting a 6+ figure business!


Manifest Now Business Network


Are you ready to get laser-focused on stepping onto your Soul Path?

What is a Soul Path?

Soul Path is what I can the path in one's life where we are doing what satisfies us on a deep level.  A SOUL level.  A place where  we are;


joyful in our lives

prosperous financially

able to make a difference in our communities

and are able to travel and fulfill our life dreams 

How would like me to help get firm onto your Soul Path?

Body, Mind & Spirit


Millionaire Mind!

The key to shifting into a money maker is to be in the right state of mind, body, and spirit!

Let's Launch!

The focus here is to BUILD & LAUNCH a process and program to change your business into a cash generating business!

Marketing Mastermind: My 5-point Marketing System

Marketing Bootcamp 101,  My 5 point system that helps even the novice focus on the modern tools to get their business seen and thriving!

I will help you build your business with real steps, tools, and actions.

Don't be afraid.  And don't hesitate now.  You've come this far.  

Be in action

Take control


Programs and deep learning designed to help you make breakthroughs and IGNITE your DREAM BUSINESS!

It's time to take a stand for the success of your life!  Making you what you want to make in your own terms!

A MENTOR is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser.

I had mentors in every business I stepped into.  Whether in a traditional environment or in my journey as a spiritual entrepreneur... an expert in the field helped me shorten the learning path for me.

Don't you think it would be beneficial to have a mentor in your journey?

Know this.  If you want to take me on as your mentor, I require you to work!

I am as passionate about you making your dream BIG as you are!

Manifest WOW!

An online course designed to help you:

Get clarity. 

Set Intention. 

Manifest magically! 

Get in touch with the part of you that can create magical manifestation

What do you want from life?
What kind of life would you have if you had more time?
What kind of life would you have if you had more money?
Abundant time and abundant cash flow gives one the ability to make their dreams come TRUE!
Let's get focused and Manifest WOW!

Bonus 1

3- Bonus workshop lectures

In addition to your 5 Big Dream Love workshop lectures you will also receive 3 special bonus workshops:


  • Jealousy.  How to take jealousy out of your relationship conversation

  • Acceptance!  Don't try to change.

  • Attracting Your Soulmate


These bonus workshops will compliment your work and make your Dream Love manifestation ignite with real purpose.

Bonus 2

2 - Mind Hack Charge Ups

You will receive 2 of my mindset hack audio supplements to give you a big boost each day as you work through your program:


  • Big Dream Preventive Maintenance.  No more Spring Cleaning!

  • Big Dream ground/release/ignite session.  I will share my technique with you, take you through a session and give you guidance to take yourself through your own personal session as often as you need.​

Bonus 3

Chord Cutting Meditation

A special meditation that will help you release the attachment to your person (or persons) that may be toxic for you,