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Do you believe in ghosts? Types of ghosts we may encounter

As we approach the Halloween season I am always asked about hauntings and ghosts. Whether out of curiosity or because we may be experiencing the presence of something paranormal, I find most people fascinated with hauntings and ghosts. So here are some snipids of information to help you know the differences between the many types of ghosts and hauntings you may experience.

Types of ghosts...

How do I know what type of ghost I am encountering?

Interactive Personality

This is the most common presence most of us encounter. This is the spirit of a deceased individual that we see as a passing imag, moving shadowy figure, communicating spectre or even making noises. They can be someone in our personal exerpience - a family member or loved one - or someone from the past attached to a landmark or property. They will often come into contact with us because we need or wish to engage with them or becasue of some attachment to the environment.


In this experience the presence appears as a mist or haze above the ground. They appear as a swirling and floating mass and often can be seen in graveywards, historical battlefields and other types of locations.

Funnel Ghosts

The classic cold spot interaction we read about and see in the media. This is your funnel ghost. They occur as funnel or vortex of energy occumpanied by a cold spot and often associated with a loved one coming through hto the individual or associated with the space in question.

Spirit Orbs

In the world of evidential ghost hunting the spirit orb is the most seen image you will find. They'll appear as grey or white translucent balls of light floating around a space. They are simply the soul or spirit of a human or animal moving in the space. They can move very fast, slowly float or just stay in one space.


Probably the most known type that brings on the most terrifying reactions because of media and entertainment. The poltergeist is the noisy moving things ghost. They can move objects in our human plain - open doors, open windows, move objects, knock on walls, etc. Although it is a popular term this is a rare type of haunting. It takes a great deal of focused energy (usually not happy energy) to create this type of presence.And, if left un-addressed, this type of presence can increase in intensity and completey terrorize occupants. A poltergeist can be dangerous if not addressed.

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