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Connect to Spirit 
Soul Transformation Retreat
6 days of life transformation work and play...
Designed to reset your being and ignite your life purpose...
Access and engage Spirit and awaken your SOUL
Heal Your Life, Ignite Your Soul
Wake up to the possibilities of what you can accomplish in your life
Connect deeply within yourself to clear, cleanse and release all that has kept you from stepping forward into who you truly desire and deserve to be.
In my Soul Transformation Retreat, we will explore, focus, release, gain clarity and ignite your life in your SOUL PURPOSE!
** Dig deep to find out all that you want, are capable of and desire in your life
** Clear, release and end the bonds of unacceptance and blocks that tie you down
** Learn how to tap into Divine love daily for support and empowerment
** Heal and transform into a being of acceptance
** Learn to access your own intuition to help you navigate your life path
** Set your intent and set down your life's vision and soul purpose

The San Francisco Wine Country

I selected the wine country as a place to retreat and dive deep into the soul for a variety of reasons.  Its beauty and majesty are hard to ignore.  More important, the energies of the earth are felt the moment you enter the beautiful acreage of the countryside.  Surrounded by the many vineyards and redwood estates, there are few places you can go that have such a combination of spiritual and conventional energies. 


I felt a connection to this place the very first time I visited, I receive a spiritual blessing each time I tap into the geography.  An old-world feel so close to the busyness and distraction of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  It reminds me of how important it is to step away and relax at some point in time.  

In this retreat, we will give you real spiritual release and support as well as rest and some pampering.  We will gather together in a beautiful location, Connect to Spirit, and connect to the loving and healing energies that surround this absolutely gorgeous location.

I am thrilled to share this space with you for this sacred 6 days.

Love you all and see you next September!

Does this look like a place you would like to spend a week in?

If so, join me!

About the retreat

Body | Mind Connection

As part of your life transformation experience, you'll have access to body pampering and mind relaxing activities. 

  • We will have morning yoga to support your experience

  • Dance movement exercise to get your body in motion

  • And on excursion day a massage therapist is one of the pampering options you will have access to


Your Spiritual Connection

We will have 5 days of spiritual awakening work that will include;

  • Establishing and strengthening the connection to the Great Divine

  • Tap into the realms of support -guides, masters, angels

  • A walk through my Soul Transformation Process to help you heal and transform your life


1:1 Reading

We will have a day for your self-exploration.  In addition to having access to activities and excursions, this will be the day that Angel will be delivering her sessions for each guest.  As part of your retreat experience, you will receive a one-hour session with Angel.  In this special environment, this session will be special and focused on your transformation.


Healing and Release

We will dig down to the center of the soul pains and blocks to release and let go of the chords, stories, and blocks that have kept you from attaining what you truly desire in your life.


Tap into your intuition

You will learn tools and techniques to Connect to Spirit and tap into your soul system for support, answers, and healing.


In the programmed sessions:

  • We will tap into the Divine and help you see how loved and miraculous you are

  • See how your emotions, beliefs, and experiences may be holding you back

  • Create a switch to tap into your personal connection to the power of positivity and joy

  • Learn to meditate on multiple levels to support your life mission

  • Learn how to use tools to assist with your process

  • Clear and balance your soul systems; aura, chakras, and energy centers

  • Healing from the past and present of this life and those from your past

  • Relationship healing to open you up to love


Day 1
Program session
Reception Dinner
Fall Equinox Circle
Day 2
Sunrise Yoga (optional)
Earth movement workout (optional)
Program sessions
Program sessions
Evening Meditation
Day 3
Sunrise Yoga (optional)
Earth movement workout (optional)
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner will be as scheduled
Self-Exploration.  Excursions and activities will be available to participate in
Individual Sessions with Angel
Day 4
Sunrise Yoga (optional)
Earth movement workout (optional)
Program sessions
Program sessions
Wine Tasting(optional)
Day 5
Sunrise Yoga (optional)
Earth movement workout (optional)
Program sessions
Program sessions
Evening Meditation
Day 6
Sunrise Yoga (optional)
Program Sessions
Program sessions

September 22, 2020 - September 27, 2020

$2197 per person

Space is limited to 10 participants. 

Sign up today to save your spot!


Early bird registration!

Expires 9/22/2019

Secure your spot, save and receive special extras:  

  • SAVE!  25% off registration when paid in full, 15% with payment option

  • My Connect to Spirit Course - $397 value

  • My Breath Through Grief Course - $299 value

  • Access to my Countdown to Transformation.  A program of monthly communication, engagement, and assignments with me preparing and supporting you before the retreat - $1188 value


A value of more than $2,300!


Sign up today and reserve your spot!

I know we have a long way to go until the Soul Transformation Retreat.  The individuals that join this retreat will have the opportunity to work with me until the retreat date.  The moment you sign up you will have access to my Countdown to Transformation.  This is a special community connection that will get you ready and give you a real transformation!

I only have 10 spots available for this once in a lifetime experience and my desire is to make this a true transformation.

Countdown members will receive:

A monthly message of inspiration

Monthly call with me 

Monthly journaling activities

VIP access to any CTS events they may attend 

Discount on my CTS services