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Online Training

Mediumship Development

Level 1


In this live workshop, we will explore the full conversation of opening and exploring your gifts as a medium.  Whether you wish to tap into, hone or gain insight - this is a workshop that will strengthen your connection and help you build a foundation to the road of becoming a practicing medium.

We will meet live for 8 hours - made up of 2-4 hour meetings on Sundays from 11 am - 3 pm.  Each session will include:

  • Lecture

  • Exercises

  • Group Activities

  • Group Discussion

  • Homework

Next session

January 12th & 19th

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You will receive pre-recorded content, workbook, and assignments that will help to prepare you for the live workshop.

Session 1 - Connecting & Mediumship Abilities 

Session 1 will introduce you to the mediumship process including; lecture, 

In this session's lecture, we will explore the primary processes engaged in mediumship.  What you are embarking on and the responsibilities of being a medium.  I will cover the different skills you may engage in, the energies you will be connecting and engaging with as a medium.  And my 4 point care rule for mediums.


Group Exercises:

Exploring the gifts

Protecting your space

Making the connection

Knowing when you've connected

Meeting your guides

Connecting to loved ones in Spirit


Fundamental opening to mediumship

Space and energy protection


***homework will be assigned

Session 2 - Connecting to & working with Guides & Spirit

Practical work with loved ones, guides & masters 

In this lecture, I will talk more in-depth about the many energies in the realm of spirit, how to know who they are and engage in a discussion to ask and answer questions.  The most important part of being a medium is the process of connecting to the loved ones of the practitioner and the client.  We will spend time understanding how to create, hold and strengthen this connection.


Group Exercises:

Interpreting messages

The basics of the mediumship reading

Digging for details in readings

Mediumship healing


Golden ray

The healing light

The next class: January 12th & 19th



Pre-requisite:  There are no pre-requisites to taking this class.  Just a desire to grow and true interest in the subject matter.  

Class size:  The workshop is limited to 8 participants.  This is so that I can give the best support, focus, and learning for my students.  My desire is to help my students grow and move forward in their growth as quickly and satisfactorily as they desire.  With all this in mind, a small group is the only option.

Technical requirements:  The online classes are held in Zoom.  Students will be required to have a Zoom account, camera, and mic or a headset with a mic attached.  Check the Zoom requirements to confirm that your system meets all requirements.

Why take this class?

Is this class for me?

This is more than just an introduction to mediumship.  I've been practicing as an intuitive, channel and medium for more than 30 years.  As I organized my thoughts to create this course I considered my learnings and experience as a practitioner.  


Do I have to be an experienced practitioner?
No.  You don't have to have experience.  Just a desire to learn and grow your gifts!

Can I access the class on my smartphone?
I do not recommend it.  Students will need to have their hands free for exercises, meditations, and other activities.  It is also important to have the ability to truly focus and engage with other participants when appropriate.

Can I record the classes?
No.  Each session is recorded and sent to participants as a secure link.

Can I take the class with a friend or a loved one?
No.  There is a limitation of 8 per class so each student will need to register independently so that everyone has the full experience.

I am not able to make it to the class I signed up for.  Can I have a refund?

I do not offer refunds for missed classes.  Please check to ensure you are available before you sign up for your class.

The class I wanted to take is full.  How can I find out about the next course?

Join my mailing list and you will find out about new classes as they're scheduled.

If you have any other questions please contact me at

If you're ready to sign up, click below and sign up!

The next class: January 12th & 19th

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