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Healing Stones

Intuitive, mediumship, and angel readings.  Energy, angel and joyful light healing.  Tapping into the Divine, ascended masters, angelic realm and our loving support systems for guidance, wisdom, healing, love and more.

College Campus

Courses developed to assist you lovingly with your spiritual journey, moving your business forward and developing your inturitve gifts

May Promotions!

Mediumship Circle
When inspired to act, do so with certainty and joy.  The outcome will surprise you.
Angel's books (coming in 2021)
The Positivity Movement
Girls Dancing at Street Party

Join the movement to lift your joy vibration and help create a new infectious phenomenon.  The phenomenom of pure joy.  

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Join the tribe and receive loving support, participate in coaching events and intuitive gatherings, receive messages and more!

Circle of Light
Mediumship Development & Gathering Circle
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Memoirs of a Podcaster

Social Media Lessons for the Soul Entreprenuer


The Joyous Living Joy Principle:

The Laws of JOY

Open For Business

Eight Keys to igniting a thriving soul-centered business.

Evolution of the Transformative Business


Violet Flame Soul Healing

Experts Panel

New Age Spirit Vision Makers