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I say in the community that everyone can bellydance.  

I don't believe this, I know this!

Every one of us has that beautiful and sensual individual as part of who we are.  I started my journey years ago, growing up bullied and teased - not feeling very good about myself.  ​I was able to gain a sense of self and strength through my military service, but it was my discovery of bellydance that truly woke me up to how possible it was to be OK with my personal sensuality.  I have a passion for bringing women to a place where they are all comfortable in their sensuality and celebrate their bodies in dance. 

All women deserve to embrace their sensuality and celebrate their beauty and power.

What the journey through dance has done for me...


About Angel


Angel is a professional dancer, master dance instructor, and master level personal trainer.  She is also Intuitive Life Coach, Performance and Vocal Coach, and author currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  She focuses most of her time developing tools and processes through which people can find ways to realize and discover their journey to a joyous, purposeful, and prosperous life.


As an entertainer, she began her career as a singer, model, and stage performer and has been entertaining audiences for more than 30 years, mentored and coached by notable performance and body presentation coaches, including; Judy Davis, Norman Peyton Henning, Irene Manning, and Susan Steele.  These mentors challenged and opened her, giving her a sense of confidence and self when connecting with audiences on the stage.   Audiences comment often on the presence she commands on stage, gifts she attributes to the many multi-talented artists she has worked with over the years.  She cut her organizational and project management skills as an entertainment event producer, focusing on festivals, workshops and competitions. Angel loves to dance and can be found throughout the community performing and teaching. She has coached singers, dancers and stage performers in the Bay Area for over 20 years, most notably having coached two clients through the first rounds of American Idol®.


In recent years Angel struggled with obesity, as do 36% of all Americans according to recent statistics. Living a stress-filled lifestyle combined with unhealthy eating habits led to her finding herself overweight by well over 250 pounds and on the verge of numerous weight-related health issues. Fortunately, she created her life-altering program, Afro-Belly Boogie, and through it lost weight, regained her youth, and improved her self-esteem and confidence.  Through Afro-Belly Boogie she created the first truly African fusion bellydance dance company and continues to present her dance passion through her personal and troupe performances.


In addition to performing, teaching, and facilitating dance fitness workouts, Angel presents workshops throughout the community.  She continues to hone her skills through master workshops and training opportunities from master dance instructors from all over the world. She began her journey as a belly dancer by dabbling in the art form on the advice of her physician to heal from a major medical procedure.  Through her journey, she connected with her sensuality and evolved her process to include speaking to the importance of women being powerful in their spacious and comfortable with their personal sensuality.  In her own words: 

Everyone can belly dance!  

Covid 19
Women with Sparklers
Smiling Lawyer in Lobby
Lingerie Model
Friends Taking Selfie

For I wish all women to shine bright! 

Embracing their sensuality,

Glowing inside and out 

Being in absolute love of who and what they are!

All while completing and competing in the world...

In anyway they wish to.

There are 3 ways to emerse yourself in your sensual woman...


In workshops.

Both virtual and in person.


Sensual Woman Dance

1:1 & Groups

Enjoying Dance Class

Sensual Woman Experience 1:1

Sensual Woman Workshops

Angel's passion for empowering women through connecting with their personal sensuality comes to life in her workshop presentations.  These are ideal for your group, team, and community.    

Her primary titles in this category:


Dance of the 7 veils.  A workshop that takes you through the circles, curves, easy eights and sss’s that make up the shapes and lines of the undulations.  From top to bottom you can undulate the full body in slow and fast rhythms.  Connecting the lines to make your body flow through the music like snake! 

African Drums! A fast driving wild ride through the polymetric rhythms of an African tribal drum solo.  Let go, be free and awaken the African warrior dancer in you;

Movin', grovin' and curvin'.  A theatrical workshop that will focus on building a strong and commanding stage presence in your performance.  Theater is what is all about;

Shake for yourself.  Shake for your partner!  A full throttle workshop that presents shimmies that can be presented in traditional, fitness and fusion formats.  Angel is known in the dance and fitness communities for her high energy and amazing control – particularly in her shimmy presentations.  This workshop is designed to pull out the shimmy queen in all of us.  From head to toe you will be given am arsenal of shimmies to bring to your stage performance;

The Glam Goddess Dance.  A sensual interpretation of the dance as seen through Angel's eyes.  This class takes the moves that have made Afro-Belly Boogie such a hit and pulls them together using some hot and fabulous club-inspired music.  A great workshop for the dancers of all levels and dance enthusiasts;

Book a Sensual Woman workshop

Virtual or in-person

I have flat rate options for you!



1 Day workshop fees

- 2 hour workshop:  $250

-  4 hour workshop:  $500

- 6 hour workshop:  $750

- 8 hour workshop:  $1,000


Retreat/Workshop fees

1 Day Retreat

- 8 hour workshop:    $1,100

- 10 hour workshop:  $1,300


2 Day Retreat/Workshop fees

- 12 hour workshop: $1,700

- 16 hour workshop: $2,200

** travel and lodging is not included


Sensual Woman Dance

Belly dance Class

Lessons are offered as Private ( 1:1 for 60 minutes), Semi-private (2 students for 60 minutes) and Group (3 or more students for 90 minutes)

In person and virtual.  

Private: $75 / Hr

Semi-private: $90/Hr

Group: $40/per person

3 hour Package

Private - Individual - $215

 Semi-Private - $260

Group - $36/per person

5 hour Package

Private - Individual - $340   

Semi-Private - $405

Group - $33/per person

10 hour Package

Individual - $640

Semi-Private - $765

Group - $30/per person


Sensual Woman Experience

1:1 exeprience that combines coaching, 

Private: $225 / Hr

3 hour Package

Private - Individual - $215

 Semi-Private - $260

Group - $36/per person

5 hour Package

Private - Individual - $340   

Semi-Private - $405

Group - $33/per person

10 hour Package

Individual - $640

Semi-Private - $765

Group - $30/per person

Two Girls Dancing

Special Services


Sensual Woman 7 veils wedding night dance

A beautiful, creative, and sensual expression of your love for your wedding night.  Angel will customize a routine inspired by the ancient art of bellydance.  Angel will highlight and compliment you, empowering you to start your journey off by memorizing your partner.  


12 private dance lessons

1 private "Sensual Woman Basics" session (90 minutes)

2 rehearsals (one regular and one dress)



$1,200 includes 7 beautiful silk veils

Sensual Woman's Empowerment Dance 

Edited Image 2016-04-08 14-54-35

A powerful program to build confidence, tap into your self-love, and learn a beautiful dance to enjoy alone or share with someone special to you.  The program includes coaching, mentoring, feedback, and lessons in a choreographed dance customized for you!


10 private dance lessons

1 private "Sensual Woman Basics" session

2 Coaching sessions

1 Life Purpose Session

1 Sensual Woman Coaching Session