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Podcasting Master Class

How Podcasting Can Help You Build a Thriving Business 

Even if you start with no listeners!

So you want to start podcasting...

Or maybe you wish to grow your podcast...

A young woman talking on the radio

Ok, let's face it. 

Podcasting is here to stay and everyone is doing it!

And there are so many things to consider.


What platform to use...

What equipment do you need...

How to format your podcast...


And did you ever feel scared out of your mind just thinking of podcasting?

What started as a cool idea has suddenly become very stressful!  And it can make you feel overwhelmed!

 Young Woman Contemplating

Welcome to How Podcasting Can Help You Build a Thriving Business.  The master class I've created to help you tap into podcasting as a tool to build, support, and grow your business.

With ease.

And open you up to presenting an authentic you that keep having fun while boosting your audience and revenues!


Hello, my name is Angel Thacker...

The Joyous Life Coach!

I've been hosting podcasts since 2007, when the industry was just launching and there wasn't much information out there on what to do or how to do it.

Over the years I have ...

Grown my audience from zero to thousands ...


Have hundreds of podcasts featured on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon podcast ...

Have featured world-class speakers, public figures and enertainers...

Have helped hundreds of practitioners launch their first podcasts...


My podcast has helped me support and SCALE my business, doing what I love to do...


Confetti Girl

In my Master Class, I will share with you my learnings from doing it the hard way, to help you step in or step up with ease.

What we will cover in this FREE Master Class...


Why you need to podcast in today's evolving social and business environment...


Debunk 4 myths that stop many folks from taking on podcasting or slow down your podcasting progress


Techniques to creating relevant and stand out subject matter


How to connect your podcast to your message and brand


My 4 podcast money-making secrets!

Why you don't want to miss this Master Class?

- You are ready to start podcasting but don't know where to begin

- You think you don't have the time to dive into podcasting

- Technology is not your thing and you don't want to make a mistake

- You don't think you're ready to get started

- Broadcasting to the world scares you and you're paralized 


Hi, I'm Angel.

I have spent years helping Soul Entrepreneurs launch impactful and successful programs, build soul-felt messaging, and ignite their brands and scale their businesses.

I host New Age Spirt Radio, a podcast that features my programs...

  • Spirit Talk Radio

  • Angel Talks Business

  • Women's Power Talk

  • Book Chat


My programs focus on building knowledge, joy, and abundance for entrepreneurs.  I have had over 200,000 downloads and still counting!  And has allowed me to create my voice and end what I call the GRIND to find clients to a more JOYOUS and HEART-FELT space.

This Master Class is packed with the strategies I have to create and grow my podcast to where I am today and where 

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