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Email:  angel@angelthacker.com

© 2014 - 2019 by Angel Thacker, Two Lions Group LLC™, WOW Coach™

A life practice for soul transformation.

Connect to SPIRIT and get your life into FLOW.

The steps:

  1. Ground and clear

  2. Connect to the Divine

  3. Be in gratitude and accept your Worthiness

  4. Be in positivity all day.

  5. Close your day in forgiveness

"Connect to Spirit each day and create your day in joy and peace while opening a path to abundant prosperity in every area of your life."

And what is FLOW?


FLOW is what I call the state of:

Absolute creation in abundant prosperity and positivity, where everything you need, wish for and desire comes to you with ease and comfort each day.

Would you like to build your connection? 

Would you like to build your life? 

Would you like to create your life in FLOW? 

In today's society, we have lost the understanding of how important it is to have a daily connection.  We live in a world where we can have anything we want by just snapping our fingers... the reality is most of us don't connect daily.  At least not until we need it.  When we are in doubt, fear or suffer a loss.  By keeping yourself aligned to the practice of connecting you will open your life up to Divine Creation and Magical manifestation.  It's like magic how we are supported and loved, I call it Divine Magic.  It's not a magic trick nor is it a ceremonial magic practice.  It just feels beautifully magical to me when my life is in FLOW.


The importance of a daily practice

To get the full benefit of your connection to the Divine Spirit and to those in spirit who support you, it is important to have a daily practice.  A way in which you:

Ground & Protect Yourself

Set Your Intention & Focus For The Day

Create Yourself In Positivity

Stay Plugged In Through Mindset & Affirmations

Release Negativity & Access Spiritual Support Through Journaling

Learn How To Ignite The Power Of Prayer In Your Life

It's not about being that obsessed person engaged in a process that distracts from life. It's about tuning in regularly rather than just when you need something.  Right?

It's important to have a consistent system that keeps you connected so that you can thrive in your like each and every day.  Setting yourself up for success.  Everyday!

Join me to get and stay connected so that you may experience joyous flow in your life.