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About  Angel

I am a medium, channel and intuitive life coach and my mission in life is to help individuals find their passions in life and leap forward into abundant prosperity in all areas of their lives. 


I work with my clients on multiple levels.  Connecting to the ascended masters, guides, guardian angels and The Divine and am focused on being as direct and straight forward as possible to bring you clarity.  I have been through enough in my personal life to understand that it is important to cut to the chase when looking for direction.  I have lost loves ones, been lost in my career and have even survived a near death illness.  I take my work very seriously and am very passionate about being a life preserver and beacon of light to take you to your life's path to success. 

Psychic Mediumship

Christian Spiritualism

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!
My name is Angel and I am both joyous and humbled to be of service to the community through my gift of connecting to Spirit.  
What brought you here today?  
Would you like to connect with your loved ones who have passed into Spirit?
Or are you in need of a reading to get clarity or support?
Are you looking for healing support?
Or do you wish to develop your gifts into a community servicing business?
I can help you.
Don't be afraid, from the light you can only receive love.
Those who are with us in Spirit ALWAYS desire to help us be whole and joyous in our lives.
I believe...
There is LIFE after DEATH
That we EACH connected to the LIGHT of the DIVINE SPIRIT
Our existence in THIS life is connected to our lives in the PAST, and
that we can learn, grow, evolve and heal through the lessons from our PAST
I believe that we are guided and supported each day by our LOVED ONES, the MASTERS and 
the DIVINE with a beacon of hope and love...
We just need to CONNECT

Listen.  Spirit is Talking

A medium's story of lessons learned and observed when Connecting to Spirit


Coming soon!

Messages of Mother's Love

Messages from Mother

    Messages for Mother

       Messages of Mother

A special online web-circle celebrating and honoring our loving mothers with us in life and in spirit.

A Special Mother's Day Event

Saturday, May 11th 

2pm PDT

Soul Circle

Want to feel the connection to Spirit each day?
Join me each month in my Soul Circle and have Angel in your life for support and love each month!

Build Your Network

Sell Your Products!

Business Growth Master Class ~

Create an abundant flow in your network marketing business.

Connect to your Spiritual Posse

Life Mastery Class ~

Connect to your spiritual support systems & ignite life abundance.

Contemplate, Regenerate & Create!

Learn how to create joy, abundance, and prosperity through mindful contemplation, prayer, and affirmations.

Life Transformation

Life Evolution Master Class ~

Create a whole life connection to bring your life in balance body, mind, and spirit.  Creating a channel for abundance in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to get laser-focused on stepping onto your Soul Path?

What is a Soul Path?

Soul Path is what I can the path in one's life where we are doing what satisfies us on a deep level.  A SOUL level.  A place where  we are;

joyful in our lives

prosperous financially

able to make a difference in our communities

and are able to travel and fulfill our life dreams 

How would like me to help get firm onto your Soul Path?

Body, Mind & Spirit