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3D to 5D. The symptoms of transformation

Radio broadcast from 11/30/20 <<<< Have a listen to this show for more insights

On my radio show last night I talked about the process of ascension. Where we are today in the process of true spiritual transformation. Transformation from the superficial and transactional state of 3D to the freeing, loving and free flow state of 5D. There are so many of us talking about the 5th dimension as we are approaching the end of the process, it has to be overwhelming! I will be covering this subject quite a bit broadcasts, videos and blog, I want us each to have the opportunity to ride the transformation train and evolve into a joyous and prosperous life. If you haven't had a chance, have a listen to get the basics of this concept of symptoms. It may help you wrestle through some of these that you may be experiencing yourself

Before I move forward I want to make sure I state the importance of visiting your medical practitioner if you are having a medical issue. Be safe as you are seeking to transform!

You may find yourself feeling sick, not violently or terribly sick. Just an inconvenient feeling of illness that you can't explain. With everything that's going on you may decide to connect with your doctor to make sure you don't have anything to worry about. And your physician finds nothing wrong with you.


Does this sound familiar? I've been there! So many of us are wrestle through trying to figure out what's wrong with us while navigating this horrible pandemic.

When talking about this evolution I often compare things to the snake shedding its skin. We know that they shed their skins as they grow. We know they leave their old skin behind when shed. We know that they are able to grow and enlarge once they have shed their skin. Right? Its the same for us moving through to the 5th dimension. We would shed our 3D skin, we would let go of that which is not important to our transformed life and finally we will be able to grow and evolve now that we have the room for growth.

Now, for the snake wiggling out of her skin, I'm sure there is some discomfort. We just don't get to hear about from our snake friends. If they could talk to us we would probably hear about some itching, pain and discomfort. These are the discomforts that we can possibly feel when working through the evolution to 5D:

  1. Feeling of being hot or cold

  2. Hot flashes

  3. Some vision changes.

  4. Some hearing changes

  5. Some taste changes

  6. Unusual headaches

  7. low grade fever

  8. Insomnia

  9. Digestive issues such as nausea or diarrhea

  10. Odd food cravings

  11. Sudden food sensitivities

  12. General achiness and soreness

  13. Lack of energy

  14. Feelings of blueness or disappointment

I have a basic solution for you. Take on your transformation that you are ready to take on. Your goal in life is to be joyous and abundant. My formula:

  1. Minister to your body. Listen to the messages that your body is sending you. As you're making a shift in your life you may be getting indications from your being that you need to make changes in your nutrition, ease back on certain activities, add some activities, exercise more, etc. Take time to make adjustments here and there to help your physicality adjust to the new energies of the earth.

  2. Mental mindfulness. Take time to rest your mind. Through meditation and journaling. As you go through the process of evolution you will need to let go of a great deal. Allow you mind to ease and release.

  3. Spiritual growth. The reason for the shedding of the skin is to evolve your spiritual being. There are 3 keys to remember. RELEASE, GRATITUDE & SURRENDER . Release that which you do not need or that holds you back. With release there is forgiveness. Gratitude Being in a space of gracious gratitude is important. For it is the greatest expression of love. Connect to the Divine each day and be in gratitude. Surrender Release your need to be in control of the how and trust that your results will happen. As you build your confidence in the process you will come to find great relief knowing that God has your back and your deepest dreams are being heard and will be answered.

I hope this was helpful for you and stay tuned for more information. Be well and be-in joy!

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