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Celebrating more than 8 years of bringing information & enlightenment to those seeking the light!

Angel Thacker

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Mike E. Winfield

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Angel Thacker started her journey with internet radio in 2015.  In the beginning, Angel broadcasted her own process chatting about current events and giving readings on the air.  In the early days, she called her show Tea Talk with Angel and gave her listeners a warm companion to sit and talk with while working through life issues and solving problems with her intuitive gifts.  Each program featured topics and content that were relevant to the times and she always gave her listeners something to think about and work on.  She was their personal support process on the air weekly to help!


Things changed after she had her first guest,  world-renowned comedian Mike E. Winfield, whom she meant at a recent event.  This opened the potential of bringing guests to bring more light and information to those seeking healing, support, and spiritual transformation.  In 2016 Spirit Talk Radio was launched!  Angel featured guests from around her local community, giving them a program that would allow them to deliver their message, and demonstrate their talents on the air.  

In 2017 the New Age Guild was launched and Spirit Talk Radio became a more robust program featuring New Age Guild members and practitioners from across the globe. 

Since that initial broadcast, Angel has been a part of many practitioners' introduction to the broadcast platform and has even taken on the role of podcasting mentor, helping practitioners and entrepreneurs learn to navigate through this evolving communication form. 

Program stats

More than 300 archived episodes

Over 100,000 return listens and downloads

Over 12,000 average organic live listeners

Return listeners & downloads: 28% iTunes, 34% Blogtalk, 35% website downloads

All our programs are scheduled during prime time listening hours

Distribution: Over 15,000+ mailing list, subscribers and social media followers

Our Listeners

80% seeking information and assistance from a practitioner or coach

Some of their interests include: healing, personal growth, spiritual transformation, soul purpose, self-help, business news & information, 

Audience location details:

US = 82.36% 

Europe = 10.57

Canada = 2.16%

We would love you to have your energies on the program!  Join the network below and let's talk about the program!

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